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14 October 2019


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Thanks. Although I'm not SF I agree.


A predecessor to Hu was a band named Yhatka, which toured North America a few times. The one time I saw them, a member of the famous Tuvan throat singing ensemble Huun Huun Tuur was aboard. Wonderful exotic sounds. Why do we fight? So much to share and enjoy.


So, this SHOULDN'T be the Trump/Paul campaign song?

Thanks, TTG, for the introduction. Puts me in mind of Dropkick Murphy's Shipping up to Boston.



So very much good music from so many places.
Once upon a time 44 years ago in a country far away I heard something like this:

Diana C

Very interesting!

Diana C

Thank you for this. That is one of Done's that was not in any of my texts.

I like it much.

Remember that "Israel" means something like 'wrestles with God." That is why God gave that name to Jacob after the angels on the ladder episode.

God wants us to 'wrestle" and question Him. No better way to really get to know Him. If the Westminster pulpit would not like that writing, perhaps they should go back and read Genesis.

Diana C

Well, as I remember Genghis Khan is supposed to have more descendants on earth than any other well-known historical character. I think he purposely attempted to make that true.

My mother's ancesters entered Russia under Catherine the Great and then later my father's under Alexander I.

The very first of those German farmers who came to farm the Volga Valley had to do as the setters in our West had to do: break the root-bound soil and plant trees. They lived in dug-outs until they could bring in wood after getting the soil finally ready for planting. They finally turned the Volga Valley and the steppes above the Black Sea into a "bread basket" and Russia was a big exporter of grain, food.

But pertinent to this thread is the fact that some of their very early villages were destroyed and people were slaughtered by raiding Mongols.

They were called kulaks during the Communist Revolution. Their farms were taken for the factory farming and communal farming experiments which failed and created two devastating famines. Some of my Grandparents' relative who didn't get out were sent to suffer in Siberia.

Diana C

I did watch it. I don't take the Hitler garb really seriously. I know that Metal-type bands love to shock; so I just liked very much the posing. I loved the horse and the bikes.



I stumbled upon that album in a thrift store a few years ago. I think it's the soundtrack for a play that was popular in NC at the time.

JP Billen

I'm sure the Anglican hierarchy love Donne's writing. Although raised Catholic in England he became an Anglican priest, or is pastor or cleric a better word? What I meant was they may not like his words in a rock song.

The Twisted Genius

Fred, thanks for that. It left me smiling. Last time I was at my father's place in Freyburg, my brothers were planning on taking him out for blues fishing. Seems they'll (the blues) will be heading south soon. My father's just a couple of months shy of 90.

The Twisted Genius

Thanks to all for the wide array of music. My girlfriend in high school introduced me to the Ramayana monkey chant. Pretty wild since she and her brother were classical violin players. Sonja was also a ballerina. She did an interpretive dance for me to the monkey chant. Man, oh man!



Yes. You are right. Officers were trained separately in 1964. it was assumed that you could do all the hard physical stuff and iif it showed up in training that you could not they did not graduate you. You were trained in the same training detachments with a lot of foreign officers, Italian from the Alpinii, Iranians, Vietnamese. I served with some of them in VN. It was very intense and most of it in the field. I am in the process of clearing and publishing my memoir, "Tattoo" and there is a chapter in it titled "Aaron Bank's Children" which we really were in this days. IMO he would not have liked what SF has largely become. They are more like the Rangers than he had in mind, He wanted the OSS to be-reborn, thinking soldiers, "the quiet professionals." Our sergeants were better men and better leaders than most of those in the "big army." We relished being hated by "the big army." We got all the tough jobs because nobody else including CIA could do them.



Better take him fish'n one more time. Give him my regards when you do.

Diana C

I have heard many rock songs sung by Christian groups. But, I think you are right. They don't have the same feeling of somber piety that might sound better in Westminster.

Diana C

I am getting old, and I no longer have young men (sons) in my home to keep me familiar with new bands.

Thanks for the link.

Diana C

It's been a nice day of music today on the blog. Thanks for this.


The Beatles still have a place, they were a great band and innovators, but at the time they were the best and most popular of something like 100 known bands. Now we have access to 100 new albums per week and great musicians from every nook and cranny can be heard. Multiple generations standing on successive shoulders since the Beatles' time do detract from their stature in the longrun. Sgt. Peppers was a wild statement in 1967, now pretty ho-hum in comparison.


Metal has more than its fair share of serious, uncompromising musicians and has produced a lot of the most interesting music over the past 20 or so years. The best stuff was coming out of Scandanavia for much of this century, some of the songs made by bands like Emperor and Opeth would have impressed Beethoven.

The Twisted Genius

Our 1982 class was still officers only. That aspect changed some time after that. We had 4 training teams. My team had 2 Malaysian scout-trackers, a Tunisian and a Spaniard. We had a research paper and oral defense of the paper in addition to all the field training. Our training was intense, probably more physical than yours, but not stupidly physical. This was a reaction to the "Katie Elder" affair when a female captain went through the course and wasn't awarded a GB. She took the Army to court and got the certificate by court order. It was a omen of things to come. The SF pre-selection course is something new and it is basically an extended physical fitness test. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with SF.


Apologies for interrupting the music!
Here are some links to the origins of the war in Syria.
Don't miss the quotes from RFK Jr, also from Father Frans van der Lugt:

> https://www.globalresearch.ca/whats-really-happening-in-syria-who-started-the-war-who-can-you-trust-to-tell-the-truth/5570297
> http://syriatimes.sy/index.php/editorials/commentary/25959-origins-of-the-syrian-war
> https://consortiumnews.com/2015/07/20/hidden-origins-of-syrias-civil-war/
> https://fivebooks.com/best-books/syrian-civil-war-nikolaos-van-dam/



Some good news it appears the Pentagon is moving our nukes out of Turkey. Bad news IMHO where they're being relocated to. I can understand why they're being moved where they're going , however I think we're setting ourselves up down the road.

The Twisted Genius

J, where are they being relocated to? We already have them in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands. Is it Poland? That would be a foolish move.


I'm old fashion and like it when musicians have a sense of humor and enjoy playing. That's what made the Beatles great and these icons of jazz.



The Waterboys recorded an album titled An Appointment with Mr. Yeats.
Yeats lyrics perhaps slightly abridged.
This one is called September 1913

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