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11 November 2019


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There is a push afoot to convince Putin to form a new Warsaw Pact to counteract NATO. The push is coming from Ukrainian tycoon Igor Kolomoysky. Kolomoysky was a big supporter of the anti-Russian forces in the Ukraine, but has been sorely disappointed with the Europe he once idolized. Kolomoysky sees Russia as the only option for his country.

different clue

Were there enough farmers in southern MN who were fiscally conservative like your sister and brother-in-law that they were able to be a sort of numerous enough "core" or "stub" of farmers-who-survived-in-farming that possible social or cultural or ethnic-ancestry generalizations could be made about that with better than 50-50 accuracy?

I ask because many years ago I read a book called " From The Land And Back" by Curtis Stadtfeld about his family's ancestry in farming and his departure from it. And somewhere in that book I read a small reference to the rural-sociology work of someone named Susan Jacoby, whom Stadtfeld described as having noticed that culturally-Anglo-Saxon ancestry-identified farmers viewed farming as an entrepreneurial opportunity for making money or even serious money. And if they saw no money in farming, they would leave it without feeling their departure from it was a bitter exile. Whereas the German or Germanic-culture-orientation farmers considered farming as first-and-foremost an opportunity to live on a farm and do farming, and would endure a lot of poverty on the farm to be able to stay on the farm and keep farming.

So I found myself wondering, on that gossamer-thin thread of basis, whether your sister and brother-in-law and the other conservative farmers in southern MN might be Germanic descended, or Scandinavian ancestry, or of some other non Entrepreneurial-based culture-group descent? ( I didn't want to just assume it because that risks making an "ass" of "u" and "me". I have limited myself to just asking, so that "me" is the only person I would risk making an "ass" of).

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