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12 October 2019


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In California the level of criminal incompetence boggles the mind unless one remebmers The phrase "worse is better". The left has set the stage for "Do Something!" changes that could never be enacted by popular will. The electric utility company shut off half the grid? So much for those solar powered homes, they won't power your house without the grid; Electric cars? Not to worry Tesla is deploynig lots of deisel generators so you can have full climate change emission charging rather than a zero charge clunker.

The regulatory climate in California that created this mess predates the Enron enhanced energy debable of 2000. That broght Grey Davis down and started the lurch to the left. Good job guys, gals and special pronoun people.

Regarding China, the EU just imposted tariffs on steel wheel imports. Looks like they are learning from Trump.

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