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17 October 2019


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Dutch Air Force from Jordan. Dutch SOF trainers in Iraqi Kurdistan. Both missions are finished now.


re "I don't know of any German and Dutch ground troops there. Although Damascus once claimed there were. My sense is that the German and Dutch contibutions against ISIS was by their respective Air Forces."

That is about correct. Germany iirc used air force only and perhaps, but then quietly, KSK and Kampfschwimmer as well and/or a submarine or SIGINT ship listen to Syria also.

Recce missions were flown from Incrilic. The planes and personnel were removed in July 2017 after some serious Turkish harassment to soldiers and visiting parliamentarians.

There was also unhappiness that through NATO Turkey would get access to pretty good German recce imagery and use that to fight kurds (and not so much IS).

Erdogan, with demanding more money, now, while threating to let loose another refugee wave is happily pissing into EU ally faces with his blackmailing. Like Trump's habitual penal taxery, just much more vulgar.


(article in german)

German Recce Tornados and tankers were then moved to Jordan, safe from Turkish and Erdogan harassment (like arbitrary arrests, visit denial and the like).

The Beaver


Today in South Idlib


or https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EHe4nzjX0AEFuiz.jpg

Keith Harbaugh

The following is EXTREMELY important:
"Mitch McConnell Warns President Trump Not to Remove Troops from Syria, Or Else…."
The or else?
McConnell clearly has Trump by the short hairs on this one.
What a shame for America.


Late clarification:
The harassment of German parliamentarians and soldiers began when Germany granted asylum to turkish officials and soldiers fleeing from Erdogan's wrath in turkey.

In the last years, since that coup, the number of turkish diplomats and soldiers seeking asylum in Germany has increased strongly.


The resulting Erdogan fury about that was perhaps a reason for Erdoganists to blame the Lufthansa, the largest german civil airline, to be responsible for the protests against Erdogan in the Gezi park.

If that doesn't makes sense but nonsense that is because it simply is nonsense.

At the same time arbitrary arrests of germans on holiday started.

Posting that killing off Kurds and the like was bad on facebook was reason enough to be arrested "as a supporter of terror". More nonsense, but that joke is clearly lost on the folks dragged into jail to be left waiting and waiting for many weeks or months.

To be arrested to be an competing Gülenist islamist it was enough when travellers ... had a dollar bill with them. Very suspicious.

That written, as far as the so called safe zone (Ankara) and ceasefire (Trump) go - I don't expect it to be anything but Erdogan resuplying ammo and reloading before sending the turkish army back into combat again "to cursh the heads of the kurds" in Erdogan's own words.

It's a peace mission only in the sense that graveyards are usually not lively places - excluding of course zombie sites.

Barbara Ann

The ceasefire was to allow time for US troops to be replaced by the SAA and Russians. Peace Spring is over.

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