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07 October 2019


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Babak Makkinejad

Thank you.



Glad you brought Salem up. One of my woman relatives had been condemned to death for witchcraft and was awaiting execution when the Puritans seekers for salvation changed their minds about hanging any more women for that.


Thank you for your efforts, but not convinced.
A -small- demonstration is not an indication of "suppression".
That there are antagonisms between Kurds and Arabs is certain. The local Arabs are probably inclined towards the SAR. For now,it remains manageable peacefully.


Presumably legalizing heroin or other drugs counts as weirdness because of the fantastically successful track record of prohibiting it? This is how I tell real libertarians from people who just dislike the idea of being told what to do. Tulsi passes? Good! What possible justification could a real libertarian find for government intervention in such intensely personal decisions? None. So the criteria have to be practical. And practical criteria have to be evaluated in terms of practical results, especially including the accompanying corruption of the police. (I once found myself living down the street from some people dealing drugs. Everybody in the universe seemed to know what was going on . Except the police. It has to be that way. Like any other large scale business, the dealers depend on their equivalent of advertising. Actual secrecy is not an option for them.)

Barbara Ann

So Newsweek, quoting of course an unnamed NSC official, just confirmed Turkey's suspicions and worst fears, all in an attempt to get at Trump:

"To be honest with you, it would be better for the United States to support a Kurdish nation across Turkey, Syria and Iraq," said the National Security Council official. "It would be another Israel in the region."
Is this a deliberate attempt to provoke Turkey or just more monumental stupidity from the Borg?


The Beaver

Erdowan has started his bombing

Turkish F-16s hit targets in Syria’s Ras Al-ayn, the Syria operation has begun — Turkish media reports

The Twisted Genius

Babak, Saint Francis was a Papist so he surely was in league with the Devil as far as the Puritans were concerned. I'm not sure they or any Calvinist types recognized traditional Christian saints. They, as believers in predestination, did believe in living saints, those among them who were "certain" they were among those chosen by God to go to Heaven.

Of more modern interest, a conservative Cardinal has characterized Pope Francis' use of the term mother earth to be pagan. Surely the Cardinal has no use for Saint Francis, either.

"Laudato si, mi Signore, per sora nostra matre Terra" Francis of Assisi 1224

"Praised be you, my Lord,
through our Sister, Mother Earth,
who sustains us and directs us
bringing forth all kinds of fruits
and colored flowers and herbs."



Unfortunately the 17th Century English Puritans judged who among them were pre-destined to be saved by how well they had done here on earth in terms of business, honors, etc. Having been saturated with their writings as an English major, I find them despicable. You might find Ann(e) Norton's book, "Alternative Americas" interesting.

Andrei Martyanov (aka SmoothieX12)

There is a No FLY ZONE in Syria.

The Twisted Genius

Ah yes. According to Max Weber, that Calvinist proclivity for proving their "God's chosen" status by wealth accumulation was the birth of modern capitalism. Reminds me of all these prosperity Christians we see today.


We shouldn't be in Syria, granted. However, Trump is not withdrawing the troops from Syria but retreating to a smaller zone of control, and he is doing so only under duress.

Some guts.


Trump hasn't withdrawn any troops from Syria, simply to a smaller zone of control.

A victory lap would be premature.


Albion's Seed is long, but there is not a dull page in it.


ISIS prisoners were already bleeding back on a regular basis through SDF agreements with various tribes to repatriate both men and women under guarantees. Thousands have gone through this process since March.


Live feed from Northern Syria where Turkey has begun their military operations. The feed is the Russian RUPTLY media outlet:

LIVE: Turkey begins military operation in northeastern Syria


"Unhinged Citizen" in a comment earlier up


J and Beaver:

"never get into a well with an American rope"


I accept your more informed view. I gave up following all the details re Syria ...so I have to plead ignorance of the real deal re Turkey.


I'm glad my ancestors, including Roger Williams, left, or were kicked out of Mass., and settled down in Rhode Island. His "government should be separate from religion" was the best idea to come out of the Puritan/Rhode Island experience.


Well there will be soon, if certain parties get their way. Safe Zone is a handy euphemism for the same thing. Syrian occupied territory, seized to "help the refugees" of course.


Reminiscent of our abandonment of the Hmong who had fought and died with us in Southeast Asia. Another cut and run.


Well it is claimed that Calvin was a marrano jew, who anglicized his name from Cohen. That would synch with the 'Chosen' doctrine and certainly the apostate "materialism and temporal wealth as a mark of God's favor". Interesting to find a direct faux theological link to today's "prosperity gospel" preached by zionist funded TV evangelists.

Barbara Ann

Hey hey, DJT just called his 'deal' involving the Kurds "tough love". I expect there are many folk in Kabul now wondering whether a deal involving them is on the horizon.


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