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24 October 2019


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Diana C

If I learned one thing from teaching all those years and from raising three nasty girls who were my stepdaughters and also my two boys: I would rather deal with males than with a woman on a mission to get her way.

I am happy Flynn has good and determined counsel It's just too bad that he's been put through all this. I hope Ms. Powell also fights to get him good compensation and restitution for the suffering they've put him and his family through. (It's always been obvious that they had to know their prosecution of Flynn was just to get an early punishment for anyone who might feel the new administration would be better than the old.)

(I loved the video!)



What is the Honey Badger requesting of Judge Sullivan? I can see the dismissal of Flynn’s guilty plea. Anything else?

robt willmann

It appears that an agreement has been reached between Michael Flynn's lawyers and those of the Justice Department about redactions in the reply brief filed by Flynn under seal, which brief addresses the government's response to Flynn's request to compel production of exculpatory material. Thus, the reply brief should soon be unsealed and will then be available in the court clerk's file--


ex PFC Chuck

"Sundance" at The Conservative Treehouse has a lot more detail on just how big the new ones are that Ms Powell is ripping into the perpetrators of this travesty of justice.


Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for this bit of good news (as well as the entertaining badger video). I wonder why Mr. Flynn's previous lawyers seem to have been more chipmunk than badger?

Off topic, but Battle at Krueger video, in which Cape Buffalo fight off simultaneous attack on their calf by a lion crew and crocodiles, still gives me goosebumps. But then I'm a real animal person.

Keith Harbaugh

Some tips on accessing these key documents:
The easiest-on-the-memory way to access the Flynn documents is to give Google the query
michael flynn courtlistener
Currently (and I would imagine in the future) the top hit resulting from that query is:
That web page gives links to the FULL docket (currently 129 items) for this case.
The last entry on that page is currently

129 Oct 24, 2019
Consent MOTION for Leave to File Redacted Reply Brief by MICHAEL T. FLYNN. (Attachments: # (1) Text of Proposed Order, # (2) Reply in Support of Motion to Compel Production of Brady Material and for an Order to Show Cause (Redacted), # (3) Exhibit 1, # (4) Exhibit 2 (Redacted), # (5) Exhibit 3, # (6) Exhibit 4, # (7) Exhibit 5 (Redacted), # (8) Exhibit 6 (Redacted), # (9) Exhibit 7, # (10) Exhibit 8, # (11) Exhibit 9, # (12) Exhibit 10, # (13) Exhibit 11 (Redacted), # (14) Exhibit 12 (Redacted), # (15) Exhibit 13, # (16) Exhibit 14, # (17) Exhibit 15, # (18) Exhibit 16)(Binnall, Jesse)

together with links to the individual items mentioned.
Clicking on the first link, the "MAIN DOCUMENT",
yields a 161-page (!) PDF of the whole shebang.
Because it's so long, it takes minutes to download, but if you want the whole thing, there it is.
And this approach does not use scribd.

Some interesting items on the docket:
item 9 is the reassignment of the case from Judge Contreras to Judge Sullivan.
87 and 89 are Flynn's change of attorneys.


Amazing material, I will probably read the full filing..

Clearly someone (who cares) on the inside must be feeding this material to Powell - what is being disclosed is truly devastating.

It is hard to believe that Page & Strozk put what they did in text messages - some of this needs to be read to be believed.

I agree that the Sundance post is WELL WORTH reading by those following Larry's posts.


Larry nailed it. Now let's watch the real criminal scramble as Barr and Durham proceed ahead with a criminal investigation into the roots of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Looks to me like John Brennan went out of channels to solicit Five Eyes help in running sting operations. Perfectly appropriate that Barr is seeking cooperation from Australia, Italy and Ukraine in pursuing possible criminal misconduct by FBI, CIA and other Federal employees. I hope the probe develops court-admissible evidence that John Brennan committed fraud by claiming to have a top Kremlin source who gave eyewitness reports that Putin ordered Russian intelligence to boost Trump's election chances.

Garnet H

If you haven’t seen this honey badger video you will laugh your a$$ off!



RedState reports today (10/27/19):

...."The Flynn filing alleges that Col. James Baker, Director of the Office of Net Assessment at the Pentagon (ONA), leaked copies of the transcripts from Flynn’s December 2016 telephone calls to then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak to the press. Baker had regularly scheduled lunches with The Washington Post’s David Ignatius whom published an article about the calls in January 2017.

Picket told the story of Pentagon whistleblower Adam Lovinger, then an ONA analyst and a Trump-supporter, whose security clearance had been revoked after “he questioned why politically connected contractors like FBI-informant Stefan Halper, who spied on the Trump campaign for the bureau, received well-paid contracts to conduct “inherently governmental functions.”

One contractor hired by ONA , the Long-Term Strategy Group (LTSG), is owned by Chelsea Clinton’s “best friend” Jackie Newmyer-Deal. “Over the past decade, LTSG secured more than $11.2 million in contracts from ONA.”...."


Flynn did squat compared to crooked corrupt Clinton and Podesta and Many Many corrupt greedy lying others that walk free and really should have been in prison long ago

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