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12 October 2019


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Not an evangelical preacher? "real estate deals and betrayals." Maybe your mother would punish you for this but these are not impeachable offenses. Ah, I forget the Democrats are going to impeach whether or not it is justified by anything other than their political ambition.

Terence Gore

"In the long term, leaving forests overgrown and prone to unnaturally destructive wildfires means there will be significantly less biomass on the ground, and more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."


I don't think climate pattern change is the biggest factor with the wild fires. Nor do I think it is the homeless or someone lower on the totem pole.

Terence Gore


"This assessment found that, from 2000 and 2017, there have been 187 wildfires having reported suppression costs greater than $20 million in the eleven Western states. Most of these incidents cost much more than $20 million to control. In all, the total suppression costs, alone, exceeded $8 billion for these 187 incidents.:::
California had the greatest number of reported high-cost incidents; 97 out of the 187 (52%). Of these 97 incidents, 59 were within Little’s natural range of ponderosa pine (60.82%)."


The “eco-hippies” I knew in the forests of Mendocino in the ‘70’s built homes and cleared under growth as specified by best forestry practices to reduce fire and maximize timber production. These were the civilized people I knew. Retired military folks, Easterners and Californians in their 30’s. Smart people. Hard working. This whole condemnation of “eco hippies” to define wildfire ignition is a lazy assed canard by people who should know better. California population has doubled in 50 yrs. That puts more people and more fuel and ignition sources into a bounded geography. I would wager there are more suburban and city idiots of any political stripe causing wildfires than there are “eco-hippies”, ie Americans, in the hills.


Maybe the decades of heavy Southern California smog kept the ambient air temperatures lower in LA. LA is now a "climate change" victim of cleaner air if you claim it is now registering higher temperatures ?

Suggestions have been made to shoot sun-blocking particles in to the air as a global cooling attempt. Therefore, smog causing cooler LA ground temperatures therefore is not outside the realm of possibility.

Did the air temperatures of London also rise when they got rid of their "heavy fogs". (dirty coal smoke pollution blocking out the sun)


I doubt any evangelical church would want this old Norse heathen to preach to them, even if they could benefit from it. I am a builder and have been one since about age 5, so I know the essence of building, which is the creative use of tension to override the force of gravity. DJT brags about being one, but I have my doubts. I do think that he is about to realize how strong that gravity can be, even meta formally.



If only the people of noble diversity were as capable as eco boomer people of the 1970s. Best forest practices have changed quite a bit since then. Humanity hasn't.


If Trump had taken the seed capital he borrowed from his father, used it to buy shares in an S&P 500 Index Fund and reinvested most of the proceeds, he would be far richer than he is today.


TINA is always evil if the other side does.


His charity was an obvious tax scam. I don't think anybody gave money to it who wasn't in on the scam.


Far left perspective on Trump.

I prefer him over quite a number of alternatives. He is actually quite honest about what he is (an Oligarch essentially). This is preferable to those "leftists" like Obama (zero Banksters imprisoned, thousands of Nazis armed, oh yeah, he "Obamacare" is a wet dream for insurance lobbyists, on top of that his undue love affair with reactionary Islamists add in the number of destroyed countries for mostly no reason).

Now the US fake left tries to impeach him because he was maybe willing to not arm Ukrainian Nazis.

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