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16 November 2019


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Terence Gore

Damn! Thanks for the optimism. I dislike Trump but find myself defending him mainly due to the illegal coordinated attempts to dislodge him. I would vote for Tulsi in a minute, besides her I don't know. My reaction to Buttigieg to be honest is partially prejudicial. He will have to convince me. Trump angers me in the way he attacks people who served under him.


“Let self interest do the job of virtue".


I have to disagree.

We are where we are precisely because those entrusted with the responsibility for others had no virtue and only self-interest. The revolving door for personal gain has been the mantra for decades.

It was an article of belief in prior generations that public service was a duty wherein citizens gave of themselves with no expectation of personal gain. Now it has become a profession and even a pathway to great wealth. To quote Thomas Jefferson:

"In a virtuous government... public offices are what they should be: burthens to those appointed to them, which it would be wrong to decline, though foreseen to bring with them intense labor and great private loss." --Thomas Jefferson to Richard Henry Lee, 1779. Papers 2:298


Re. "..flying away soon.." makes me think of the Hale Boggs rule: "Once in office, never fly on small aircraft."


Well technically anyone who is retired and living on his retirement savings is a member of the rentier class, including I would hazard thee and me and most of those who comment here, having the time and their hostages to fortune long ago living independently.

Socialism has its place in a mixed economy - I am not a socialist, rather a private sector bourgeois, but I recognize the value of socialists to the commonweal. Government should regulate the capitalists as left unregulated, as they are largely in our State Monopoly Capital system, and they amass all the wealth and beggar the yeomen. Who are they who elected Trump but those who have lost their place to concentrated wealth?

Anyway I didn't vote for Trump and won't next time but I won't vote for any Dem unless it's Bernie. I will also caucus for Bernie. We need a major purge of the federal political apparatus and if it doesn't happen soon through legal means IMHO shit will happen. The corruption is systematic and all it will take is a bad recession to drive a bloody cull.

“One day we will recognize the Zeitgeist of the post-GFC world for what it truly was (and still is): a historic redistribution of wealth to the managerial class.

Obama, Trump, Merkel, Bernanke, Yellen, Powell, Draghi ... they’re all part of *exactly* the same social impulse.”


I agree with Ben Hunt’s statement. We have systemic issues that favor the elites at the expense of the rest. The problem is that Bernie and Warren want even bigger government to ameliorate this distortion not enforcement of anti-trust & fostering transparency & competition to prevent concentration of both market and political power. Trump and both the establishment Democrats and Republicans are of course completely MIA. I would recommend Jonathan Tepper’s and Matt Stoller’s books that chronicle the growth in concentration of power in the past few decades.

The response to the GFC is instructive. Wall St bailed out with trillions and none prosecuted for the fraud. And even worse the systemic issues that led to the GFC never addressed. Instead a doubling down on more of the same.

Eric Newhill


I agree that he is too often extremely boorish. I wish he were otherwise, but he works for me as he does for you.

Ishmael Zechariah

In other words, he was a "REMF"? A species much respected and beloved by combat infantry.
Ishmael Zechariah

Diana C

I have also given up any party loyalty. As I have lived now through many Presidential terms, I realize that those men were just men who each exhibited various human flaws--as we all do. My favorite period of English Literature was the 18th Century--the Age of Reason. That age is the one that raised up our founders. Sadly that age has passed.

Lately I vote Republican mostly because that party seems to honor our fine Constitution more than the Democrats do and which the Democrats under Obama obviously did not do. I have also chosen the Republicans lately because they mention God more than the Democrats do. (When Pelosi does, as she has done often more recently, it just seems so disingenuous. (Perhaps it's the booze that makes her speech patterns so strange lately--who knows?)

I like the issues Trump promotes. I am not really happy with the way he speaks. But he does seem to appeal to the American middle class--and that is the group that one must appeal to win. And he has the financial means to win.

The Democratic hopefuls, I am sorry to say--and I say it often--remind me of the many student council candidates I had to hear over my many years of teaching--all of whom promised so many things that they had no ability to achieve. And if they did achieve those things, the entire staff of adults in the building would have left the building. The inmates would have been left to run the asylum, as the saying goes.

I agree that Tulsi speaks as adults speak, but it concerns me that she has mostly a one-issue candidacy.



Utterly Remfy

Rick Merlotti

Exactly. Every president ever has had faults. Trump has tons of warts - petulant, mean, with way too high an opinion of himself. But he’s putting up a good fight against the Borg. Unfortunately, that’s as good as we’ll get in 2020. My fantasy is for him to make Tulsi either VP or Sec of State. Won’t happen, but just imagine all the exploding heads throughout the Borgist Empire.



Your insight is astonishing. I am the one that is having senior moments. Also, you were way up there at the top of bureaucracy. University of Chicago staffers contacted you to join the Borg but you refused.

Yes, the Ambassador’s life was her job. Also, first and second generation Eastern Europeans can’t seem to let go of their old hatreds and religions. Does the Borg even realize that they are playing the Great Game all over again? It did not play out well for Germany before. This time there are nuclear weapons that can annihilate the human species.

Adam Schiff is simply insane. Corporate democrats are in it for the money and to settle old scores. Neither of which are in the best interests of North Americans.


Sen. Warren has my interest. Smart as a whip, bankruptcy expert, reformer (Consumer Protection Agency and bankruptcy laws), born and educated in flyover country (not Ivy League)and from humble means. With all the political power that corporations and Wall Street have in this country, I like anyone who has them worried. Except for foreign policy issues, where I do not know where she stands, she reminds me of TR Roosevelt.



Can you do arithmetic?


Well said.

Ego, narcissism and other components of the personality may have been factors in deciding Donald Trump to run for President. Granted.

But assumption of the burthen ought not to be discounted as a possible motive. In my opinion.


A lot of originalist in this speech on distortions from Congress/Judiciary tag team from AG Barr to Federalist Society. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/11/15/ag-bill-barr-speaks-about-the-damage-to-our-nation-from-the-resistance/#more-176234



Ah, like TR she's a gun owner and avid hunter? Plus she is a native American! Just ask Harvard.


Tulsi's health care policy sounds good. Note, the media present her as a one policy candidate to the extent they even present her. But in NH, suddenly she is polling in the top 5.

John Merryman

I was one of those Jack Russell's that couldn't compete with their litter mates. Born into a family of horse trainers and was never obsessive enough about it to deal with the levels of frustration and found the outside world far crazier, so made my life picking up the pieces. Though the scenery and raising and riding horses for a living had its benefits.
My point would be that not fighting over the same thing as everyone else does opens your eyes to the fact reality has far more to offer than what human culture has distilled from it.
Money has becomes the signal we extract from the noise of society and the economy, not understanding it is the medium, like blood, that needs to circulate, not a store, like fat, that might be accumulated in modest amounts, but not to extremes. Though it seems basic lessons like this are not what our learned elders managed to impart, so we spiral into apparent oblivion.
My personal consolation being I could at least see through the charade.
Meanwhile the government, living on the equivalent of a national home loan for the last 40 years, is tearing itself to shreds, while in total denial about the situation.
My worry is that disaster capitalism/predatory lending will come home to roost and we will be one of those empires spending its final years as oligarchy, when those with the largest piles of bonds trade them for the keys to the kingdom.


Trump offers the "deplorables" hope; the left offers condemnation of their ancestors` achievements and legalized drugs to ease the pain of erasing their and their children's future.


Breaking more glass - all Russiagate roads leading to Brennan, and virtually Brennan alone: https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2019/11/15/the_brennan_dossier_all_about_a_prime_mover_of_russiagate_121098.html?dg&fbclid=IwAR2nWs1o2AvYYLEAvwik0U7VVsEmvTOPQOfU4LIHuHa_d61veBnV4yyE_8I

May Brennan's downfall be swift.


Trump offers swagger; Democrats offer groveling.

Long said if you turned the sound off during the 2016 RNC debates, you knew who was going to ultimately win just by observing the body language. Trump earned the center and held the center, as the RNC wing men slowly dropped away one by one.

Trump supporters also often said "Trump speaks for me" - but I would always counter what the heck is is he saying because he is word salad all over the place. They held firm, so I decided "Trump is gonna kick butt" was what he was really saying.

I came to believe this is what his early and tenacious supporters were immediately hearing. And eventually that is also what his new cheerleaders finally have come to appreciate. Swagger, long discredited as American arrogance, is getting a new lease on life - and we recently learned what the world was like when it was missing too.

With the caveat- you can always have too much of a good thing. The line between confrontational and combative is a very fine line. Don't abuse it, Trump.


Warren is big government. Not the direction we need to go. End of discussion.

Diana C

I have never heard her speak of her health-care policy. I will admit that usually I don't concern myself about health-care issues. That makes me quite selfish, I guess. I learned early in life--when the healthcare I received in college on my full-ride scholarship was better than the one my parents had. I then determined to make sure I always had a good healthcare policy wherever I worked.

But the other thing I learned was to take care of my health all the time, by eating right, exercising, not drinking or taking drugs, and being careful.

And I made sure to check out the health care benefits whenever I decided to leave a place of employment to find another position.

I know there are people throughout this country who do not have the advantage of being employed in companies or organizations that do provide good health care. What I did learn, however, is that in the United States there are many places that provide healthcare to the poor and disadvantaged at little cost.

I have met people from Canada who've come to the U.S. specifically for health care because they don't want to wait in their more socialized system to get the treatments they need. If they have money, they come and pay for it here. They do that especially if they have a problem that can't wait until their name is at the top of the list for some particular treatment.

I did not take the highest program of healthcare that was offered me when I retired from teaching under my retirment organization. I settled on the medium policy--and sometimes I feel that I should have taken the lowest policy since I hardly use the one I have.

Taking care not to need to see the doctor is the best health care policy one could have. I learned that from my parents, who could not afford much in regard to health insurance.

blue peacock


"Trump offers the "deplorables" hope".

We had Hope & Change not too long ago :-)

I think the Deplorables need more than just hope. They need work that pays more than burger flipping.

blue peacock

Good speech. However....

He could make an attempt at beginning to right the ship by exposing the interference in a presidential election and an attempted coup from within his own department first.

Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

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