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02 October 2019


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Jim Ticehurst

Larry..I have been following your Open Work since your Days of Going Public about the Players involved in the 9/11 Attacks..The WMD claims..The Invasion of Iraq..and The Motives of Domestic and Foreign Officials..and Organizations...You are Honest..a Very Talented Analyist..and often so Well Researched...and Far ahead of the Curve...That very few People..even in the IC...Can keep up with you..You know who the Bad guys are..The level of Intrigue...and Espionage Involved...and What The Real Means and Methods And Who Used Them and Why..Cyber Espionage..You have done everything you can to Expose It..Most is Internal..Good Work...Larry


jim ticehurst

His ego is big enough. Don't inflate it any more than it is. I have to live with him. (internet and telephone)

The Twisted Genius

Larry, you don't get files of any format from spear phishing. All you get is access. The fact that DNC emails provided by the Guccifer 2.0 entity were, at some time, copied to a drive, volume or partition (maybe even a thumb drive) formatted in FAT32 does not rule out Russian hackers or local leakers. The files could have been copied to a hidden partition created by hackers within the DNC network t for later tar balling and transfer. That's just another theory just like the Forensicator's thumb drive theory. In fact the thumb drive theory posits that the thumb drive was a bootable Linux drive. Since when does Linux run on FAT32? They're both theories, not proof. Another theory is that all those files were deliberately manipulated through date/time changes, file format changes and other manipulation by whoever is behind the Guccifer 2.0 entity just to obfuscate the issue. Just another theory.

Larry Johnson

David, I have discussed this with Bill. Since this material was provided after the death of Seth and after Julian published the initial tranche his belief is that this indicates someone else was involved beyond Seth.

Larry Johnson

For the love of God. Are you being deliberately obtuse? If the Crowd Strike story was true (it is not, it is a total fabrication) they would have shutdown the servers on the 7th of May and installed new malware detection software. THEY DID NOT DO THIS. THEY WAITED MORE THAN 40 DAYS (SUPPOSEDLY) TO DO THAT. Please deal with the facts. Not with your blind hatred of Trump.


Joe, et al, Yes, I, too, recall reading things on Pinchuk & his support of the Clinton "Foundation" way before Russiagate via Helmer. Stench was overwhelming even then.


I hope everyone knows I was joking about Larry. He is a splendid fellow and the closest of friends.


A server is just a computer. The various parts inside the computer case can be replaced/upgraded as necessary. Hard drives are the interesting part(s) of any computer/server. The hard drives are where the files are and it takes at most 5 minutes to remove and replace a hard drive. So the correct questions would be 1) Are the
current hard drives the hard drives that were in the servers when they files were taken. 2) Are there any tape or offsite or other backups of, or images of the original hard drives.

David Habakkuk


Unfortunately I am in transit, and so cannot comment as extensively as I would like on a range of matters brought up in this thread.

However, there is one critical point of fact. As Ty Clevenger, who submitted the complaint which was the basis of the ‘sundance’ post to which you link, noted in a ‘mea culpa’ on his ‘Lawflog’, the suggestion that Ellen Ratner had told Ed Butowsky that Assange had identified both Rich brothers as sources was a mistake made by him.

What he says is that Butowsky was already on public record as saying that he first learned that Aaron Rich was involved along with Seth from the boys’ parents. This was obviously an error very embarrassing to Assange, given that he would have been putting Seth’s brother very clearly at risk.

It was corrected in the ‘Second Amended Complaint’ submitted on 31 July – after the ‘sundance’ post.

In my view this document – freely available if one puts ‘Butowsky v Gottlieb Courtlistener’ into Google – should be read with care by anyone seriously interested in getting to the truth about ‘Russiagate.’

Those who are still attempting to defend the hokum put out by Alperovitch, Mueller et al should either provide a reasoned critique of the version Butowsky has provided, or fall silent.

There is another key claim he is making which should be central to informed public discussion of this whole farrago.

Like others, I had assumed that the account of Rich’s role in supplying the materials from the DNC published by ‘WikiLeaks’, and the role of the FBI in covering this up, which was supplied by Seymour Hersh in the extended conversation with Butowsky which has been available on the net for a long time, came from a genuine ‘whistleblower’ who was likely to be telling the truth.

What Butowsky is now saying is that in a separate conversation, Hersh told him his source was Andrew McCabe.

If this is so, I think we have seriously to consider the possibility that a journalist with a very well-merited reputation was being successfully manipulated by some of the conspirators in a bid to obscure the most damaging parts of the truth by a kind of ‘limited hangout.’

Unfortunately I am relying on memory, but if I recall right a key suggestion by Hersh in the conversation was that Seth Rich approached ‘WikiLeaks’ with a sample of emails in late spring/early summer 2016 – the dividing line given being, I think, 22 June.

My strong suspicion is that surveillance on Assange and virtually anybody who could be in direct or indirect contact with him had established significantly before this that materials from the DNC were likely to be published by ‘WikiLeaks.’ It is likely that both GCHQ and MI6 were intimately involved in this.

The identity of the source, however, is only likely to have been established significantly later. Quite possibly, it was only possible to identify Seth Rich following the calling in of the laptops on 10 June. That said, key figures in the conspiracy are likely to have well aware of the actual position significantly before his murder, a month later.

It is my quite strongly held view that Butowsky has already provided enough documentary evidence in support of his version for the onus of proof to be very heavily on those who want to defend the conventional ‘narrative’ according to which he is some kind of malign ‘conspiracy theorist.’

Further, I think it highly unlikely that he would ‘gone public’ with claims about what figures like Hersh, Ellen Ratner, and Rich’s father said to him if he thought they had any realistic chance of exposing him as a liar. And more generally, my very strong sense of the man – not least from the impression left by his discussion with Hersh – is that, with Butowsky, what you see is what you get.

Perhaps, when all the ‘smoke’ is cleared away, he will have been seen to have a role in this whole sorry affair different from, but as heroic as, that of Colonel Picquart in the Dreyfus scandal.

Keith Harbaugh

Thanks for your reply, and observations.
I had "in-the-building" contact with their professionals back in the 1970s,
and based on that I would never underestimate their ability to organize and analyze data, nor their ability to acquire the money to store a lot of data.
Of course, there is so much now flowing over the net, it may be beyond their ability to store.

A real problem they must have, though, is a human problem: How to interpret what they are seeing and reading?
There is a large amount of subjectivity in interpreting text, and I am sure that is driving them bonkers.

Another point on NSA:
I was rather gobsmacked when I read the background of their new Director of Cybersecurity, Anne Neuberger.
Among other things, both her parents were among the hostages at Entebbe!
Just what we DON'T need, in my opinion: people with family ties to countries such as Israel.
Dual loyalties may be a radioactive subject, but that doesn't lessen its reality.
Just my opinion.

More on her background:

Neuberger is well versed in the business world, having worked for many years in her family’s companies in an array of financial and online capacities.

Not many (if any) high-level staffers at the NSA have private sector credits on their résumé.

“My business background is very much valued here, because I understand budgets and know how to think about strategies and resources,” she said.

This is a far cry from what was once the ideal at NSA, a person such as Dr. Tordella (NSA bio, Wikipedia).
He was all but revered when I was there.
I wonder if their criteria for leadership have changed from those years.


For those interested in the Clinton connections see: http://johnhelmer.org/?s=Bill+Clinton

While all of these connections have been in "plain" view for years by those following the few solid investigative journalist sources, I think little or none of this reporting has surfaced in mainstream media.

This may be why the same crowd (Lawfare, etc.) trying to use "Ukraine" to entrap Trump after their Russiagate scam failed has used a topic that could surface the potentially very damaging Clintons/Biden, etc. connections with highly corrupt oligarchs like Pinchuk..

It feels to me that Pelosi/Nadler have leaped before looking..



Don’t you find it interesting that Hersh has been so quiet for couple years on this story?


Why isn't DOJ going after former vp (small letters) Joe Biden for 'money laundering' with his strong arm tactics on the Ukraine?

Biden blackmailed Ukrainians using his position with U.S. Taxpayer monies to force the firing of the Ukrainian Attorney General for investigation of the Biden bribes. The sad thing is that Biden's criminal extortion was out in the open, flagrant, blaring. Biden even boasted about his criminal racketeering in public. Rico statute. Burisma Oil transferred to Biden via Biden's son Hunter Biden. More than $166 grand a month from 2014 into 2015. Even after the Ukrainian AG's firing, the Biden extortion money continued to flow in.

Biden, like Hillary Clinton considers himself 'untouchable'. My Christmas wish is that DOJ will put Joe and Huter Biden in their proper fashion suits, federal orange.



Why did Obama let him get away with it?

David Habakkuk


I find it extremely interesting. As I said, I am in transit, and am also trying to assimilate a lot of new information.

Hopefully, there will be further discussion of these matters in the not too distant future, and I may be able to produce a more considered contribution then.

But, briefly, it is not evident to me, yet at least, that the failure of either Hersh or Ellen Ratner publicly to support Butowsky’s claims gives me any reason to revise my judgement that the latter’s accounts are both provided in good faith and essentially accurate.

Accordingly, I think it likely that the claim that Hersh identified McCabe as his high level source is accurate.

If this is so, a $60,000 – or perhaps $600,000 – question is what was one of the ‘prime suspects’ in “Russiagate’ doing when he sold this version to someone who has been one of the best-informed, and most courageous, ‘conduits’ for elements in the U.S. Intelligence and military apparatus who are deeply unhappy with the directions in which their country’s foreign and security policies have gone.

A further question then becomes why did Hersh believe, or at least profess to believe, McCabe.

Of course, I may well be barking up the wrong tree. But I think it would be helpful if the claims made in the various lawsuits filed on behalf of Butowsky by Ty Clevenger and Steven S. Biss were seriously evaluated, rather than ignored or misrepresented.

Larry Johnson

If Ed Butowsky claims that Sy identified McCabe as his source, Butowsky is lying. Under no circumstances would Sy ever identify a source (as least a living one). I've played golf regularly with Sy over the last 10 years. Never once has he offered up the name of a source.

blue peacock

Very few want to get to the truth. Definitely not the mainstream media. No wonder the Average Joe has no idea about this defamation law suit by Butowsky.

Take a look at NBC's hysterical Chuck Todd:


He says Trump calling on China and Ukraine to investigate Biden is an "attack on democracy". Yet he was the same guy peddling Russia Collusion based an administration and Democratic party campaign using foreign intelligence to actually interfere in an election.

I hope Butowsky is vindicated in the federal court in Texas.


Complicit in Racketeering.

All White House Administrations view the Teflon rule as their own, sure appears that way. The only one with the Teflon application that I can see is the number one position, not the number 2. Number 2 can always claim that number 1 made them do it. Their get of jail free card, or so they think anyways. Number 1 using number 2 as their pleasurable deniability or fall guy rule.



"Though her parents are not Israeli, they were held by the hijackers for a week along with Israeli passengers because they were Jewish."

"A member of one of the 100 wealthiest families in the United States, Neuberger transitioned from the private sector into government service following the September 11 attacks."

I'm sure that will trigger more people than her religion.

"She told The Wall Street Journal that the directorate will more actively use signals intelligence gleaned from expanded operations against adversaries. As part of its mission, the directorate will work to protect the US from foreign threats by sharing insight into specific cyber threats with other federal agencies as well as the private sector."

Now that sounds both good and bad. Just how do you vet the people in the "private sector" and just which people/companies are those going to be? I believe there was a big problem with private contracts and government intelligence in the last election.



VP Agnew resigned because of his financial crimes, which Nixon did not direct him to commit. Baltimore still seems to be rather lucrative for politicians, though now they are in the other party. Quid Pro Joe is out of office. Maybe he can cut a plea deal to avoid jail, just like Spiro and Jeffrey Epstein.


Ah yes, but that was the days when J. Edgar was alive and politicians were scared beejez of JE because he probably had something on them he could always flash in front of them to send them like a roach scurrying for shade.

This whole Russia, excuse me Ruskie-gate stuff has shown just how corrupted that DOJ and the FBI have become. Politicians are understood to be corrupt to begin with, but the American people don't expect their hallways of justice to be corrupted as well. They're hoping somebody will be honest.

Congress today and for many years has appeared no better than an Organized Crime Organization, the major parties being different sides of the same corrupted coin.

Narcissism goes to the head of most White House Administrations as they forget who/whom they're supposed to be working for -- Mom and Pop America.

The Constitution is designed by our nation's founders to be a protection guide to protect Mom and Pop America. These days only the CJCS General Mark A. Milly seems to be the lone individual in D.C. who understands their oath to the Constitution and what it entails.



The so-called 'whistle-blower' committed a crime it would appear.


Federal orange for the so-called 'whistle-blower' is in order, Oui?

The Twisted Genius

David, Sy Hersh has stated that he made up the story purely in an attempt to elicit information from Butowsky. He further stated he didn't talk to anybody from the FBI concerning Seth Rich.

Larry Johnson

Twisted. That is total bullshit. Sy has never said that he "made up the story." He doesn't do that. And yes, unlike you, I've known Sy as a friend for almost forty years. Stop making things up or repeating talking points from God knows where. If you listen to the illegal recording that Butowsky made it is Sy talking honestly about what he believes. But, as he noted in that conversation, he was not prepared to write. Did not have enough corroborating sources. Seriously, I thought you were better than this.

David Habakkuk


Still in transit, sitting in Madrid airport. I hope to produce some considered responses when back in London.

However, if TTG wants to claim that Hersh has said he was spinning fiction, he should provide us with a link to where -- supposedly -- this repudiation of the contents of the tape was made. It is not at all my recollection of the statements I have seen quoted on the net.

To anyone who knows anything about Hersh -- one does not need to be a personal friend, as you are -- this attribution to him of a particularly devious Machiavellianism sounds wildly out of character.

Likewise, I cannot see how anyone who has listened to the tape with any care could conceivably think this a plausible interpretation.

It does seem to me that, given that the tape -- whatever one thinks about the Machiavellianism clearly displayed by Butowsky in making it -- has emerged as a fundamental document in 'Russiagate', it would greatly help if a more adequate transcript was available than the only one I have been able to find on the net.

Meanwhile, while I have no doubt that Hersh was providing Butowsky with an entirely accurate account of what he thought had happened, a central question is whether he was right to think it accurate.

It is very difficult for even the best and most experienced of journalists, as also of intelligence analysts, accurately to gauge what is reliable and unreliable information 100% of the time.

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