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03 November 2019


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The corruption in the CIA and FBI is symptom not disease. Our forebears held the Nuremberg Nazi War Crimes Tribunal to hang Nazis whose continued respiration posed a threat to Western Civilization that transcended national law and national boundary. We need a New York City Globalist Crimes Against Humanity Tribunal to end this globalist threat to Western Civilization that also transcends national law and national boundary.

I've no problem with various notions with reformation, disbandment, dispersion, etc. However, if we don't deal with the whoremaster pimps in NYC (and in other nodes in the globalist network of evil) then any of their whores in Washington DC that we remove will simply be replaced, individually and institutionally.


Reminds me of a pundit who said the worst thing that happened to America was winning the Cold War. (No more questing argument - mission accomplished, now what?) Thanks for your insights.


Federal Bureaucracies do not get razed to the ground...ever. Like Federal Programs, they metastasize...and go on forever. The FBI was reformed post watergate, the CIA not so much. The only deep reform the Pentagon has been subjected to was the all volunteer military which did wonders to insulate it from the American public, insulating the American public from it in every way except via propaganda. Over centralized, over organized, over staffed with too many people having too little to do using the time to increase the size of their staffs. Nobody believes a single word that comes forth from official Washington, nobody...which is why the city governs by news leak. Problem is now nobody believes a single word that comes forth from official media either, people have caught on to the con. MOAB dropped on a mountain in Afghanistan - after 17 years, big whup! Forget reform. The dead give away on that question was the financial crisis of 2008 - the country is staggered, the Beltway 'don't feel a thing'. Other dead give aways - Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Bidens, McConnell, Pelosi, the debt. There will be no reform. It will go on until it doesn't.

Diana C

I do remember all of this. It was still an unnecessary federal department at that time. Each state had different concerns with non-English speaking students; and each state could have handled them differently to fit the different needs.

Having been raised by parents whose second language was English and who had gone through schools and done well for themselves, I saw a difference between the different "cultures" of the non-English speakers. Why is it that Asians have done so well, for example and don't, usually spend much time in the special programs? My grandparents and parents did well without the special programs.

A person can go back and study all the different immigrant groups. Somehow they adjusted and learned.

I'll give you an example of how these education programs for Spanish speakers affected me once. We English teachers were all told to attend one of the three sessions provided to discuss how we were to work with the writing assignments. We were supposed to do "group writing" assignments since, according to the leaders of these sessions, Hispanic kids like to talk a lot and are very social.

From my own experience as a student who had been put into several group writing projects, I knew that I would be the only one to do the writing. We would all dutifully sit there and "discuss" our ideas; but in the end, the group would ask me to write the paper so they could sign their names to it, without checking to see if their own particular ideas were included. They all got my A grade.

I was involved in this idea of group writing again once when I worked as a procedures writer for a computer disc and tape storage manufacturer. The engineers in their their three piece suits (dressing for success) spent two weeks writing ideas on the board, each day covering about the same things. I dutifully took notes and kept telling them that I could put the whole thing together. They would not give it to me until they realized on a Friday that the objectives were due on the next Monday. I had a mother recovering from an operation at home and a two year-old child. But they then demanded that we work all weekend. I went home on Friday, worked to group and combine ideas and finally write the objectives in a clear format using the notes I'd taken and my experience in writing lesson objectives as a teacher. I drove back to work on Saturday with my child since my mother couldn't watch him. I handed my Department Leader the written objectives. They had been planning a whole weekend of work and were so thrilled. It was something I could have given to them days before. They tried to get me to type them. I told them to call in the young woman who worked the word processor and pay her time and a half for the hours on a weekend.

Later they were thrilled to hear that "their" Objectives were chosen as the best format and that all the other departments had to recast theirs int "our" style of objectives.

Writing itself is never really a good thing to do as a group project. Discussing ideas is fine, but each person should grapple with the writing. We know that our Constitution was in some sense a group project, but we also know that just a few of those men wrote it.

To my point, an idiot in the Department of Education should not be telling people how to teach their content matter. We don't need them, but we do need to make sure we find teachers who know and love them content matter.

The problem we have in the United States is that we have so many different ideas, but very few good writers today to take those ideas and make them clear.

The Education Department comes up with bad ideas all the time, but there are few people with the power to take those ideas and really put them to the test of writing them out to see if they can stand.

That is why parents are trying so hard to undermine the massive public education system by home schooling, forming charter schools and other schools of choice, which are for the most part far more successful in educating the students.

We should not be wanting more funding the Department of Education with its education association handlers. And that is why Trump picked a leader for the Dept. of Ed. who is favorable to parent choice and to other than public schools.

My ethnic group learned to figure out "academic culture" and then to successfully navigate the school system. Many other immigrants throughout the history of our country did that, too.

This effort to help the Hispanic cultures simply provided many teachers the opportunity to find new positions as leaders to impart the NEA wisdom of how to include Hispanics into our classrooms. There were many Hispanic parents whose expectations pushed their children do do well in our schools and many Hispanic parents who preferred to complain about supposed prejudice in the classrooms.

My belief is that our system was never built in such a way that English language learners were not given the help they needed to succeed IF they wanted to succeed. The problem is that some cultures wanted to fit into American culture (whatever that is) while others kept theie ties to their country of origin.

I was not necessary to build a big government agency to address that situation.

By forming that Department, we just added to the cost of government and gave teachers who did not want to do the hard work of teaching a chance to sit in some room and make up strategies they thought--without any actual testing their strategies--would solve a problem that was really a problem only the students should have to solve themselves.

Research the idea Obama came up with to help Black students in Chicago stay in the educational system. He spent an enormous amount of money through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (on a grant that Bill Ayers got for him) that achieved nothing in the way of improved educational outcomes.

The problem in education is finding teachers who know their subjects and want to do the work of teaching those subjects. I was saddened by all the younger teachers coming out of Education programs who would gush about how they just loved kids and wanted to teach kids.

As for me, I wanted to teach the content of my subject, a subject I knew well and loved, TO students. Students cannot be the direct object of the verb "to teach. They are the indirect object. I planned my lessons to teach some part of my subject matter TO the students. I hoped that my students would listen and understand and become the indirect object of my teaching. And since I loved my subject matter, I wanted them to love, or at least like it too.

My point is that the CEA and the Dept. of Education are basking in their idea of being the saviors of children who are disadvantaged for some reason. But if they really want to do that, they need to concentrate on the What and not on the Who. That leads to the point that our College Professors now are not teaching the what of their subjects but have developed their own theories about their subjects and are indoctrinating their students with those theories, not encouraging them to think about the subject and choose for themselves which theories hold water and which do not.


1) Educate We The People to recognize the earmarks of a totalitarian state, and find them repugnant. A civilized state does not torture and assassinate human beings. It does not overthrow governments. Terrorism is a crime, not an existential threat. FUD are tactics of a deep state to ensure infantilism. Those who give up freedom for security will get neither.

At present, James Bond is cool, just like lynchings in 1860. Will continue until people gain deep understanding of consequences, and pull out torches & pitchforks.

2) Block 1984 ubiquitous facial-recognition surveillance in its tracks. (We've got about 18 months.)

3) Let a million news agencies bloom. Allow freedom of speech on the Internet. Roll back the Ministry of Truth's censoring of social media as publishers, not utilities. Expose the "false news" meme as created by our side to leverage repression of competition to Newspeak. Teach people to think for themselves and be responsible for what they read/believe themselves.

4) The CIA has a special projects budget ~$20B/yr. It spied on Sen. Feinstein and Pres. Trump w/o consequences. Torture report? crickets. Syrian diaspora swamping Europe's gov'ts/economies? crickets. Yemen genocide? crickets. NSA/MI6/Mossad hoovering all emails/phonecalls, 1st Amend dead, enough processing power to understand & watch everybody in realtime? crickets. Blum failed. Obama couldn't even take down Gitmo. I don't believe you'll ever have enough power to be able to take down the CIA from the outside. (Would love to be proved wrong.)

5) So the only hope I see is transformational power, a la Gandhi. You have to enlighten the people of the CIA enough so that they want to reform themselves.

Show them their own faces in a mirror. Teach them how to actually help America.

Give objective criteria so that people can think for themselves, and make good/wise decisions for themselves. You can't block them forever; in the end, they have to mature and be responsible for their own destinies.

similar to Powell founding the Boy Scouts. A difficult challenge. But, objectively, you're good at this kind of thing. Good luck.

Jim S

Sir, the Administration could do worse than give you a charter. Water under the bridge, but I wish JFK had lived long enough to smash the CIA into a million pieces.


What drove this insider cabal, who already were at the peak of their power in this the most powerful nation on the planet, to plot this alleged coup?

Some percentage of the population is born with high intelligence and psychopathic tendencies. These people seek to dominate other people, regardless of the cost.

Once a few psychopaths get into political power, they discover that they can use brainwashing to entrench their power. Power corrupts.


An old newspaper clipping from March 2019 "Lawyer claims U.S. had tapes months before Sept.11 attacks" Basically the states prosecutors gave the defence lawyers audio
tapes/translations Sept 30,2016...it was later discovered the original trial judge,
Army Col. James L. Pohl issued a secret order preventing anyone from knowing about how they were collected or inquiring about it.

Nothing in the article about which agency first collected the info.

Upstate NY'er

The problem is massive over-centralization.
The CIA - with it's limitless resources - and the FBI with it's vast array of power.
The separation of foreign non-military (political, economic, diplomatic) intelligence collection and analysis could be similar to the UK - a small independent clandestine collection service and the analysis/production in the State Dept.
Military intelligence collection, analysis/production and counterintelligence in one or more DoD agencies.
Them the FBI (Famous But Incompetent).
Take the CI, CT responsibilities to a separate agency in the DOJ.

Babak Makkinejad

Academic Culture?

The only real piece of culture that America has produced is Jazz music and that was done by non-Academically trained musicians of Africa in America.

Let the Academics compute the g-2 factor of the electron to 23rd decimal place. Who cares?

Babak Makkinejad

Where does Commitment to the Enterprise, i.e. Well-Being of the Country, any country, come into play? You cannot run a country staffed by men who fancy themselves as little don corleones.

Another old guy

Former Agency operations officer here.

I realize that you are probably just trying to make a point in your first paragraph about the Agency grabbing covert action following 9/11 and it getting worse since and not actually trying to be precise.  But this is entirely inaccurate - as I suspect you know.  The National Security Act of 1947 assigned covert action operations to the Agency.  There have been a few adjustments in language, statutes and procedures since, but the legal framework remains in place - Covert Action is solely their responsibility as the law exists right now .  So, no, covert action was not taken by the Agency.

For the uninitiated here Covert Action requires a Presidential Finding to authorize it and by definition it is 'supposed to be' deniable by the sponsor (the USA) or the sponsor not be determinable.  A big order obviously and usually just window dressing as people are not that stupid most of the time.  A Clandestine Operation is really supposed to be just that.  No one is supposed to know it even happened after it is over.  This sometimes works but often not - especially over time.

I worked with a large number of officers who fit the Col's description.  About 80% were former SF, about 10% each SEALs/Rangers.  They were about equally distributed between former officers and enlisted.  Almost 100% of the enlisted had extensive combat experience in Vietnam and other places we sent them.  The officers not so much.  Some Agency entities performing CA work were predominantly former military personnel, but others were maybe 50%, some almost none.  It just depended on what they were working on.  But I am certainly dated and not aware of current numbers. I do not have any idea about what the ratio might be today, but when I served at least 50% of the CA activities were not military in nature.  This makes me question the premise of this post a bit.  My direct experience was about 80% political CA and about 20% military CA.  I am pretty sure that the political CA should not end up in the DOD if you are reassigning this activity.

As to your comments on the young case officers in training.  I hope you did realize that these were almost entirely brand new employees just hired. In others words green 2nd Lt's with zero experience - the military personnel being trained were certainly not that new.  Additionally, while new (and green) they are certainly not stupid people as most of them have masters degrees with very high academic achievement, speak multiple languages and are chosen to represent all races and religions (if you operate everywhere you must look and talk like everyone everywhere).  And if all goes well then 5-10 years down the road you have really good officers.

Anyway this is all certainly complicated. I don't actually care who has the charter as long as the officers doing it are doing their best.  I have seen great work done by the Agency, and I have seen disasters.  But to be honest the same can be said about the military. We all know of the disasters as they almost always see the light of day.  I know of many great successes which I have never seen in the news - keep that in mind also. There is no human virtue or fault which is not found in all organizations.  If institutional rot has set in to the point that the Agency and Bureau need to be replaced well fine I guess.  But the military has all the same problems on a much larger scale which are at least as equally embedded - so be careful what you wish for, you might get it.  By way of example I draw your attention to the Directorate of National Intelligence and the Dept of Homeland Security for what you might get when you up and decide to fix problems by creating new organizations or performing mass reorganizations, instead of actually trying to fix what the real problems are.  If you want to get rid of useless organizations let's add those two to the list please. (I bet I exceeded the length limit also, my bad)


If you think that's all there is to it you probably have never been in business or either not for very long.
A lot has 'changed'.

The Twisted Genius

Fellow old guy, thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, CIA covert action clearly preceded 9/11. My point was that it became the focus of CIA after 9/11 to the detriment of all else. Actually it was paramilitary rather than covert action that took center stage after 9/11. There was nothing covert about CIA or DIA operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Almost by definition paramilitary operations belong in DoD.

I am also aware of the political nature of much CA. Much of that political CA can better be described as information operations (IO) or deception operations, both of which could be easily (well, not easily, CA is not easy) taken over by DoD organizations. I will cede that there may be some limited CA not suitable for DoD since , by its very nature, I don't have visibility into the full range of CIA CA. However, I envision JSOC or a JSOC like element will eventually expand into the IO and strategic deception realms.

It was obvious that the young CIA students were all newbies, but both FTC and MOTC were the entry level courses for CIA and DoD case officers at the time. Our newbies just had a lot more life experience than your newbies no matter how educated and talented they were. But that was then. The post 9/11 need to expand the ranks brought in some pretty young DIA recruits, but they never went straight to the Farm. They had a year or more of DIA experience, including field work, before being assessed for FTC.

I appreciate your warning about tearing everything down without knowing what will come next. When Colonel Lang and I first discussed the idea for this post, I recounted a story from the very early days of the fall of the USSR. The initial vacuum in Moscow was filled by various academics from the Soviet Academy of Sciences. It didn't last long. All those idealistic professors were quickly driven out by apparatchiks and mafiya types leading to the darkest times in Russia since the Great Patriotic War. I also share your perception that Homeland Security was a mistake.


You got me thinking a bit with your mention of "The Iron Law of Institutions".

What about something that works similar to jury duty in the sense that it’s mandatory for all U.S. citizens. It would be something which would give every U.S. citizen the chance to actually participate in the decisions being made in our democracy. It would be mandatory and a once a year requirement. Or once every 2-4 years.
It could certainly be set up in a myriad of ways but it might be a good place to start? I don’t know, it probably sounds nuts to some and not so to others. Apologies for being vague on the details. I don’t quite have it all worked out yet.




Jazz is the only cultural achievement of the American people? You really don't understand or like this country much.

Terence Gore


In this interview Lee Smith alleges That Flynn was trying to reform the intelligence community and that was why he was 'flushed out'

start at 33' 30"


When I was young, I read that the FBI was involved in framing the famed defense attorney Clarence Darrow for jury tampering in the case of the Wobblies accused on bombing the Lost Angeles Times. There were claims that seemed plausible to me that they suborned perjury. It's pretty murky, and I'm not certain that Darrow was innocent, but the FBI's malfeasance was pretty obvious. I was in high school during the McCarthy Years, and I will never cease to be skeptical of the FBI's integrity. The "liberal" Democrats' love of Comey, despite the enormous blow he struck to Hillary's campaign, is intolerable.


Wait, what ... "It didn't serve its present "elite" role until 1982..." What are you talking about? You never heard of G-Men? The totally phony quote from some notorious gangster calling them that was repeated over and over in the 1920s. They seized on the Lindbergh kidnapping to make themselves a national police. Then in 1934 they got Congress to make bank robbery a federal crime and took over those investigations. They got deep into collecting files for blackmail long before the McCarthy Years. I don't know what happened in 1982, but it didn't make them an elite agency. They already were.



in my Russian contacts, well, the "Reason the CIA sucks" is seen as partly being based on the whole "Deparment of homeland security" thing where a lot of healthy interagency rivalry (as far as I know, in Russia, SVR and GRU are pretty serious about their rivalry and are regarded as generally speaking more competent then the FSB which does not have a political rival) got axed in favor of spies (I use the word loosely) finding out that their beurocratic careers where far more better served by teaming up against the "non spies".

In addition, the pos 9-11 reforms made agencies bigger, and the bigger the organisation the more of a comptetive advantadge beurocrats enjoy over artists.

I would further add that the greatest intelligence disaster in Russian history, failure regarding operation Barbarossa, happened at a time where the NKVD was running essntially everything intel related, having literally purged its rivals previously (at that time GU I believe) and the bosses of the NKVD had absolute power to enforce "political correctness".

Grumpy Expat

Both the FBI and the CIA were created by Executive order and neither are specifically authorized in the Constitution. I believe Trump could eliminate them just as easily and the DHS as well as it was always superfluous and received the cast-offs and nerdowells (useless GS civilian employees otherwise impossible to terminate) from other agencies who saw an opportunity to shed dead weight GS civilians. Elimination of these agencies would not eliminate the personnel though. Term employees would get terminated but the rest would find homes somewhere else displacing less long-lived employees) and possibly more loyal and useful) who would be subject to RIF rules. Perhaps one solution would be to create a government agency consisting entirely of useless employees and having no mission or responsibilities whatsoever other than to come to work and shuffle papers (something like FEMA or the DoE). It would be difficult to target an entire agency for RIF although I believe Congress could do it should they have the will to take on the entire intelligence community which obviously they are petrified of doing. The Mossad whose operation using Epstein to collect huge amounts of blackmail against senior government personnel and politicians would prevent it unless Israel saw some benefit to permit it.


What is actually said is: The love of money is the root of all evil. Said but unproven. It is also said that Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Not sure what is corrupted nor how one would measure absolute power.
In one of the multitude of religions is a list of seven deadly sins and of course the balancing seven heavenly virtues. Pride is the most deadly supposedly because it allows one to think that what he has done is godly and worthy of admiration. Without these deadly sins mankind would be a small group of proto apes somewhere in the veldt picking nits from each others backsides.
Overarching all the virtues is obedience to god to the state to the leader to anything but your own lying eyes and mind. The virtues do no include honour the sins include wrath. Pusillanimousity the having of a small mind is the goal.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_law_enforcement_in_the_United_States#Department_of_Justice a list of all the current federal armed law enforcement groups. A whole lot of badges to memorize.
And what has to be a whole lot of overlap and jurisdictional infighting.
There are also 7 branches of the US Uniformed armed forces. The US Public Health Service commissioned corps and the NOAA commissioned officers corps are the latest additions.


That is why England became known as Perfidious Albion.


grumpy Expat

The FBI exists under "Title 28 of the United States Code" and the CIA was created by the "National security Act of 1947."

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