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04 October 2019


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Babak Makkinejad


You bully anyone on basis of religion or sex and you will have a visit from HR and if you persist almost certain dismissal. I am not persuaded.



IMO it is both the Globalist Left and the imperialist neocons who conspire against Trump.



In the liberal bastion of California he had never heard of the EEOC or of lawyers? The media found plenty of ways to avoid the word terrorism in relation to two Muslims who had committed mass murder. Mandatory training in a room with a Christmas tree? How dare our employer require that! It's in the follow up story that comes up on page 1 of the Google search.


Update 2:
Just in time for the Jihadis to return home.

"Police found USB sticks with data on dozens of police officers, as well as Islamic State propaganda videos, in Harpon’s apartment, France 2 television reported on Monday night." - An update states these were found at his desk, not his apartment.

"Castaner said that in future, indications of radicalisation will be acted upon immediately." How wonderful.


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