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25 November 2019


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Kurt Van Vlandren

That's their system. They seem to like it. Who are you to snipe?
Why not turn your scorn on our own "Royal Family" (at least that's how Drumpf seems to view it)?
At least the Queen likes dogs. Drumpf didn't go anywhere near Conan, let alone scratch his ears. Or remember his breed.



Ah! A retired Floridian American royalist anglophile ... How droll! How fun! Do you stay up at night to watch the royal weddings? You must be new here. I am a gadfly. Look it up. To quote the Shakespeare character (a British play writer) in "Upstart Crow" (a Brit TeeVee show) "That's what I do." I often laugh at Trump and the people in our government. The dog? The Trumps were obviously afraid of the dog.


Col. Lang, surely you jest.

The example of the crap now going down between Congress and the President is a perfect example of the pitfalls of American style Government.

To put that another way, consider the billions of dollars the fight between congress and the President are costing America. The measly pittance Britain pays to the royal family to avoid such messes is a great investment. Plus, you get a great tourist attraction and endless comedy to go with it.

More seriously, the Queen and Royal family are the ultimate source of authority for the armed forces and judiciary. They take that role very, very seriously. Every century or so they have to stamp hard on the fingers of politicians who try to interfere in that sphere.



The piece is labeled "humor" We have had this discussion several times. You are a royalist Australian of German and American ancestry. That is no more ridiculous I suppose than a descendant of Yankee abolitionists and Union Army soldiers who reveres people like Jubal Early. Does Australia pay part of the freight for some of these parasites? I laugh at everything. You should know that by now. The argument that the monarchy is the guarantor of the constitution (unwritten) applies to the queen's nuclear family, and even in that case what do you think would happen if she tried to defy parliament in a major matter. Victoria is long dead as is the Raj.


Permit a one-time guest student in the UK to update you about Royal finances.

Queen Elizabeth receives 15% of the revenue generated by her very large inheritance -- mainly rents. The 85% revenue balance is folded into the UK Treasury, just like any other income tax.

The Queen is expected to upkeep and maintain a number of properties, such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood House, and to fund her family's living and visits throughout Britain during the year -- with the exception of Prince Charles, whose income comes from the Duchy of Cornwall.

From my distant observation, the Queen is quite frugal. Pictures of her receiving Boris Johnson as new Prime Minister, in Buckingham Palace, exhibited an electric heater next to her lounge chair. Apparently all her homes are very chilly in winter.

Ishmael Zechariah

Fellow Pilgrims,
To the few who might not have read it, might I recommend "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by Mark Twain (https://www.gutenberg.org/files/86/86-h/86-h.htm ) ? IMO, one of the best expositions of monarchy, quite humorous and very much in line w/ the Colonel's write-up above.
Ishmael Zechariah


Say what you will about the tenets of Bolshevism, at least they knew how to deal with a corrupt royal family.



So, the money that pays the stipends ALL comes from the royal estate circulated through the treasury of the realm?


Hunter Biden's brand new child, legitimately established, now gets tax payer funded US Secret Service protection as former VP Joe Biden's grandchild.


How much do you think Secret Services costs are for former elected US officials and their extended families? A lot more than $250K a year for Bonnie Prince Andrew. He is a bargain compared to the lifetimes of first children and their extended families.


Colonel -- Yes indeed !

Back in 1760, ( bad / mad ) George III turned his income over to the government and received 3 separate allowances, known as the 'Civil List, ' which needed periodic updating for inflation and such. By the way, the royal yacht Britannia was actually designed to house and transport the UK government to Canada, or Australia, following a nuclear exchange and the Civil List was adjusted to pay for this piece of floating defense.

The 1760 arrangement was changed in 2012, when the Queen agreed to receive 15% of her income and obligated herself to manage key properties associated with the nation, fund her family and civil servants. The new arrangement permits her to spend whatever is needed -- for example following a major fire at Windsor Castle -- without explicit permission from the government. But, she is not completely free. Her "Crown" inheritance is entailed, the UK Treasury oversees the Queen's expenditures and publishes an annual report about them.

Frankly, there is something very archaic about the whole arrangement. The Sovereign is to pay for regular expenses out of 'Crown' income and turn to Parliament only for extraordinary events such as a war.


I suspect the small electric heaters are a clever PR trick, then again I don't know how good the central heating systems are in old palaces. It is true the state makes more money from the properties and assets owned by the Royal Family than they take out. At the end of the day I would far rather them than a politician do the job, unless the ghastly Meghan Markle should ever be in line to be Queen.

The question I would have is that surely the intelligence services, Special Branch or the Royal Protection Squad keep an eye on the likes of Andrew, so why weren't alarm bells ringing about Epstein?


Prince Michael of Kent and his family do not receive public funds, but they are still close relatives of the Queen and attend royal celebrations from time to time.



A reasonable introduction to the Crown Estate:


The income derived from foreshore licensing is unlikely to be negligible.



Good for them!



"The Sovereign is to pay for regular expenses out of 'Crown' income" This is a bit of a sham since the 85% is available to her although subject to parliamentary audit. Subventions to those she thinks worthy are paid from that.

One of you stated that "a great many" of "these people" do not receive pubic funds. That implies that some do.



So children of corrupt parents deserve to be shot? Bolshevism at its best.



"Ensures the safety of the president of the United States, the vice president of the United States, the president's and vice president's immediate families, former presidents, their spouses, and their minor children under the age of 16, major presidential and vice presidential candidates and their spouses." wiki on Secret Service.

This would not extend to Hunter Biden or his children.

Andrew has been living a lot higher than 250K. Where did that come from?



I am amused by some of you who think I am ignorant of British history and who are so dull as to lecture me as to the lack of veracity in my attempt at a humorous post. A lot of you are just a waste of time. The royal house are no longer called Hanover or Saxe-Coburg? Really? Who knew?


If you could go back in time and kill baby Adolf would you? Young Stalin? Saloth Sar?

But "deserve" has nothing to do with it. Spend some time reading up on Rotherham, and the Palace response, and then get back to me about who deserves what. Especially interested in what you think of how the Windsor's addressed this.



I am particularly saddened that some of you accepted the notion that Merkle's child is named "Archis Bunker Harison Mountbatten-Coburg." My god!


I think "Archis Bunker Harison Mountbatten-Coburg" might be a lot cooler than some of the actual royals.

The Beaver

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor aka Master Archie does not have a Royal title because his parents declined a courtesy title for him. Anne did the same thing for her kids several decades ago.

There is a commercial business going by the name Crown Estate from which the Queen gets 25% of its profits

So the old girl can't complain if she will have to dig into her private "treasury" to help Randy Andy from now on. He may get a tax-free allowance from his mother.


Archie Manning Mountbatten sounds better to my ear. What is the Brit counterpart to quarterback? Striker? Centre-forward?

As for the royal stipends, they are pittances compared to what we US taxpayers give to Erdogan, Netanyahu, Sisi, Salih, and others.



You need a bigger shovel.

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