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23 November 2019


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English Outsider

Just a note to say I was wrong about names. OE texts mention enough Biblical names but such names did not become commonly used as Christian names until later. Pre-conquest almost all had English names.

On the clash of civilisations are you sure you are not attributing this to a natural tendency to assume other cultures or outside groups are inferior? The Chinese, the Japanese, the French and of course the Scots being noted for such a belief?

More seriously, you may be picking up trends or views I don't come across. Whether that is the case or not our internal conflicts are real enough and for most of us far outweigh any desire the average person might have to impose our values on others, would you not agree?


Indeed! At a minimum, 70,000 Satmars argue that Israel doesn't represent them and they wish nothing to do with it. Perhaps you might think them bad Jews, but who would argue that they are not Jews? It is clearly nonsense.

Babak Makkinejad

When George Bush declared enemies of Israel to be those of United States, UK joined her in that endeavour. In fact, the sitting PM at the time, one Tory Blair, has often spoken since his retirement of the absolute need to crush Iran. Iran, Iraq, Syria: where Muslim Civilization was formed. How you cannot be aware of all of this is beyond me.


Thank you for your thought provoking observations. But surely Tel Aviv is home top many secular Jews?

Babak Makkinejad

The United States is home to the most of non-observant, non-religious Israeli Jews and not Tel Aviv.


You're thinking of WASP. All WASPs are White, not all Whites are WASP. First the progs attacked the WASP as the oppressive American elitebut have since broadened their shot to include all Whites. Don't even here the word much anymore. I was raised a WASP, found out I had Irish blood, thought I had to give up my exalted status,but am reclaiming it.


This morning's papers in Britain run banner headlines of Britain's Chief Rabbi denouncing Jeremy Corbyn (who has extremely close relationships with the jewish communities within his own constituency) as a demonic anti-semite.

He is playing with fire. Especially among the young who have no memories of The Holocaust.


sova, I liked your comment, thus am a bit surprised about Babak's response.

I did find Ligurio's comment above interesting too, but would want to know more about the larger context of the Counter-Reformation, Reformation and/or European Jews over the centuries up to rhe respective secular states responses to the 19th century Papal infallibility dogma. ;)

... Religous communities on the other hand still are a dominant pillar in elections I suppose especially in the US. Elsewhere?

Now that we have a (historically late, Jewish settler state?) or a democratic "Jewish State" where secular and religous power are closely connected this obviously changed matters dramatically.

Considering the burden of history no easy comparisons or analyses possible? But why not try anyway?


prawnik, I am somewhat hesitant of easy acolytes or followers. Maybe I always was.

Random link to Steve Sailer, who was clearly on the (extreme?) right when I first stumbled across him. Nevertheless, I found his critique of Mac Donald interesting when I stumbled across it more then a felt decade ago. Long before that time Slavoj Zizek drew my attention via then still odd usenet channels and thus long, long before he gained his status as tEurope's hippest philosopher.

Anyway it seems that Steve Sailer picked up on a bit of his earlier intest via Cultural Marxist Slavoj Zizek:


English Outsider

Great comments, Mr Habakkuk. Great article. Loved it. Purely from my own personal perspective, you understand, you are exploring that tricky ground where patriotism shades into ultra-nationalism, whether we are Jewish, Ukrainian or Anglo.

Reading around the Likudniks are on a loser. Partial ethnic cleansing with the displaced ringing your borders? Never going to work. Must have been obvious since before Jabotinsky. Becoming increasingly obvious to the young. I believe that accounts for the shrill and often imperious tone of desperation we see so much of at the moment from the ultra-Zionists.

Wish there was some way of talking them down. It's not my background but I have a lot of time for Jewish culture and Jewish scholarship. Don't like to see so many racing into a cul-de-sac.

English Outsider

Ah, the mystery of Blair! How did such a low-life get whirled up to the summit of UK politics? And it was scarcely a temporary fluke. We kept re-electing the bastard. Doesn't that support the thesis that his psycho foreign policy mirrored a deep psychosis in the English?

I say no. 1. Voting here has been "least worst option" voting for most as far back as I can remember. 2. Blair was shallow enough but the information operation Alastair Campbell set up was vicious and formidable. Remains so.

As far as foreign policy goes, Babak, you will I hope permit me the assertion that we are in an information war, not a civilisational one. If the average English man or woman knew a tenth of what we get up to abroad they'd be horrified.

English Outsider

The heiresses too, Colonel? I suppose if one steals an entire country a few heiresses are neither here nor there.

On the issue of reparations we aren't after anything as vulgar as money. We just want to borrow your President for a day or two. There's a little local difficulty here he'd sort out in two seconds flat. He already has a large fan club waiting for him and he gets on well with the Queen, so he won't mind.

Richard Morcoe

Don't need a treaty. Nothing stopping us from leaving but us. Just hop on the bus, Gus.

David Habakkuk

vig, (aka?)

While I know little about what Steve Sailer’s history, a great deal of what he has written recently seems to me very much to the point.

Yesterday, his blog on the ‘Unz Review’ site featured a piece headlined:

‘David Frum Accuses Tucker Carlson of Dual Loyalties to the Moscow-Fox Axis of White Evil’

As it bears rather directly on what I was trying to argue, and Sailer is – characteristically – succinct – it seems appropriate to quote what he wrote in full:

‘As I mentioned yesterday, a lot of the current push for World War III is coming from media types who are getting themselves all worked up over their feelings that the World Is Already At War between the Moscow-Tehran-Fox News Axis of Evil and the Beltway-Jerusalem-Kiev Alliance of Niceness. For example, just now:

‘“David Frum @davidfrum

‘“Major theme of Trumpapocalypse: Trump admirers like @TuckerCarlson describe themselves as ‘nationalist.’ But their nationalism attaches not to the multiracial American nation and its capital in Washington, but to a multinational white race with a capital in Moscow.”

‘But really, if David could just come visit the Ethnic Foods aisle in my dad’s old Jon’s Supermarket in Valley Village, CA, he could see how all sorts of people who are some fraction of both sides in this conflict inside David’s head. Yet, they all seem to get along well enough. So we really don’t need to get into a tank war on the Eastern Front.’

(See https://www.unz.com/isteve/david-frum-accuses-tucker-carlson-of-dual-loyalties-to-the-moscow-tehran-fox-axis-of-evil/ .)

In fairness to Frum, he has advocated reducing immigration, so I cannot regard it as a completely open-and-shut case that he is ‘guilty as charged’ in relation to the indictment of Jews which Kevin Macdonald presents.

The ‘tweet’ which Sailer quotes however does generate a rather strong ‘prima facie’ case that he is one of a very significant body of influential Jews in relation to whom Macdonald’s analysis has great force.

It is highly relevant that there are many Jews in whom ‘universalist’ pretensions have in the past, and still do, masked concern for the interests of their own group; and it is also rather important that some such people patently do have an almost hysterical fear of traditional ‘Anglo’ culture, and think that Jews will be safer if it is diluted by ‘multiculturalism.’

The suggestion that somehow ‘Whites’ who see they are being targeted, and perceive this as an ‘existential threat’, are part of some kind of ‘multinational white race with a capital in Moscow’ lets slip the undertones of manic hysteria which one can often find in these people.

Another very revealing piece was the article headline ‘A Return to National Greatness’ which David Brooks published in the ‘New York Times’ in February 2017.

(See https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/03/opinion/a-return-to-national-greatness.html .)

He explains his version of the ‘American myth’, which, he claims was ‘embraced and lived out by everybody from Washington to Lincoln to Roosevelt to Reagan’, claiming that:

‘It gave America a mission in the world – to spread democracy and freedom. It gave us an attitude of welcome and graciousness, to embrace the huddled masses yearning to breathe free and to give them the scope by which to realize their powers.’

Having noted some of the reasons the ‘myth’ had been ‘battered’ – and here, he is partly right – Brooks continued:

‘And so along come men like Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon with a countermyth. Their myth is an alien myth, frankly a Russian myth. It holds, as Russian reactionaries hold, that deep in the heartland are the pure folk who embody the pure soul of the country – who endure the suffering and make the bread. But the pure peasant soul is threatened. It is threatened by the cosmopolitan elites and by the corruption of foreign influence.’

Here, I have to take a deep breath, before trying to work out how far sheer ignorance and intellectual incompetence is at issue, and how far trauma, often understandable, but which, if people cannot even try to work their way through it, renders them totally unfit to have a shaping role in the politics of any country, anywhere.

Perhaps Brooks might usefully read the 2006 Elie Kedourie Memorial Lecture, ‘Nation and Covenant: The Contribution of Ancient Israel to Modern Nationalism,’ by Anthony D. Smith.

(See https://www.thebritishacademy.ac.uk/sites/default/files/pba151p213.pdf .)

Ironically, Kedourie, a Jew who found refuge here from the shipwreck of the Ottoman Empire, together with his fellow Jew Ernest Gellner, who found refuge here from the ruins of the Hapsburg Empire, and is also referred to in the lecture, are among the key theorists of ‘nationalism.’

There are two pathetically primitive delusions which Brooks might not have put on show, had he displayed any indications whatsoever of having made the least attempt to read any of the relevant scholarly literature.

To suggest that ‘ethnonationalism’ is somehow distinctively Russian tells you 1. that one is ignorant of the history of nationalism, which is hardly a invention of that country, and 2. one is unable to escape the traumas relating to some of its effects there.

It also suggests a total inability to cope with the fact that ‘nationalism’ is a part of the modern world, and is shot through with ambivalences. Anyone who tells you that there is some kind of simple thing, which can be categorised as simply ‘bad’ or ‘good’, is either a fool or a knave, if not both.

And then, there is the subject matter on which the lecture by Antony D. Smith is illuminating, although he does not draw out some implications of his argument.

Put simply, Frum and Brooks are trying to use some of the resonances of the ‘Old Testament’ roots of common ‘nationalist’ narratives, in a ‘post-Holocaust’ world, to suggest that when ‘Whites’ incline towards ‘ethnonationalism’, we are on the slippery slope towards genocide, but when Jews do, nobody can object.

As to the notion that ‘ethnonationalism’ is a distinctive characteristic of contemporary Russia.

Perhaps Frum and Brooks are too ignorant to know what the late Yevgeny Primakov, the shaping influence behind Putin’s foreign policy was, technically speaking, a Jew: his maternal grandmother was a Jewish mill owner’s daughter, who rebelled, and married a common worker.

As for the ‘Old Mohican’ General of the Army Makhmut Akhmetovich Gareev (note names), founder-President of the ‘Academy of Military Sciences’, where, supposedly, the schemes for the destruction of the West by ‘hybrid warfare’ are worked out, he is an ethnic Tatar, who from time to time invokes Allah.

(See https://realnoevremya.com/articles/220 .)

Anyone who takes the trouble to do quick searches with ‘Google’ on key figures – try Sergei Shoigu, Vladislav Surkov, Margarita Simonyan, Sergei Lavrov, and Valery Gergiev – should be able to see how utterly intellectually incompetent Frum and Brooks are.

It would not be simply silly to suggest that Putin is a certain kind of ‘cultural nationalist’ – in which case, the appropriate analogy, in an American or British context, would be with people who are not worried about the ‘ethnic’ identity of immigrants, so long as they are prepared to assimilate to ‘Anglo’ culture.

Also relevant is the fact that Putin rather clearly represents a reaction against the Bolshevik version of the kind of ‘universalistic messianism’ of which Frum and Brooks have been leading champions.

A corollary of this, of course, was well-expressed in the phrase ‘axis of evil’, which Frum coined for George W. Bush, and which was the title of the book he subsequently co-authored with Richard Perle. The enemies of a supposedly universal truth are naturally cast as demons.

And the 'axis of evil' notion would, of course, be further ‘grist’ to the ‘mill’ which Kevin Macdonald is ‘grinding’, as the universalist ideology was being used to demonise enemies of Israel.

From my own point of view, another part of the indictment against Frum relates to the fact that, from 2014 to 2017, he was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of a British ‘think tank’ known as ‘Policy Exchange’. Its Director is Dean Godson, brother of Roy and son of Joseph. His successor in the post was Alexander Downer.

From an item on their website from September 2016:

‘Policy Exchange’s Director, Dean Godson, has been recognised as one of the most influential figures in London. The Evening Standard’s ‘Top 1000’ list references Godson’s work in their annual index.

‘“Fiercely bright Godson, formerly chief leader writer at the Daily Telegraph, has been described as Britain’s acknowledged expert on the problem of social cohesion. The establishment of an “integration hub” at the think tank this year may prove timely as the Government looks to tackle issues connected to immigration and integration.”’

(See https://policyexchange.org.uk/news/the-evening-standard-names-policy-exchanges-director-dean-godson-one-of-the-most-influential-figures-in-london/ .)

The notion of Godson as ‘fiercely bright’ is a bad joke. In fact, he is a silly man – as is indeed illustrated by his inability to see that the natural effect of attempt to disseminate, and defend, patently absurd ‘narratives’ is that the ‘counter-narratives’ of Kevin Macdonald and people like him gain increasing traction.

But at that point, I have to say, ‘a plague on both your houses’.

Precisely as Steve Sailer suggests, there are all kinds of people, of many different origins, including very many Jews, both here and on your side, who have no desire to fight some kind of ‘war’ against ‘Anglo’ culture.

Such people can often see that ‘invade the world, invite the world’ is suicidal for us all, but can also often value many things not only about ‘Anglo’ but also other, include prominently Jewish, heritages.

Babak Makkinejad

You are in denial.

Eric Newhill

Vegetius makes sense to me. He's exactly right. When leftists and minorities are making excuses for their failures, they blame white people. When white people talk about race, they are told that it's an artificial concept. Typical bait and switch from the usual suspects.

As someone who's real name has multiple syllables and ends in "ian" am I entitled to reparations, free pass to the university of my choice, preferential hiring? My father and grandparents didn't think they were discriminated against in the US - now in Muslim Land, yes, of course. But not here. Armenians worked hard and assimilated into US culture. It's all about attitude and actions and intelligence and discipline at the end of the day. People from backwards cultures fail to grasp that. They are too primitive; perhaps right down to their very genes.

Eric Newhill

Very funny cannon cocker


Ahhh so.Jews must take there anti semitism lying down because it is well deserved.Zionism is anti semitisms bastard child,the reaction against anti semitism.Let us not confuse what came first.At least have the courage to acknowledge this.Rabbi Sacks is no fool.He knows exactly what is at stake.


A.semites are useful idiots for a countries enemies.Anti semitism is a useful tool for divide and conquer of western countries.Attack the jews and you attack the economy.Britain is in its final stages of collapse.When the jews leave a country its all over.



When are you leaving Australia?


Thank you for informative reply.

Babak Makkinejad

And is he God to decide if a hero of French Resitance was not a Jew? How the Hell does he think he is?


My mother came here from (central) Italy in 1934 when she was 12 or so; Dad was born here but his mother and father came from same village as Mom, a village that was established by a German prince in the 1600s. So I'm Italian. Also pinkish-white skin, green-eyed, medium brown hair -- when I visited Iran, Iranian women remarked at my green eyes, but that's not the point I wanted to make.

Italians from Naples and other points south were frequently considered in the same category as Blacks -- they looked dark, did the same types of work. Italian men were lynched in Louisiana in 1891.

I used to live in Charlottesville and the events there were distressing. They did not fit the character of C'ville as I had experienced and enjoyed the place. So when the opportunity arose, I participated in a 'sensitivity training' designed by the Episcopal Diocese of DC -- C'ville is old-line Episcopal, and under the authority of the DC hierarchy.
The seminar was conducted by Black men and women, and the approach was basically a shake-down: "You should be ashamed of being white and of having taken advantage of us Black people. We're here to help you apologize." This message was conveyed through sets of "speed-dating" -- a question or statement was posed, then Group A had 2 min. to react to his counterpart in Group B, then Group A moved down the line and the question/reaction was repeated.
And so, this first generation Italian-American, child of laborers and ditch-diggers, was called to account by the 6th generation son/grandson of college professors, himself a PhD, and challenged to apologize for having participated in his family's enslavement.

I was astounded at the number of (mostly) women, long-time members of Episcopal church, i.e. WASPs, who completely abased themselves in the course of this 'training.'

The seminar was capped by a dinner. I did not stay for dinner.

There is so very much more to "diversity" and race relations than just Black and white-ish, and also as witness the discussion raging on Unz just now over the hyphenation of Judeo- and -Christian.

It is not likely that my immediate Italian ancestors were educated, nor even able to write their names: Italy remained feudal for much longer than some other European states. I believe Germans probably had greater literacy when they came to US, as did many Irish, and of course the English.

If we can't make distinctions that are both more nuanced and more important then just "Black-White, Christian-Jew (Muslim)," how in the world are we ever going to integrate millions of Hispanics, Arabs, Eastern Europeans, Middle Easterners, all with their widely varying habits of mind and levels of cultural development, literacy, skills and employment experiences and expectations. We have to talk about these issues in a much more specific and far less self-censoring, PC manner.

The difference between my own background and that of the person I married, whose family members owned farms from which they watched men fight in the Civil War, gradually revealed itself to be a huge chasm between cultural backgrounds that was extremely difficult to bridge.



A lot of "sensitivity training" is highly abusive and has been so for a long time. Watch what happens now as the whole commonwealth of Virginia is subjected to "sensitivity training" by the radicals.

Kilo 4/11

Thanks for the compliment, but it's an honor I can't claim - I lived mostly in the FDC bunker by day and out on the perimeter at night.

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