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25 October 2019


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Diana C

Obama knew everything. I don't know that through any sort of paper trail. I just know that it is his way of doing things.

Just go back and follow his path from a community organizer to the White House. Actually follow his progress from a Choom Gang member in high school to the Presidency. He knew and allowed people to use him for their own political goals, all of which he approved of because of the disdain he had for America.

I never could understand why every one thought he was such an excellent speaker. He was pompous and self-serving and self-absorbed. But if you said that about him, you were "racist." The progressives have a lot to answer for because of his flunky followers and of those who were along for the ride to power and money.

Some day maybe we will really get the first Black American President. Obama's heart was never concerned about American citizens.

different clue

One hopes that Tucker Carlson can be convinced of the need for this, so that if Trump is still privately talking with Carlson then Carlson can convince Trump of the need for this.

different clue

It is mostly the COW leftists who are calling Trump voters fascists. The PE leftists are more and more dropping out of that parade.

The PE leftist blog Naked Capitalism is sympathetic to Trump's rule-of-law and target-of-a-coup position in this ongoing matter.

different clue

The left you refer to is the COW ( Coalition Of Wokenists) left. They are the demographically dominant left. The tattered remnants of the PE ( Political Economy) left are rigidly excluded from influence, media, etc. If you should ever want to hear from the PE left, you would have to seek them out in their lonely little micro-newsletters, random few blogs, etc.

different clue

Obama wasn't even Black. Certainly not in any culture-American sense. He just learned to be very good at playing Black on TV and in front of audiences.

different clue

Not always. Certain Deeply Placed Groups of People engineered the Epstein assassination to make sure that no law ever came to bear in the Epstein case.

And all the Upper Class and Overclass seekers after pedo-sex have no doubt been quietly advised of more discrete sources and places for them to find that for which they will still keep seeking.


Sidney reports a white house meeting on 5 Jan 2017 between Obama, Biden, Comey, Rice, Yates, Brennan and Clapper. (Page 11). That is where the treason starts. That was no “briefing” that was a meeting of the action group.


My error - I was mixing up Weinstein with Epstein.


Obama learned when to drop is "g's" and claim he jus loved sweet pootatah pie.. and other cringeworthy, caricature "black" moments.


Obama was gifted with a deep resonant voice, and used it to read, looking down imperiously from his nose, a teleprompter filled with someone else's words. He was a fraud who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, coloring himself as white.

Mark McCarty

Which presumably means that, if Barr wants to know what our intelligence agencies know about Seth Rich and his alleged communications with principals of Wikileaks, he can do so. Now couldn't THAT get interesting?!

ex PFC Chuck
"And don't think for a moment Flynn is the only victim of this rabid Lawfare cabal. He's not. Think about eight years of victims if not more and longer."
Think Julian Assange. It’s probably a vain hope to think this exposure of the deep state’s misdeeds will inhibit them from bending doing journalism into treason or whatever trumped up charge they’ll bring against him.
different clue

Weinstein is interesting for different reasons. He doesn't deny the sex. He denies it was anything other than purely consensual.

I am not a lawyer or even a paralegal. So I have no idea whether the following thought would offer something very real to charge Weinstein with or not.

But here is my thought. Weinstein and his helpers were running a sexual extortion racket. " Nice little career you got there. Such a shame if something was to happen to it." He let the beautiful young job-seekers and career-pursuers know that declining to consent voluntarily to his voluntary offer of voluntary consensual sex would be career suicide for them.

Would that look like sexual extortion to a Court? To a jury? Could it/ should it be prosecuted-for on that basis?

different clue

One hopes that Assange was not the only principal of Wikileaks to know about that.

Michael Geremia

Amen to all the posts above.."their sins(lies) will find them out".....

Michael Geremia

that is me---Michael Geremia---banned from FB and Twitter....


Michael Geramia

Are you waiting for the check to arrive? Why were you bsnned?


Clapper is in some legal deep poop, take a look:


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