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16 November 2019


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Woziak and Jobs built a computer on their own in their suburban garage.


Has James Comey applied for his New Zealand resident visa yet?


I am still trying to figure out why no one was asked specifically about the CROWDSTRIKE 'favor".

scott s.

SSI only benefits a few citizens; it's more-or-less a welfare program. Nothing like OADSI.


My one Pilgrim ancestor was 12 generations back and I'm 72 with my grandfather in that line born in 1864 during the Civil War. With 2010 the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrim's landing, calculating the average age of new generations at 24 yrs; 400/24 should have 16 or 17 generations from the first Pilgrims to now (for what it's worth).
A lot depends on male or female lineage. Winston Churchill's mother was American and both of us trace an ancestry back to Arthur Howland who came on the 2nd ship to Plymouth. What is interesting is that he is my 9th cousin although he was born 74 yrs before me. How is that possible? His line back to Arthur Howland has 7 female and 2 male ancestors while mine is just the opposite, 2 female and 7 males. The fairer sex married a lot younger than the male back in those days and probably still do.


You assume all markets are free. How free is ag seed market or the hospital market? Or even the cable market in many suburbs? Or even the media. How many media companies where there in 1980? How many today?

There’s a difference between theory and reality.

different clue

And if all the posts and threads remain archived in an accessible way, the blog itself will continue to be here for people to turn to or return to; to re-read, re-think, re-self-educate.

different clue

If Bernie is highly intelligent, he will not allow Cortez or anyone else any sort of veto over who his VP pick would be.

And if he is VERY intelligent, he would make Gabbard his VP running mate IF she seriously WANTED to be his VP running mate. Because she would have to be willing to endure the same weaponised and incoming-from-many-directions hatred that the Clinton Mafia has already been directing against her.

BS/VP would have to make "declintaminating" the DemParty a very important part of what they would be running to do and achieve. They would have to understand that they would be running against the Jonestown Clinties and the Clintobama establishment just as hard as they would be running against President Trump and the Republican Party. And the Jonestown Clintobama leadership would display levels of hatred so far beyond what Mr. Trump could imagine that only a Brennan or a Clinton could even conceive of them.

different clue

I remember the Great Reagan Rescue of 1983. We were told that it would fix all the problems that Social Security was accused of having. It raised our FICA taxes ( including mine) to twice their level at the time. The selling point was that this money would all go into a special surplus which would then be paid back out to all of us Baby Boomers who had caused the problem by getting so many of us born and due to grow old at the same time.

The SocSec program has a big surplus now. It is supposed to be paid down to zero as the last Boomer collects his/her last check and then dies. Then the program is supposed to be back to pay-->go.

The several rounds of Upper Class Tax Cuts were designed on purpose to create such unpayable debt-deficit as to be able to use that debt-deficit to extort the cutting of Social Security as "unaffordable". When in reality the program has remained internally stable and it is the General Budget Government which has been destabilized around it . . . in a sinister and cynical gambit to manufacture an excuse for cutting the Social Security I have been prep-paying double for ever since 1983.

The Upper Class Tax Cuts ( the BushObama and now the TrumpMnuchin) by future-embezzling my social security money to present-day give-it-away as free goodies ( my future social security money) to the Republicans' upper class supporters now.

I am not expecting any free goodies from a Sanders-Gabbard Administration in the un!-likely event that there would even be one. I would just hope for a stop being put to the Republicans' giving away of free goodies at my expense to their supporters which is currently ongoing and which is planned to culminate in the future-embezzlement of my pre-paid-double-for social security benefits.


Eric, Well, she also has taken positions that are not popular with the media because they are right, and that is a lot more backbone than I see elsewhere.

I saw a youtube video with her explaining that her plan will be similar to the Australian model. I guess its not on her website yet.

I also see that if we had not dumped 6 trillion into middle east wars that made us a lot less safe, we could have rebuilt US infrastructure, installed solar panels on every house, and a lot of other things that would make the US more competitive. Instead, we dump the gold (and blood) into the ME sand and threaten sanctions against other countries because we no longer are competitive.

I know where you stand on Health care, but I am just saying that if I didnt pay 6k/mo for my ten employees, I would hire another one or two for the marketing department.

different clue

That is why I have said I would like my New Deal back. Re Glass-and-Steagall the banks. Re-regulate the various stock-and-bond-market connected money/investment managers so that the black hat perpetrators are forced to abide by the same standards the the white hat doing-well good-doers would already like to do anyway. Re-PUHCAfy the electric utilities. And so forth.

Why would I vote for a Socialist to get back some New Deal? On the Moon and Green Cheese principal. Ask for the Moon, get some Green Cheese, maybe. Vote for the Socialist, get some New Deal back , maybe.

And no more Free Trade. Never. Ever.

different clue

The Obama Administration and especially it's Department of Justice Prevention under Eric Holder functioned in a target-rich environment full of specific individuals doing specific and provable criminal acts.

The HolderBama Regime had One Job. Just One Job. Take the New Deal moment they were presented and kill it dead so no New Deal could ever return. Their job was to immunize and impunify all the financial perpetrators so they could keep their freedom and their looted money. And they did it very well.

That is why Obama may well end up collecting more gratitude-money than the Clintons did. That is why Eric Holder's empty Law Firm chair was kept empty and pre-heated for all those years, just awaiting Holder's return to it.


one example is not statistical. Plenty of studies now suggest US mobility is worse than Europe, and approaching Russia. Meanwhile the Fed printing 26 trilllion dollars (TRILLION) sounds pretty Soviet to me.

Why isnt Jamie Djmon in jail?

different clue

Pension-contributors and 401K holders had and have zero say in what their funds's managers spend the incoming money on. They are not in any position to practice caveat emptor on what their funds's mamagers buy with the money.

That's why fraudulent instruments should be pre-prevented. The Clintobamas' singular achievement was to make fraud legal again. Restoring the New Deal would involve making fraud illegal again, in practice as well as in law.

different clue

The fact that she could be TrumpTrolled so easily into taking that test indicates a psychological and emotional weakness and brittleness on her part.

Diana C

As I recall, public education in the early part of U.S. history was handled by local citizens. The economy was such that an 8th grade education was about as much as a person needed. And if you look back at those 8th grade final tests, most of our current eighth grade students would not pass.

The slow rise of the education establishment and the education associations (teachers' associations--unions really) have turned our public schools into indoctrination centers for whatever current political or social theory the people in "education" come up with--usually untested and stupid theories.

Parents no longer really have the time they need to keep track of what is going on in schools as far as "thought control" is concerned. (Hats of to
Pink Floyd).

And if teachers aren't trying to do "thought control," they certainly aren't teaching logic.

What most large public schools in the burbs produce nowadays that they want to brag about are large numbers of athletic scholarship winners.

Diana C

You are right about the Bushes, especially GW. I meant "lately" as the Obama administration really gave the finger, as they say, to the idea of following laws and the constitution.


Fred: to quote the Globe article
"In the most exhaustive review undertaken of Elizabeth Warren’s professional history, the Globe found clear evidence, in documents and interviews, that her claim to Native American ethnicity was never considered by the Harvard Law faculty, which voted resoundingly to hire her, or by those who hired her to four prior positions at other law schools. At every step of her remarkable rise in the legal profession, the people responsible for hiring her saw her as a white woman."


That boy isn't too smart. Someone needs to tell him that Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Shifty Schiff, Ohr & Nellie, Steele & all of the others, including even Mueller himself weren't convicted in a court of law. A minor matter of course.


I didn't know they posted voting history along with jurors names. Learn something new every day!

Upstate NY'er

"And if you think Vermont is run by "left wing transplants and their spawn" you obviously have never been there."

I live there.

Upstate NY'er

Pretty hard to rebut someone who derives "facts" from headlines in the woefully ignorant media.



It would appear that my ancesters lived longer than yours.



On the contrary, I would love to see our economy doing well. I monitor my retirement saving investments closely so that what I've been seeing. I own both largecap and smallcap mutual funds.

Here is an interesting analysis (last month) from David P Goldman (I strongly dislike his politics, but found his finance analysis superb).

"Earlier this week, ISM reported a plunge in its manufacturing index to the lowest level since 2009. With manufacturing in recession and services barely growing, the US economy is tipping towards recession"

"The combination of fiscal and monetary stimulus has supported growth in consumer spending. It also has buoyed stock prices, as large US companies borrow at low rates and pass the proceeds on to their shareholders in the form of equity buybacks and dividends. This is a fragile state of affairs."




The Globe presents statements, not evidence.

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