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22 November 2019


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There is no legal authority to transfer those accused of violating federal law into military custody.


Protective custody was the words that were on the tip of my tongue. They could be in the protective custody of FBI or U.S. Marshals, just so long as they were within the protective environment of Gitmo.

Hope your weekend's good.



Interesting conversation. I doubt she will be at the next big reunion, but she went to Millfield. I did not know her as she was there in the 70s. I started in 1985 and have no personal knowledge of her. Who knows what is true or not. For some, even after their education is over never really leave the Millfield 'circle.' Maybe she has left the UK, but it sounds as if the English insider angle was a prominent element in whatever it was they were really doing.


If we take the official story as true - every single person in the federal justice system, from Attorney General Bob Barr all the way on down to the lowest Bureau of Prisons flunky cleaning latrines in a lockup in Alaska - everyone knew that, out of all the inmates in the federal correctional system, Epstein was the one inmate most obviously at risk of murder or suicide.

Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Let that one sink in.

Again, even if we take the official story as true - considering Epstein's high profile friends, either the intelligence agencies, with all their surveillance powers and disregard for the Bill of Rights, knew either they of Epstein's proclivities and did nothing, or they they didn't even think to look.

Again, let that sink in.

And that's just if you believe the official story with all its absurdities and contradictions. Frankly, Warner Brothers cartoon shorts featuring a talking rabbit require less suspension of disbelief than the official Epstein story does.

And that leads to some really disturbing suppositions.

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