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22 November 2019


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But... but...

AG Barr has 'seen the video' and said this was just another 'perfect storm' of screw-ups that no one could have foreseen.

Like the 9/11 intel 'failure', the WMD hoax, and the 2007-08 meltdown.



Do you believe Barr?




Keep in mind that both Epstein and Maxwell were/are Israeli Military Intelligence Clandestine Officers. I still don't understand why the AG (or POTUS) didn't put Epstein and Maxwell under U,S, Military detention down at Gitmo until they could be held accountable in a prosecution environment. The only way to keep them alive was U.S. military custody. Of course Israeli Military Intelligence would have tried to get to Epstein/Maxwell even if they were in U.S. Military custody, it would have just made it quite a bit harder for the Israeli Military apparatus to get their hands on either one of them.

If Maxwell or the Israeli Military Intelligence apparatus think that by hiding Maxwell inside Israel, that will keep Maxwell alive, wont work as too many enemies with lots of grudges against the Israeli Military Intelligence apparatus's blackmail operation.

It's not nice to blackmail the U.S. establishment, there are repercussions. If the head of the Israeli Military Intelligence think they're safe for running such a blackmail operation, they're really stupid if they think that. They are a target for payback.


Is there an ex-pat community in extradition-proof Qatar, made up of global miscreants?

Upstate NY'er

Larry, thanks for these very clarifying summaries, explaining the context.
I don't have the patience to follow all the plots, subplots,cast of hundreds and really bad lying.


The news reports were that the cameras were not working, so he needs to explain where the video came from.



"Send them to Gitmo" is just the kind of thing an actual dictator does.

Eric Newhill

It would be extremely audacious to kill two - not one, but two - more potential witnesses in jail, especially given the skepticism around the official story of Epstein's death. I guess, on the other hand, they are in jail where former guards are not well liked. So you never know. I just find it hard to believe that "they" imagine they can get away with it. Then again, I guess if we can have Schiff preening and lecturing and fixating his bug eyes at the world every day, then the appearance of credibility is not an issue for the swamp. These are strange times.

The bigger question to my mind is what is happening with all of the material that was taken from Epstein's residences? That must be a treasure trove of incriminating evidence; a blackmailer's most beautiful fantasy come true.

Eric Newhill

Having seen a pic of one of the guards, Tova Noel, for the first time, I am stunned. Not what I was expecting. Sister knows how to roll/play it for sure. But for such a person there are a thousand ways to die.

Babak Makkinejad

US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand will do nothing against Israel: they don't have it in them to revise their religious beliefs.


It seems entirely possible that the guards regularly caught a few zzz's on the overnight shift and generally treated it as light duty. If one wanted to be sure of it, then slipping something extra into their evening coffee could guarantee it.

Disciplinary action, such as firing, seems appropriate. Criminal charges excessive, a blame the clerks -type of diversion, unless the aim is to discover whether the guards were complicit or simply negligent. Or to hold them so they cannot talk.


The FBI knows where Maxwell is hiding, it's in the U.K.. They're building a case against her. This should be making the Israeli Military Intelligence apparatus really nervous, as it would come out in court that the Pedophile blackmail operation has been an operation by Israeli Military Intelligence, not Mossad. I thought that the Mossad was behind it, but in digging back several years turned out that Epstein and Maxwell were Israeli Military Intelligence Clandestine Officers, not Mossad. One person that our FBI needs to get their mitts on is former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, as he is a treasure trove of the nitty gritty behind the Israeli Military Intelligence blackmail operation, as he was part of it. One has to remember that the Israeli Military Intelligence apparatus has been using children, children to blackmail U.S. personas as well as other international ones. Children used and abused by a very sick putrid organ called Israeli Military Intelligence.

WHERE'S GHISLAINE? FBI ‘know where Ghislaine Maxwell is’ and are ‘building case against’ her’

SHE'S been living undercover between the UK and the US since the Prince Andrew sex abuse storm erupted in August - but now cops know exactly where 'pimp' Ghislaine Maxwell is, an expert claims.



Walrus, just to hit a note of conspiracy theory, I really would have expected someone like Epstein to have a deadman insurance switch - somebody((s) in a third world country or Russia or elsewhere who would upon his death begin mailing to all the media outlets across the world really juicy items.

The lack of that happening is consistent with his still being alive (zero proof that I know of) . In which case those guards are walking dead.

In any case, why was there no deadman insurance switch?

1. Epstein too full of himself
2. He had one but it was compromised (but why one).



"both Epstein and Maxwell were/are Israeli Military Intelligence Clandestine Officers" What is the evidence fir that? "Officers?" I doubt that. Assets? Maybe, if there is evidence.



This goes all the way back to the Iran Contra era. A former Israeli Intelligence Ari Ben-Manash who worked with Maxwell's father was interviewed by Nativ's Zev Shalev. Ben-Manash told Shalev that he met them both of them 40 years ago when he was working with Maxwell's father. They were identified to Ben-Manash as agents for Israeli Military Intelligence.


Barbara Ann

Unless you accept that Epstein managed to break several neck vertebrae by leaping from a top bunk using bed sheets specially designed to not be strong enough for just such a purpose, we are already in the realm of conspiracy theories.

My Occam's razor has Epstein alive and well. Even if you wanted to kill him off and considered 1. likely, how could you be certain he didn't have a deadman switch? Killing him needs the perpetrators to get into his cell either unnoticed or with the collusion of his guards, who, if they have any gray matter at all would know they are dead men walking afterwards. Disappearing him (into witness protection/whatever) by faking a hanging, needed collusion of the pathologist and Michael Baden. Recall it was he who the family hired & who observed the autopsy. That Michael Baden raised accusations of homicide would be all the more convenient cover for his disappearance of course, sending people down the wrong rabbit hole.


Barbara Ann

OK. Who was the stiff they autopsied? the great Michael Baden did not challenge the identity of the corpse.


OK, but not officers. I have known a lot of them and these two do not fit the profile.



Has nuthin to do with dictatorships, it has to do with keeping them 'alive' for prosecution. Military 'possession' if you will at Gitmo, is safe keeping far away and hard to get at. Remember that Gitmo is a military armed fortress.



AG Barr needs to get his mitts on Ehud Barak as Barak was a frequent (caught on numerous videos) visitor to Epstein's lairs (both pre and post 2007 Epstein pedophile arrest). Barak was also the head of Israel's AMAN from 1983 to 1985. Barak was the recipient of Epstein's blackmail info on U.S. personas while Barak was the Israeli PM.

In 1992 Barak was awarded the Legion of Merit (Commander) by the U.S.. In addition, DoD awarded Barak with its' Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service in 2012, which IMHO DoD needs to revoke.

We the U.S. can't let the Israelis get away with their blackmail honey trap crap, we just can't, period!

Barbara Ann

Presuming there was a real autopsy and the pathologist was instructed to cooperate I guess any stiff would do. The NY Post pics at the hospital could have shown the real Epstein on the gurney, but was he dead? I'm sure the feds can conjure up a fake paramedic team if it was, at least nominally, a witness protection disappearance. As I said, Baden had to be in on it.


Barbara Ann

Ah, now your VPN says you are French. You should take up writing crime and spy fantasy. Do you work or just sit at home dreaming up this stuff? Too many movies. Go find somewhere else to fantasize.



He was head of Aman when Pollard was recruited and run against us. I knew him well then. Butter would not have melted in his mouth. I agree on the revocations.

Barbara Ann

It's been a privilege Colonel.

Babak Makkinejad

Protestant Christians in US will protect them.

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