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20 October 2019


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different clue

Well, even if they ( in the House) CAN impeach Trump, if they ( in the House) can't secure a conviction and removal from the Senate; Trump may still get re-elected.

Part of the spirit of the campaign would be: "Trump 2020! Because F-ck You Twice."

different clue

Your theory may well be correct, in whole or in part . . . but a question of terminology occurs to me.

How is it that Union Leaders become "Union Bosses", whereas Business Bosses become " Business Leaders"?


I'm waiting Col, for stories that reflect poorly (as the Left would see it, he already looks pretty poor to me and has for a long time) on Clapper beginning to appear in the once friendly (to him) media. That will be a significant clue the worm is turning.


the fat lady has not sung
. The principal mission for the handful of U.S. troops that stay would be to keep Syria’s oil fields, which are mostly in Kurdish-held territory, out of Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s hands. The decision would also allow U.S. troops to keep a toehold in the counterterrorism fight against the Islamic State, and maintain a relationship with the Syrian Kurds as they negotiate a shaky ceasefire with Turkey

Phil Cattar

Probably 4

Patrick Armstrong

Thanks for your work on this; I will give it all the publicity I can.


Trump will not be gone in a year. So any unraveling with be complete with another four years. This will not stitched over. You can count on it. Trump is on to the game. So are the voters.


From IndependentSentinnel.com: When it rains, it pours.

"On Monday Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton stated that he now has smoking gun documents that show Obama and Clinton were aware arms were going to Syria through Benghazi. They were also warned about the rise of ISIS. If you will remember, Hillary insisted on deposing Gaddafi and destroying Libya.

Benghazi was a base for illegal arms running to Syria from Libya. Hillary Clinton lied about knowledge of the arms shipments under oath, which is a crime.

Fitton believes this may be why General Flynn was so desperately targeted by the Obama Deep State......."


In the end, the CIA is way too corrupt to be cleansed or securely managed, and it might even be shut down, according to some. It could well happen.


Here is the difference: Leaders produce things. Bosses take things.


Legacy of Ashes concluded: CIA is an agency in search of a mission. RX: close it down. It was a creation of WWII and the need for wartime intelligence. Nothing but a house of bungles today. According to the author. Sounds good in theory but fails in execution. Too many times. According to the author. Any rebuttals?

Jeanna Green

What worries me, is it is already proven that the DNC & the whole Dem. Party has the MSM & social Media in their back pocket & the media could care less that their viewers are screaming for the truth & not just their fake crap they keep putting out. Why are they allowed after its been proven, to continue to lie & miss inform the American people.
How can their attacks & lies be allowed to cont. against a sitting President. I don't care who it is, their lies should get their stations closed down. They can not stand behind their Constitutional 1st amendment right. They are lies. Not their voice, just their weapon. SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!! Break up to big of britches companies who abuse their power, just like get rid of Politicians who do the same!


Jeanna Green

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Larry Johnson

I agree. The CIA needs to be dismantled.


It's interesting how Brennan is connected to the Brit private intel business Haklyut & Company, the same Haklyut that put the sim cards in Mifsud's phones.



Trump may, or may not, be "gone in a year". But if he is "gone" I fully believe a lot of angry supporters will be around, and perhaps, predominate, by a slight majority. Trumpism, absent Trump, may turn out to be stronger than Trump, given the burden of the latter's personality and 'working habits'. The Dems might be unpleasantly surprised by all this.


Unmaksing the "Whistle-Leaker" and his past associations? https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1184854506435239937.html


As the "whistle-leaker" saga unfolds to a group of young Obama pajama boys and girls, the question must be asked: is misguided young idealism as sinister as craven old lust for power?

Do two wrongs make a rightous virtue-signaling?

Jim Ticehurst

Larry and Factotum...Do You think all Aspects of CIA should be dismantled..?Both the Intelligence gathering and Operations.. Covert and Overt..? Do you think The United States ?has to many Organizations in The IC Now...Would you Consolidate any of them.??? ...After the Prospective Dismantle of CIA..My Concerns about todays CIA Is that it was Very Easy to Plant this New Garden back in the OSS Days and Without The type of Proper Vetting ...And in Rapidly became a Very Elegible Political Tool..As did FBI..Now ..It has Bad Produce...and..lots of Weeds...Worms..and Moles..They even shut down Counrer Intel Operations and Staff in the last Two decades..when they have been needed the Most..We all see who is Winning the Propognda Game..Right Now.They even Now Control The Print Media...and Bought out Our Local Newspaper...they are Still..The Master.Planters....and We..The People..Have Been Mushrooms..And Larry..I hope you get back on TV..Any Opportunity you Can..


I saw a comment this morning concerning the FTFNYT, but it would apply to all the East Coast papers: "Caged birds refuse to shit on it, and fresh fish wrapped in it wriggle free to escape."


Even if they do impeach him, he's not going to get convicted in the Senate, and it will probably gain him a lot of votes. The FTFNYT misquotation of what Hillary actually said about Tulsi is going to hurt the Democrats, too, especially the "centrist" ones.

Diana C

I like that saying.

When I taught research writing, one of the sources that students could check for what was being said in regard to issues in the past (since many students picked topics that required they find contemporary news reports in regard to their issues) was the NYT. Almost every research library has copies of that rag from its beginning.

As far as I could tell, the NYT has always been worthless for anything but lining birdcages or wrapping fresh fish.

Maybe if those birds and the fish get their way, the NYT will finally die away, as it should have long ago.


they are notoriously sloppy, forever leaving laptops with sensitive intel in pubs, on train seats, etc. - in every terror attack it always turns out they were aware of the terrorists. they couldn't foresee the obvious fall of the ussr, when any moscow cabbie could have told them it was imminent - not surprising considering they're only a branch office of the cia.


I think foreign intelligence gathering is very important. Like to see more of it. That is the issue - too many failures, outright bungles and what now appears to be dangerous subterfuge. Can it be reformed or does it need to be dismantled entirely and restarted with a new verifiable mission with truly sufficient internal controls.

In today's "transparent" universe, how much intelligence can now be obtained electronically, versus boots on the ground and calculated honey traps. Final analysis of present system is now in the hands of the Executive Branch and the attendant IG and/or special counsel reports.

Who spies on the spies. Will what will soon be emerging be a case study for an "intelligence" agency run amok?

What would you like to see? What did you think of "Legacy of Ashes" - was that a disgruntled hit job or a neutral analysis from within?

different clue

( oooo looky! My little hypothetical slogan has showed up in someone's comment on Naked Capitalism!)

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October 22, 2019 at 7:27 am
Great line in the comments of the Sic Semper Tyrannis piece:

Slogan for the upcoming election – “Trump 2020! Because f- you twice.”

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Me so prideful . . . if that slogan becomes an informal battle standard of enough Trump supporters that the FSM can't pretend they don't hear it, that might possibly be me having a politicultural impact. ( Well, a mere layman without power has to dream . . . )

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