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14 November 2019


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different clue

I, too, will speak of personal experience then.

I went to school at Great Midwestern University. I was living on an Honors Hall in the Dorm. Lots of the students up and down the hall used marijuana and alcohol. Some used various hallucinogens.
None to our knowledge used any heroin or cocaine or meth or any such.

The ones who at least got drunk every weekend went on to become sales managers and district managers of this or that. Those who used marijuana went on to become various kinds of business and financial and legal professionals. The one who used more marijuana than anyone went on to become the youngest lawyer to make Full Partner in the history of his/her law firm. He/She is now Managing Director of this firm. This firm is a Securities Design Engineering firm, not a litigating or ambulance-chasing firm. The ones who added LSD, psylocibin, mescaline to the diet went on to become various kinds of scientists, engineers, etc.

I just said No. I went on to become a security guard and a dishwasher and a grill cook. That could be the subject of a John Belushi editorial. It could made to sound funnier to an audience than it feels to me in hindsight.

After college, I finally used marijuana some times, enough to know what it does. Some of my experiences were mediocre and some were really good. A couple had an impact so long-lastingly beneficial as to influence me for-the-better even unto this very day. Marijuana never led me to heroin. Some co-worker friends once offered me the opportunity to try powder-cocaine once. So I did. The Thai-stick may have blunted and confused the effect of the cocaine. But not all the way. I found the cocaine to be body-feel interesting but with nothing to teach me in any longer term sense.

different clue

Making and keeping marijuana illegal put it into the same illegal supply hands as the hard drugs were in. So the multi-drug dealers would of course try to switch marijuana-users over to addictive hard drugs. That would guarantee captive consumers.

It wouldn't surprise me if the multi-drug sellers of marijuana and the addictive drugs put traces of addictive drug in with the marijuana to get young users semi-addicted to the hard-drug-added marijuana so as to make them even more switchable-over to the hard drugs and even more quickly addictable once the switchover were made.

If marijuana is fully re-legalized here, a separate production and supply chain will emerge for those who detest the hard-drug business and its products for cultural and political reasons. Unfortunately, in some states at least, as in California so far, the Mexicartels will continue to sell their illegal unregulated marijuana for cheaper than the legal California systems will sell it for, so as to keep part of that market and to be able to keep switching users over to their addictive drugs. So the Mexicartels would still have to be fought, and one hopes, defeated.

Babak Makkinejad

It started long before Clinton, under JFK. It began when Jonh Deere started dismissing employees for the first time. It never had done that before.

Babak Makkinejad

All you are saying is that you can hold your dope. Many cannot as historical examples of China and Iran. US and England are showing the same pathologies or worse. You are suggesting an experiment that has already been done: China.

jd hawkins

You're right, but there's more to the story.

Good ol' honest Ross Perot warned the voters in '92 and was getting too much [favorable] attention... soo... along came "the Borg", ending 'That' Chapter.

English Outsider

I don't know if they cut marijuana with other stuff to get children started.  Wouldn't be surprised if so.  I agree with the rest of what you say.

There's a libertarian side to all of us, I think, that would assert that the State has no business interfering in our personal lives.  In nineteenth century England, after all, drugs were legally available until quite late and no one thought much of it.  You'll recollect that in one of the most popular of English twentieth century works of fiction Sherlock Holmes smoked some drug or other and that was regarded as nothing out of the way.  Not forgetting that in those days the opium den was not generally frequented by the local population.  The average man or woman seldom resorted to such exotic stimulants.  So could we not return to those easygoing days when what a man did was his own affair and his alone?

I don't know that they were that brilliant those days, outside a fairly narrow middle class enclave, but that aside I'd still say absolutely not.  The argument over drugs is in any case usually conducted as if we lived in some ideal society, in which we could discuss the conflict between personal freedom and social harm on an abstract level.  For many the ideal society is the permissive society and for those many they see no particular harm in freely available drugs.

But we live in no ideal society, of any sort, and can permit ourselves the luxury of no such abstract arguments.  We live in a barely functional society.  We need only appeal to the evidence of our own eyes to see that drug trafficking is barely under control, if that.  Even in my rural area I could take you to a city not that far away where the Police can do little more than stand around watching while the runners work the tables in the cafes.  We need only open a newspaper to see reported the problem in the schools.  We live in a society where drug trafficking, people smuggling, sex trafficking of juveniles, toddlers getting access to hard core porn and theft of all sorts from shoplifting to robbery with violence is for an increasing number of our fellow citizens the accustomed norm.

Babak didn't like the Dutch educational video above.  Nor do I.  There's far worse than that being put out by the authorities.  Try Finland.  Increasingly, try England.  All very progressive, all impeccably politically correct, but the most it does is a little towards discouraging those children in that middle class enclave some can still live in - or must we now call it "old fashioned"  - from getting involved in the worst of that dysfunctional world that is all about us.

Maybe some time or other we'll do better than attempting to protect some children from that world.  Maybe we'll have a go at attempting to protect all children from that world.  In the meantime we could at least avoid encouraging worse.  I believe that legalisation of drugs, however sensible it might seem to many of us in the abstract, does just that.

different clue

I lived my life, you didn't. My personal experience guides me in this matter, yours doesn't.

I have used marijuana. You haven't.

I know what it is and what it does. You don't.

Mark Logan

English Outsider,

To embellish that though, the Chinese know that being utterly dependent on exports is not a safe condition, they are taking steps to develop their own internal consumer market. That means higher wages. I fear the globalists have set us on a course that is now, in the short term, all but irreversible. We must hope the globalists were right, that in time there will be a re-balancing.

Intellectual property? Go for it. It may be all that can be reasonably hoped for...but I don't see that as significantly improving the lot of the US middle class.

Babak Makkinejad

Righto, and a man should, by the same token, refrain from saying anything about pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, rape.



Speaking of China and how eager they are to learn U.S. Army Tactics along with any and all info on our weapons that our Army uses or has for combat, seems that a contingent of 100 Chinese PLA are set 'exercise' alongside U.S. Army personnel in an upcoming exercise in Hawaii beginning Monday.

US Army to train alongside Chinese soldiers during Hawaii exercise

Now the 64 dollar question, China was NOT allowed to participate last year's (2018) exercise, but are allowed in this year's (2019) exercise? Blink, blink.

Don't you know that Chinese agents will be crawling all over the Big Island like a bunch of roaches looking and monitoring for any scrap of info they can find.

Keith Harbaugh

For a vivid example of Carlson's opposition to declaring Russia, and Putin, an enemy,
see this 10-minute Fox video, from 2019-12-02:
"Tucker: Russian collusion is not a real story".
For its text, see this.

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