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23 November 2019


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"It was actually the Jewish industrialist Rathenau who had kept the German military-industrial machine functioning, in the face of the British naval blockade."

When Bloomberg announced his candidacy, I thought of Rathenau. "International Jewry" had a fraught relationship with him, many thinking him insufficiently concerned with what "is good for the Jews."

As regards Rathenau keeping "the German military-industrial machine functioning," in The Transfer Agreement, Edwin Black implicitly blames Rathenau for the starvation-deaths of 800,000 German civilians. In a chapter titled, The Weapon Hitler Feared, Black wrote:

" Before the blockade was lifted, 800,000 malnourished German civilians perished. Actually, the blockade created less of a food shortage for Germany, which was 80 percent food self-sufficient before the war, than did the short-sighted policy of pulling Germans off the farms to fight without compensating for reduced food production."

If it was Rathenau who "kept the military-industrial machine running," then it was Rathenau who influenced that "short-sighted policy" that caused starvation.

Be that as it may, the starvation was real, and as Black explains in detail, within a very few weeks of Hitler's chancellorship and at least five years before the hair on the head of a single Jew had been harmed, "International Jewry" met, decided, published and implemented a program of economic war against Germany, intended to pose a threat to Germany's economic existence, but also, as the chapter's title suggests, deliberately playing on the present memory of many German people of having been starved to death. Jews deliberately used the psychological terror of starvation against an already fractured and demoralized people.

That scenario is being repeated this very day.

Mike Pompeo declared that Iran's

"leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat. . . . that they want to use their wealth to import medicine and not use their wealth to fund Qasem Soleimani's travels . . .",
to which Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded at Astana Conference:
"“Today the Secretary of State of the United States says publicly: ‘If Iran wants to eat, it has to obey the United States.’ This is a war crime. Starvation is a crime against humanity."

The British imposed the WWI blockade that cost the lives of 800,000 German civilians. Chaim Weizmann played a major role in prolonging that war in order to squeeze out of the British sponsorship of "a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine." In his autobiography, Trial and Error, (read it online) Weizmann cavalierly dismisses the charge that he "prolonged the war by two years" after detailing his maneuverings to derail a peace-keeping mission of Henry Morgenthau, Sr.
In June, 1917, before the Balfour declaration was sealed, Morgenthau, former ambassador to Turkey, thought he could persuade the Turks to quit the war. Louis Brandeis alerted Weizmann to this plan, whereupon Weizmann, in consultation with Felix Frankfurter, concerned that such an outcome "would compromise the Zionist project," arranged to divert Morgenthau from his planned meetings: "It was no job at all to persuade Mr. Morgenthau to drop the project. He simply persuaded himself, and before long announced his intention of going to Biarritz instead of Egypt."
Weizmann, Brandeis and Frankfurter had, indeed, been responsible for prolonging the war, for the benefit of the zionist project.

We, the American people supported the blockade that, as Lesley Stahl reminded Madeleine Albright, cost the lives of half-a-million Iraqi children.

Since 1995, when AIPAC agents drafted the D'Amato Sanctions legislation, we the American people have provided the enforcement muscle behind the Jewish desire to economically destroy Iran. In 2007 Ed Royce, then-representative from heavily-Iranian Jewish Orange County, CA, stated that the goal of sanctions was to so rile the Iranian people that they would riot and overthrow their government.

That is no different from the tactics Jewish leaders used against Germany in 1916-1919, and again 1933 -1940. When collective punishment by threat of starvation of civilians did not work, British and USA resorted to a campaign of terror bombing.

Is that what's next for Iran?

Never again?

I disagree with several other elements of Habakuk's narrative, but that's for another day.

Babak Makkinejad

Hey, you won't ever get me to say anything bad about Armenians: many were my classmates in Alborz Highscool and many more served honorably in Engineering units during Iran-Iraw War. A few were martyred. In Iran, in Lebanon, or in Syria, Armenians are not the ones who aim to destroy the state; Sunni Kurds are.

Babak Makkinejad

I agree, sensitivity training as you describe it is foolish. And its indulgence by Americans indicates, quite patently, the intellectual failure of the Enlightenment Tradition; where such distinctions were supposed to have been obliterated by the Cult of Reason.

Babak Makkinejad

But Sally Henning's treatment was another indication of the shortcomings of the Enlightenment Tradition; marrying her would have socially destroyed Jefferson. And a similar situation obtained in France and in England. I think intermarriage is the only way forward, then and now.

Babak Makkinejad

Lastly, I think Italy is the greatest country on Earth, without a doubt, and the most civilized. I feel sorry for where they are, perennially choosing bad leaders since before Mussolini. I confess that I do not know why, they are a great people.

JP Billen

In the Iran-Iraq War tens of thousands of Kurds, both Sunni and Shia, were martyred fighting for Iran.

But lately, it appears that ordinary Shia Persians are trying to destroy the state. They have burned over 700 banks (many owned by the IRGC), gas stations, and government sites in Tehran and throughout the country. 4000 arrested. It is being blamed on outside influence. The leadership apparently believes that life is so wonderful in Iran that all citizens are content an everything would be fine if only the Pahlavis, the CIA, the Saudis, and the Gulfies would leave them alone.


JP Billen

I was a participant in that war. I would say that the northern Kurds fought for themselves, not for Iran. The great makority of them were Sunni and had no particular adherence to Shia causes.

Babak Makkinejad

JP Billen

2500 Revolutionary Guards were killed by Kurds to restore - again for the hundreth time - the writ of the central government in Western Iran.
Hey, you guys started this long war and cannot expect it to be a picnic for Iranians.


You are right about the Peshmerga in northern Iraq. With Iranian support they liberated Sulaymaniyah and came within an inch or two on the map of liberating Kirkuk. But they fought for themselves and NOT for Iran and the Ayatollahs. Ironically they fought under the command of General Shirazi, the man who had butchered as many Kurds as Saddam had. But there were many Iranian Kurds conscripted into the Regular Army and even some into the Basij. I was speaking of them.

I for one and I think most here would like to hear of your experiences during that war.


"Once the current state of israel let's its inhabitants become true neighbours with all other peoples among which they live ..."
That seems wildly optimistic and highly unlikely to happen. The Israeli voters are not going to resolve the problem with their neighbours without giving up much of the occupied territories and with about a tenth of the electorate now living there suggesting such a thing would be political suicide.



My memoir is at DoD for security review. We will see what they will let me publish about that.

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