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09 November 2019


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The Fifth Column controls the MSM, the think tanks and most of the press.
The public and the politicos are only going to see and hear Zionist Neocon propaganda for Israel.


Senator Fulbright 1963 Senate Hearings on ZOA propaganda in US.

FINDING: Israel’s payments to US academics, new media, and Israel lobby operatives in the three month sample filing were classified and not made available in the FARA section public files. This violated FARA’s disclosure mandate.
FINDING: During Senate investigations the American Zionist Council was found to be investing heavily in US media outreach and “think tanks” with Israeli government funding. This think tank and media influence effort has been renewed outside the purview of FARA from the AZC’s new shell organization, the AIPAC.
FINDING: AIPAC’s influence with the establishment media means that warranted law enforcement efforts or investigations are often quickly whipped into spurious allegations of anti‐Semitism, threats against freedom of speech, or any number of well framed public relations campaigns. The capability has been
built with clandestine Jewish Agency/Israeli government funding in the 1960’s and has reached maturity.

Transcripts of the Senate Hearings


''Between 1962-1963 the Senate Foreign Relations Committee subpoenaed internal reports of the American Zionist Council during its investigation into the activities of registered agents of foreign principals. They discovered that more than $5 million in tax exempt (and possibly overseas donations) had been laundered through the Jewish Agency's American Section into the American Zionist Council. The Jewish Agency functioned as a quasi-branch of the Israeli government, received Israeli government funding, and was able to review legislation before it went to the Knesset under its Covenant Agreement.
The following reports detail how the American Zionist Council used the funding in a sophisticated campaign to cajole and intimidate news media, subvert open debate about Israel and undermine reporting about key issues of the day such as Israel's Dimona nuclear weapons facility, operation Susannah terror attacks on the United States, and the return of Arab refugees to their homes. The AZC tracked and targeted professors and engaged in covert operations obliquely referred to in the following internal reports.
After the Justice Department ordered the American Zionist Council to register as a foreign agent in late 1962, it transferred responsibilities to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which refuses to register as a foreign agent of the Israeli government.''

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