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21 October 2019


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Thank you pl!

Keith Harbaugh

The request was not just for my benefit, but with the thought that it would be useful to document the occurrences of such clearly false statements in the media.

It is certainly true that Russia is being demonized in all the MSM I have sampled.
A frequent criticism is that Putin, like Assad, and earlier Saddam and Quadaffi,
is essentially an illegitimate ruler of his country,
ruling through brute force and without the consent of his countrymen.
(Thus the WaPo editorials routinely call Putin a "thug",
just as they call Assad a "butcher".)

I am certainly not endorsing that view, just reporting what I hear and read.
When I hear that, I harken back to my graduate school days,
when the same sort of charges were leveled against America, which was usually spelled "Amerika", or sometimes "AmeriKKKa", and described as a racist, imperialist, fascist country whose establishment must be "Smashed".
I believe the core group of people who so wanted a revolution in America in 1970
(which they essentially got, as we have seen over the last 50 years)
are much the same as those now demonizing Russia.

Here is some specificity on their complaints against Russia back then:
They were not opposed to the USSR, or communism.
Many of them were in effect communists.
The cry among many was : "Marx, Mao, and Marcuse"
(Herbert Marcuse was a former Brandeis professor who extolled cultural Marxism).
What they did have, in spades, was a feeling that their ancestors had been victimized by the Czarist regime in Russia,
which, among other supposed sins, had not done enough to prevent pogroms against them.
They seemed to have a deep fear of the Russian people,
based on their long experience with them.

My suspicion (actually, belief) is that the opposition to Putin is based on the fact that he is sometimes viewed as a throwback to the the Czars,
and that is definitely not something looked upon favorably by many Jews.

Glorious Bach

Walrus--100% my experience as well. Many dinners with "liberal" even "progressive" friends, mostly of the retired kind require great psychic energy. Their Overton Window is 1"-square, making exchanges very difficult to squeeze even minimal bits of political reality. My daily blog tour, like MW's above, takes me through: Moon of Alabama, Naked Capitalism, SST, Caitlin Johnstone, Grayzone and a few others. I'm intel gathering --but I need to figure out how to convey broader perspectives even to my 40-45 year-old children and their friends. Inside the Beltway assumptions are hard to de-program.


This is SOHR, Tweet, Dec. 6, 2014

"Regime forces use Chlorine gas to stop ISIS advances in Der-Ezzor military airport http://fb.me/4qb09QhnH
3:01 AM - 6 Dec 2014"


different clue

I would suggest including the Ian Welsh blog in with SST and NaCap. Sic Semper Tyrannis and Naked Capitalism and Ian Welsh are my three go-to blogs.

Plus random other blogs on other subjects , time permitting.

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

"Trump has a balance sheet where a soul should be and that is the basis for the belief that MBS and/or his "country" are our friends."

Not to defend Trump and his balance sheet mindset with respect to the Saudis, the reality is that both parties and presidents from George H.W to Bill Clinton to W and Obama have treated the Saudi monarchy as our "friend", even when they sponsored the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11.

Tony Blair became a wealthy man after his prime ministership on the back of money thrown his way by the Arab sheikhs.

Dave P.

This news just broke:

Trump approves $4.5 million in aid for Syria’s White Helmets

WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump has authorized $4.5 million in aid for Syria’s White Helmets group, famed for rescuing wounded civilians from the frontlines in the civil war, the White House says today...



Google "Russia like USSR". It has to be google tho, not Qwant or Duckduckgo. The bias is thick on google.

Back in the U.S.S.R.? How Today's Russia Is Like the Soviet Era

Russia vs. Ukraine: More Russians Want the Soviet Union and Communism Back Amid Continued Tensions


Putin’s Russia is becoming more Soviet by the day


Joseph Stalin: Why so many Russians like the Soviet dictator


Putin says he wishes the Soviet Union had not collapsed and many Russians agree.


Harlan Easley

To the commentators who are trying to educate your friends or family who seem hopelessly lost in the propaganda you are wasting your time. An individual either gets it or they don't.

blue peacock

IMO, Moon of Alabama is an anti-American propaganda outlet. b is plain anti-American and everything he writes about is slanted with that bias. On one hand everything is an American conspiracy with the American security agencies omnipotent, on the other hand he claims the US security agencies are incompetent when it is convenient for his story line.

He will completely defend the Chinese Communists' totalitarianism and excuse the organ harvesting of Uigyurs in concentration camps as an example of his utter hypocrisy and bias. Look at the criticism and debate we are having here about American foreign policy, if anything similar is even tried in communist China, expect to be tortured in a Chinese gulag. Yet b will extoll the virtues of Chinese communist authoritarianism while pissing on America.


The fundamental problematic in Europe is that the Russian Federation cannot be subtracted from the politics of Europe – Eastern or Western.

The fundamental problematic of the Middle East is that Iran cannot be subtracted from the politics of the Persian Gulf, Levant, and Central Asia.

The fundamental problematic of East Asia is that China cannot be subtracted from the politics of East Asia, Central Asia, the Sub-continent of India and South China Sea.

Until these facts are thoroughly assimilated by Western leaders and planners, we will not have any prospects of an enduring peace; we would continue to see the West as the source of global instability, and we would be flirting with World War III or and on-going Forever War as Orwell had predicted.

Barbara Ann

I'll start to believe simian creative potential is superior to mine when monkeys come visit me in a zoo.

Barbara Ann


Thanks for the link to Dr Busch's article republished by Helmer, it is excellent and I'd second your recommendation. The original, unabridged is below btw. I don't know how this eminent fellow has stayed off my radar so far.


Barbara Ann

I would be very surprised if Czar Putin in not awarded the epithet "the Great" soon after his demise. He has truly Made Russia Great Again.

Barbara Ann

Trump's essence remains an enigma to me. On one hand his soul does appear absent - but perhaps that is simply with regard to non-Americans. On the other, I cannot account for the enduring tenacity you describe by reference to his colossal ego alone. He must be all too aware of what he has gotten into and he has had many opportunities to reach an accommodation with the Deep State. But whatever is really driving this man seems to be more powerful than the need for self preservation. Trump must now either win (i.e. the Deep State must capitulate) or he, his family and as some have expressed it; his supporters, must be utterly destroyed. In either case we seem certain to see a level of disruption not seen for generations. My preconceptions of what martyr should look like have been challenged.



I suggest you condense this into a post about 20% as long and ask that question again.


I wonder how many of us still check the NYT only to determine the current narrative and the agenda of some directing PTB?

Once there used to be real information and some difference of opinion in the paper, as long as you got off the front page. Maybe there still is a little. But the ratio to hot air and selective "facts" has shifted. It would take the patience of a panner for gold to read.

Barbara Ann


Truth for me equates to wisdom; those interpretations of events most likely to stand the test of time. Such interpretations must be formed by someone who is both learned (has read many books) and who understands human behavior (has read many men). Our host is uniquely qualified in both respects.

SST is not esoteric, it is a repository of plain old fashioned wisdom and tremendously valuable as such. The fundamental problem is that previously self-evident truths have become lost thru the process of contemporary 'education' being corrupted by the belief that knowledge is superior to wisdom and that the former is a benefit of modernity. In fact almost the opposite is true. Merely reporting facts accurately will not fix this, people need to start by relearning an appreciation for wisdom.

I would suggest your friends start right here. By all means ease them in gently, but bear in mind that replacing a belief system cannot be a painless process. Most people cling to comfortable truths simply because they are not willing to have the abyss stare back at them, it is frightening.


Barbara Ann
You are conflating "creative potential" with armed might.
Gregory Bateson pointed out to me that porpoises have no fingers, no place for rings, no way to hold onto possessions. Their society is focused on relationships and not on possessions. They are NOT less creative for that. They work and play together in ways that we humans are just barely becoming aware.
"Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
John Lennon "Imagine"?


And when neither one of these will suffice, there's plan B which is that all Slavic speaking peoples are knuckle draggers who want to have their way with your women.


Why is oh why is the Trump administration giving the 'White Helmets' $4.5 Million of hard-earned U.S. Taxpayer Dollars?

Rick Merlotti

Well, I'm one. I check out the Mockingbird media every day along with SST and various alt sites just to keep up with the latest talking points. Triangulate. No one has the time to read anywhere near everything that slides downhill, like excrement to us plebs. Fortunately, one can just read the headline in many cases to see what they want us to believe. Usually some variant of Russia Bad , Warmongers good.

The infantilization of our society is pervasive; TV and internet news, movies, our pitiful political life, so depressing. There are very smart people out there, but the're atomized into little fiefdoms, squabbling instead of collaborating. And then you have an ever expanding class of sheep-walkers, content to countenance and accept evil so long as they are able to indulge in their preferred personal obsession.


BP, while b's biases are obvious, the real question is whether his analysis is accurate and often it is.

I follow RT/sputnik/zerohedge to see analysis on US FP - to get analysis of Russian FP, I go elsewhere (not the US media or state dept., which is too mired in unreality and alternate facts). Russian biases are quite obvious, but they really enjoy describing in detail what they call hypocrisy, and what I call incoherency that has led to many US policy failures when reality asserts itself.

And with regards to China, if the protestors in Hong Kong attempted to do to the police in NY or LA or ... what they are doing in HK, the US protestors would be dead. Or how many yellow vests have the French killed - and the French protestors have been peaceful. Funny, you never hear about it.

And MSM, CNN, and Fox would describe them as deserving of what they had coming. And the National guard or army would move in.

Sure I wish the world was different, and I want a billion dollars and a unicorn and a pet dragon.... Life's unfair on earth, news at ten.

Bias is no reason to ignore good analysis.

Rick Merlotti

Well said. I heartily agree.


I don't know why I took the time to actually find this again for you, but I did:


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