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30 October 2019


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The Twisted Genius

EO, what you are describing is good OPSEC practiced by the Russians. It's designed to defeat enemy HUMINT, SIGINT and any other INT. It's a basic yet complicated art requiring great discipline and ingenuity. I salute the Russians for being good at it. We were once very good at it ourselves. We practiced all manner of battalion level maneuvers including defensive operations and night assaults using radio silence, cover and concealment, stealth and meticulously detailed planning and timing.

Of course this was before the era of personal cell phones. Those things are a pox on military and intelligence operations. Even the Russians have been suffering from this pox. I know it's generational, but I can't understand why troops are allowed to carry cellphones while in the field or deployed. And I'd rather skip down the street naked and covered in glitter than go on an intelligence operation with a cellphone. The conundrum now is that absence of a soldier's or intelligence officer's cellphone signal can also be an intelligence indicator and OPSEC violation.

I echo Colonel Lang's comments on SIGINT and HUMINT. I'll add that there will never be enough skilled HUMINTers to meet requirements. First one has to master the technical and artistic skills of the craft. In addition to that, one must have the moral and mental mindset to do this to our fellow human beings up close for extended periods of time... hard hearted empaths.


Interesting how guys like bagdaddy evolve.Maybe the humint and sigint and whateverint should take a look at their role in creating the very problems they are trying to solve



one can emphasize the Trotskyite part of the neocons evolutionary/biographical puzzle, no doubt. Personally I am not sure if it makes much sense, considering the biographies of some of the founding fathers and their later careers.

The US-UK-Israel triangle surfaced prominently as the economic angle on a web site devoted to neoconnism post 9/11. It has gone by now.

I am no economist. Thus, admittedly did not take a closer look at that triangle at the time, strictly moved forward to the basic publications on the neocons at that point in time.

Some, e.g. the Neocon Vision seemed to suggest a strong link between US economic thinking and the neocon vision on religion and economics, e.g. concerning the American (continent) South. ...

different clue

If one learned Trotskyism from the age of "taking baby's first steps", one's brain would be deeply imprinted. Even if one later decided that Trotskyism had failed in the most narrowly literal sense, one's whole psycho-mental emotional perception and response mechanisms would still be Trotskiform. One would still be entirely Trotsky-esque about whatever one's new political ideology happened to be.

So these people contracted a life-long case of Walking Trotsky-pneumonia.

different clue

As a strictly-civilian I can only try guessing why cell phones are permitted in military operation and intelligence operations. My only-a-guess is that the cell phone/ smart phone/ etc. are seen as such deep indicators and enablers of up-to-date modernity that one marks oneself as a primitive savage or a backward one-pig peasant if one doesn't have at least a cell phone.

And if people raised with that cultural Prime Directive ( " thou art Nothing without thy Cell Phone" ) followed its believers and upholders into the military, then such people will find it instinctively un-thinkable, and therefor not-even-thought-of, to ever go anywhere without their Sacred Holy Cell Phone.

When people ask me why I refuse to have a cell phone, I tell them: " Cell phones cause cancer. You can believe me now, or you can believe me in twenty years".


Cell phones are human cattle tags. Instead of putting a yellow numbered tag in their ears, they have a cell phone which does basically the same thing as cattle tags.


The Neocons and Zionist are both ordinary psychopaths.

But the Neos were nudged to become Neos by the Zionist who's powerless past left them burning with the desire to be 'powerful'....and the only way they could do that was thru the US power.
Their ideas of the US as the world ruler appealed naturally to would be Neos who could also be 'important' and lifted out of their mundane think tank and congressional assignments by endless wars for dominance' for 'freedom for all'' Thank to C-span we can
watch their love affair as congress calls on the Zio think tanks to advise them on war and democracy spreading.

''Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.''
- Michael Ledeen, holder of the Freedom Chair at the American Enterprise Institute

Since psychopaths are not fixable brain wise the only cure for Neos and Zios is a wooden stake and holy water.


Biden says it would be a ‘gigantic mistake’ to condition military aid to Israel: ‘I find it to be absolutely outrageous’

On Thursday, by the Wall Street Journal’s Sabrina Siddiqui asked Biden whether he’d consider leveraging aid to Israel to curb settlement expansion. “Not me. Look, I have been on record from very early on opposed to settlements, and I think it’s a mistake,” Biden told the reporter, “And Netanyahu knows my position. But the idea that we would draw military assistance from Israel, on the condition that they change a specific policy, I find it to be absolutely outrageous.”

There is also no cure for stupid.

different clue

umm . . that too. For people who wish to imagine themselves as wild and free and not tagged cattle at all, one could suggest that having a cell phone makes one tagged and trackable just like one of Marlin Perkins's bears from Wild Kingdom.


diferent clus,

you have some type of longterm solution on how in the present US kids can get get prevented to get for whatever reason on the wrong mental life path? Since it will shape them forever? Never mind what happens to them or in the world around?

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