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10 November 2019


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So, Colonel, if it was up to you, would you order a complete withdrawal from Syria? And, if so, how could that be done without damaging US credibility?



I would abandon the regime change policy with regard to Syria and make a deal with the Syrian government that includes protection for our Kurdish allies and a continuation of the war against the jihadis.


Elora Danan

Sure. Put us in, coach. We are ready.

jd hawkins

Couldn't help but laugh... brought back memories of 7th grade football. 'Come on coach, I'm alright...let me go back in'.


JD Hawkins

Hey, nobody knows better than me that the Borg would rather chew one of its arms off than have me take this on. In any case a lot of people would have to go before I even thought about it. Start with Jeffries.


Borg will never accept the reality of cultural/national differences. Runs counter to their atheist/materialist globalist paradigm; i.e., man does live by bread alone (& they control it, natch).


I'm glad to hear you don't like Jeffries. The man has been playing a double-game from the beginning. Every time he visited Turkey, he would drag his feet on the commitments Trump made to Erdogan until Erdogan finally got pissed and ordered an invasion. Trump was forced to make a split second decision to withdraw because guys like Jeffries figured Erdogan would never pull the trigger.

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