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20 October 2019


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different clue

Blogs themselves can become a much slower and more leisurely form of Social Media . . . a Parallel Social Media, if one wills. And as well controlled and focused as the BlogMaster makes them and the blog posters care to keep them.

A slow steady migration of people disappointed in certain aspects of the MSSM ( Main Stream Social Media) could slowly enhance the reach and power of the DSM ( Dissident Social Media) till it reaches a tipping point.

different clue

If misguided young idealism is what helps the craven old lust for power achieve the power it lusts for, then it can be just as damaging; whether sinister or not.

After all, what do the millions of Pink Pussy Hat Jonestown Clinties really gain from their Jonestown loyalty to the Clinton political mafia family? And yet they give it some of its remaining power.


They gain public union organizing networking and keeping the flame alive. Those pink kitties in fact were teacher union members and nurses union members. When we spend $700 billion dollars annually on public education, you can bet there is a reason to keep them organized, angry and stealth as to their real motives. That is a lot of OPM going to just one public sector union - the behemoth teachers union - primarlly female. Ergo "womens rights" and women's ginned up grievances.


True dat. We are the people we have been waiting for.


Agree. Trump was the man of the hour that ran ahead of the movement, that had already formed --- starting with the Tea Party and push back against the absurdity of Occupy movement. And fake news - MSM overlooks how key they have been to all they now rail against.

Jim Ticehurst

Factotum...Thank you for the response..I think The Author of "Legacy of Ashes".....has written it like he has experienced it over a Long Period of time..Domestic and Foreign....With Qualifications....All of His Books get good reviews...and are good Insight for People interested in these Matters..I Like that he Wrote about Aldrich Ames...and even the Nixon Book...Those were bad times for a Weak President …..I saw it happen.. The United States..and all Americans...The government and our Intel Communitys..Paid the Price...and IMO...We Have never Recovered...We have had Far to Many FUBARS.Lost to many Assets..Are Way behind The Curve.. .and I Believe the AG Investigation will Bring it to Light..Top Down...POTUS...To The Gruners in the Outhouses..Every thing needs to Be Sanitized...If we have any Chance of Survial...or Competing..In Todays World..There is No First..Second..or Third..Just Winners..and Losers..


Mr Johnson,
How is it possible that either agency can throw the other under the bus?
All aforementioned agencies had to know, perhaps only in one small group, but all knew.

Peter Strzok was FBI, on loan to CIA, during much of this time. Strzok was a major contributor to the Dec 2016 JAR and the Jan 2017 ICA reports.

Bruce Ohr is DOJ, transmitting 302s from contacts with Steele (and others?), and wife Nellie Ohr's Fusion GPS reports to Strzok and perhaps others, all FBI.

Clapper was overseeing all agencies. Unless Clapper truly is an imbecile, which cannot be ruled out, Clapper had to know of most, if not all, the goings-on.

Have seen no one address Strzok's dual FBI/CIA role, not even Sundance, and this loose thread, among many others, bothers me.

Thanks again to the Colonel for tolerating the intrusion. Hope the eyes are recovering well, Sir.
All the best.


It's that piece of shit Brennan that I want to see put in Jail. Although, Clapper is only marginally less odorous than Brennan.

If Americans are ever to trust and even like their FBI, CIA and DOJ, several of the conspirators therein need to be jailed for the attempted coupe of President Trump.

Some day in the future, a renewed Hollywood will make intriguing movies about this political time period in America's history.

Trump is St. George, slaying the dragon.


I want to see Brennan sweat and then go to jail. I think Brennan will flip first. Any bets?

Mark Matis

Execute them ALL for their treason. Then put their heads on pikes around the Beltway. Pour encourager les autres!!!



A trial before an impartial judge and jury comes first. Nice hyperbole though.

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