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25 October 2019


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Many of these characters should do the handcuff perp walk...have the champagne on reserve...


A horrible nightmare draws to a close for so many patriots close to President Trump, beginning with General Mike Flynn.

Thank you Larrry Johnson for explaining what a game-changer Barr's opening a criminal investigation to be.


Three aces make a fine hand. It would be better to have four. I recommend Trump have Secretary of the Navy Spencer recall Admiral Mcraven to active duty and charge him with multiple violations of the UCMJ. That should put the military brass on notice that the jig is up and they better obey civilian authority, i.e. Trump, or they'll be held to account.


And just in time, Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee has declared that the Mueller Grand Jury materials must be turned over to the house Judiciary committee.


Coincidence now also the Obama judge who just ruled the House impeachment "inquiry" committee has the right to all redacted Mueller report Grand Jury testimony. By next Wednesday.

blue peacock


The media spin will be Barr is acting as Trump's personal enforcer and using the powers of the state to go after our great law enforcement and intel agencies while pursuing right wing conspiracy theories.

In any case it seems there may be a race now between Nancy/Schiff & Barr/Durham.

It will be interesting to see who flips first and how far Durham's investigation goes and if it will go up the chain to answer the question what did Obama know and when? And more importantly if it will uncover collusion among foreign and domestic intelligence to interfere in an election and frame a president?


I echo what Larry is encouraging readers here to do, that is read 'Honey Badger's' brief plus the footnotes. It's splodey head material.

What these mutts did to the rule of law is unsettling to the nth degree. Flynn is and was always innocent of the crappola charges. It's all clearly communicated in her 37-page filing which also includes new detail with email communications, texts etc in her Exhibits.

As for the Radical Deep State cabal, putting this country and all of her people through the hell they've created out of thin air, not to forget our allies, we MUST now demand a full-no-holds-bar airing of the entire caper/coup attempt. Let the chits fall where they will but they MUST fall. And they MUST pay dearly for the destruction to the countless innocent lives who were targeted and destroyed by their intentional malice. They MUST pay dearly for dividing the people of our country simply because they lost their power, their throne, their New World Order wet dream. And they MUST pay dearly for the sheer hell they've put Trump, Melania and all of their kids through as a family AND as our President.

Go get em Barr and Durham! Americans stand beside you in your pursuit of justice.


I CANNOT believe the Strzok-Page texts revealing they'd altered the 302s for Gen. Flynn's January 2017 FBI interview are JUST NOW coming to light. This occurred nearly THREE YEARS AGO! And it's probably cost the general several hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. God only knows what it's cost Americans in morale and treasure.

I hope this is going to go a long way in diminishing the FBI's chances of blaming its seditious conduct on the CIA, when it's becoming more and more apparent that they were co-conspirators. Has anyone heard of any sanctimonious tweets from the self-righteous James Comey today???

And leftists have the nerve to call Trump voters fascists... SMFH.

Rick Merlotti

Take John Brennan- to jail.


Which is worse: Obama knew, or Obama did not know?


So true, that is THEY NEW THREE YEARS AGO this man did friggin nothing. NOTHING illegal. Yet like a bunch of rabid hyenas they attacked, attacked and attacked.

In Powell's 37-page brief she mentions that the good Lt Gen spent a million, A MILLION dollars, with the firm who was defending him prior to her being hired. This man didn't have a million bucks laying around to defend himself by this wild pack of Lawfare nobodies.

And don't think for a moment Flynn is the only victim of this rabid Lawfare cabal. He's not. Think about eight years of victims if not more and longer.

Peter AU 1

Trump letting the Russiagate Mueller saga play out, everybody involved fully incriminating themselves, and now a very strong foundation for their takedown being quietly built.
This will be interesting to watch. Trump may be a bit more than just his twitter and reality TV persona.

Jim Ticehurst

It Takes Awhile to gather everything needed for a Proper American Thanksgiving..But I Heard there will be Deep Dish and Mince Meat Pies..Put a Happy Face on That PUNKIN ..Charlie Brown..The Pilgrims have Returned..


Not all of us leftists have been calling Trump voters fascists. Some of us have been pointing out that Trump voters have legitimate grievances, and that the DNC rigged the 2016 democratic primary.

Aaron Mate is a leftist but he is both intelligent and principled:


Is the system working or not?

They tried, they strong-armed yet they left loose threads that others were able to pull and start the unraveling no matter how tightly they tried to guard their secrets. It took a heavy 2x4 blow across the forehead, but the system is mainly still intact. t

Thanks in no small part to the resiliency and communication networks located in the private side of life. This never passed the smell test and finally we are getting some breakthroughs. God bless America, warts and all. God Bless Judicial Watch who continues to play and extraordinary role, ensuring sunshine and the unfettered rule of law remains our best disinfectants.

Thanks LJ for always keeping the light burning in the window of this great country.


I would prefer he be taken on a helicopter ride, like most of the professional-managerial "left" as they arrogantly call themselves.


> the Deep State

Never forget: Barr IS Deep State. Second gen. With converso familial connections to US intelligence/Jeffrey Epstein.


You miss the point. The law eventually prevails over the person.

LA Sox Fan

Clapper says Obama ordered the investigation. https://mobile.twitter.com/mtaibbi/status/1187842892867538946



No justice, no peace! Trump's a dictator just like we always said. Hilary to power! That media song and dance kind of went pshisssh with the Mueller report and year two of the still no impeachment vote Congress of Nancy and the Squad's leadership.


Barr/Durham have a big advantage in the race, they have real laws like obstruction of justice and perjury backing them up. Nancy/Schiff don't, unless their inquiry gets a full House vote.

I've linked this tread back into The Conservative Treehouse.


>The law eventually prevails over the person.

You can believe this after the WMD/Iraq hoax? After the fraud and corruption that caused the 2008 financial crisis?

Wake up: Barr will never go after the Deep State.

His job is to keep Trump in office, nail "a few bad apples" from the left-liberal wing of the uni-party to shut the coup-attempt down, and do this while making sure neither law nor justice gets near anything else.


I will never in good conscious EVER believe anything the left has to say ever again. The crap the left has put this Country and this President through is unprecedented and ugly and should never have happened. My heart goes out to President Trump and his family for all the $hit they've gone through. WWG1WGA! Trump 2Q2Q!!


Vegetius, you need to widen your information resources and read for comprehension; not confirmation bias.


Did not Brennan go to Obama first with hair on fire with "information" so vital and so secret Obama was presented no other choice than to initiate an investigation? WaPo ran a CYA article about this early in 2017 - which is even more interesting now in retrospect.

Obama phoned in most of his presidential obligations, so his signing off on this deep state coup is not really news. But the buck does stop with him as his administration scandals are now revealed. Who will depose Valerie Jarrett, who everyone knew was the Chief Excrement Polisher for Obama's White House.

No wonder the Democrats created out of whole cloth the longest running smokescreen ever committed - Mueller and Russiagate -- just to keep the real deep state coup off the radar.

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