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22 October 2019


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Babak Makkinejad

No, they won't show common sense.

Babak Makkinejad

That is my own thinking too.

jd hawkins

"And That is the rest of the story".



Carter was a disaster in foreign affairs and a domestically. His pardoning of the draft dodgers was not a virtue signal like most of the left's current anti-war stance.


Fred, Here's my best greenhorn speculation to rebut the seemingly endless
Blood for Oil battle cry/siren song: The New Silk Road & Belt. If implemented properly there would be no need to kill each other over oil & gas...when this thing really gets going ppl like DJT will turn their focus
back to building hotels. That's just how developers think.


Carter did not start a new war.

His Camp David Accords offered the United States the opportunity to terminate the Arab-Israeli Wars, that Reagan, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and Trump have rubber-stamped insensible Israeli escalation does not make his achievement worthless.

He did not muzzle NPR - those who followed him into US Presidency gutted independent journalism at NPR.

His successors, gradually eliminated scholarships - really investments in education - escalated against Iran and Russia to the strategic Never-Never Land, and sold US jobs to China and Mexico and India.

Carter's achievements were modest, I grant you that, but he did no harm.

His biggest mistake, in my view, was that initiated the process of state destruction in Afghanistan, but he had fellow travelers there: Iran, China, EU states, and Gulfies. On this, no one has escaped unscathed from the Blow-back in that unfortunate land.

You live in Michigan - only 4 Michigan counties have illegitimacy rates of less than 25%. Who is responsible for that? Carter?



What's a person to think regarding the Wall Street Journal article about the Administration is considering leaving troops and battle tanks in Northern Syria.


The Twisted Genius

J, it leaves me wondering just who the hell is the Commander in Chief in this country. Hanging the Kurds out to dry the way we did was bad enough, but at least it was in line with an overall goal of extracting ourselves from the region. Adding combat troops to protect the oilfields is pure lunacy. If you want to see what a coup looks like, here it is. CENTCOM is complicit in this fiasco.


TTG Yes. What is the plural of "coup?" Ah, yes it is "coups."



The SDF in control of those oilfields has been and continues to be a supplier of crude oil to Assad's government. They've been doing this via a third party broker or brokers for over a year. The broker transports it by tanker-truck to refineries in Baniyas and Homs. The US has not stopped them from doing that. I suspect Trump is just blowing smoke in the media's face.

But he is clearly trying to screw up the SDF/SAG deal with his latest tweets.

different clue

If you are correct, and I hope you are not, but if you are . . . then its Darwin Award City here we come! for the Syrian Kurds.



He did a great deal of harm by coddling the anti-American left. The Arab-israeli wars can never be ended by the US. Afghanistan as an effective state existed before Carter? I think not.

Scholarships? The never ending growth of academic bureaucracy, price gouging and degradation of quality go hand in hand with federal monies given without obligation or oversight. As an example, how many genders were there when you earned all those degrees? How many do you think the Obama's taught their children? Don't ask that of the local college professors, university presidents or school principals or Democratic elected officials anywhere. As to illegitimacy rates, what race and religion are you referring to, or is that to offensive to ask? Replacing fathers with the state started in earnest with LBJ's Great Society programs. They have destroyed the black family in the North and are doing the same elsewhere.


You responded in generalities while I was very specific.


That award has to be shared across 4 countries.



Yes, 4 unnamed counties, the others you don't mention nor answer with the illegitimacy rate by race or religion, very specific that non-generality. Scholarships eliminated? You don't mention which specific ones, maybe I missed that too.


For the last 3 years I have been arguing with a friend about whether Trump is an idiot-vassal-of-the-neocons, or if "he is playing 3D chess". When Trump announced that the US was pulling out of Syria I texted my friend "You were right. Trump is smart and he has coordinated this with Putin.".

Then the announcement came out that US troops are staying in Syria to "protect the oil fields". Sigh.

In Trumps defense - he is currently facing impeachment, and R+6 have their work cut out for them securing Idlib and Rojava. If Trump really is coordinating with Putin to thwart the Borg, letting CENTCOM have the oil fields while R+6 consolidate their recent gains could make tactical sense. I wonder if even Bibi knows whose side Trump is on.

Peter AU 1

TTG, Trump has said troops are being moved to other places and then coming home (though nothing said on what they will be doing in other places before they come home).
Secretary of defence has said a mechanized force will be moved in to protect the oilfields.
I take it green berets (from past pieces and comments here I take it the forces in Syria were GB's) being pulled out of Syria and mechanised forces moved in means the mission in Syria has changed somewhat.

The Twisted Genius

Peter AU 1, US troops started with 50 Special Forces in early 2016 followed later that year by 250 more. Conventional troops came in March 2017 with 400 jarheads with a battery of artillery to help the SDF take Raqqa. Some time after that additional conventional forces came in, including at least a Ranger company, to provide a deterrent against Turkish attacks in Manbij and elsewhere. By the end of 2017, the number krept up to 2,000Throughout this time there were many airstrikes. The airstrikes actually started at the seige of Kobani. SOF raids also took place through this time. The makeup of the US forces changed over time. These mechanized forces are just another change in the makeup. I have no idea how many SF remain with the YPG/SDF.

Babak Makkinejad

Google for the counties.

"The Left", "The Right", almost laughable when one asks: which of the two presided over the largest wealth transfer in human history?"


TTG, do you have any insight on this former Green Beret medic, Dave Eubank, who formed the Free Burma Rangers, and now has a medical detachment in Syria helping to evacuate SDF wounded by Turks and TFSA jihadis?


Babak Makkinejad

This is from Sputnik, claiming the opposite


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