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17 November 2019


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jd hawkins

" How wonderfully insightful".

Well Fred... I guess some folks are just a little more perceptive than me. Sorry 'bout that. Have a good'un.

jd hawkins

"....I would think that this whole Blumenthal vs Weir thing is being amplified by an IO operation designed to sow discord among critics of Israel".

I made a [two word] reply to someone's comment!!

YOU are the one making "BIG DEAL' of this.

jd hawkins

"Are you that lazy"?

No, colonel, not a'tall. Don't have a lazy bone in my body. BUT - I do have Extreme challenges of the body, but less of the mind, (much, much slower organizing thoughts etc.) but NO challenge regarding Spirit... it's not the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog.

No, I'm not a DAV, but I do consider myself a 'DAP' (disabled American Patriot - without pay - but Cost aplenty) Quite like (but not There Yet) the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier... so to speak.

I have sixty five years of Active Service... starting a the age of ten in Bristol, PA ... and [it] will NOT end before I'm dead, down in the woods of central MS.

Alison Weir says "If Americans only Knew"... doesn't know the half of [it].

Don't drink the cool-aid and fo sho DON'T Breathe the Fort Detrick Bio-cocktail.

Thomas Paine could have put out several pamphlets in the time it took me to reply.

That's IT, and Tally Ho - hopefully.

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