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14 October 2019


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Elora Danan

Qué va, señor!

Nothing further from reality....Only an aware citizen activist trying to denounce what it sees wrong and prejudicial for most of the population.
Among this, obscure machinations by TPTB...

Take care of that eye, ok? I guess you have it covered with a patch while at computer...

Is someone going to write something about events in Lebanon?

Elijah Magnier has stated that the US is not interested in chaos Lebanon, and even Nasrallah says these are genuine protest...( of course, reasons to revolt and protests, as happened in Iraq, there are a lot in Lebanon...but...because an increase on WhatssApp calls?

Then, I see the videos available and see people in bermuda and tank tops..( not muslims for sure...), and look at these Lebanese expatriate protesters in London...they do not seem to need to worry about the price of calls...It seems to me that an intend to overthrow the government, where Hezbollah has some power, is on the making...by Lebanese priviledged class...



Is it 4:20 somewhere in your world, Elora?

Elora Danan

Not really, Factotum, it is almost 8pm here.... but may be at Tir Asleen, where I have not been since ages, it is...as it was frozen, it could be any time there...

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