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24 October 2019


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Hold the front page; Gordian knot cut by Trump!

Well he certainly wielded the sword, but I have yet to find anywhere a definitive answer to your first question. b thinks we will have to wait for the memoirs. My own feeling is that Trump must have at least read and agreed the script ahead of time. I first smelt a rat with the 'green light' announcement on 6th and Trump's withdrawal order the day after. His remarks subsequently have confirmed my suspicions, for example yesterday:

"Our troops are safe, and the pain and suffering of the three-day fight that occurred was directly responsible for our ability to make an agreement with Turkey and the Kurds that could never have been made without this short-term outburst"
Could Trump have believed Turkey would take over NE Syria instead of what happened? Maybe, but for my money he knew the plan was to get the Kurds to run into the arms of Assad. The screenplay was a masterpiece anyhow, I look forward to the next part of the trilogy.

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