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26 October 2019


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Apologies pl

PS I don't get any gov't or retirement checks.

Jackrabbit !!


Elora Danan

Futile blah-blah from people with nothing worthwhile to do but that.


With due respect, Colonel, I believe it's time for your guest authors to start their own Committee without your liberal speech codes in place.



To refer to me as a "liberal" is incredibly funny. The Guest Authors are free leave. That would be fine if they wish to do so. This not a public space. It exists to foster discourse but not to foster discourse that the marxist left (including leftists at Ann Arbor) and foreign enemies would like.


The discourse is happening anyway.

Joe Rogan interviews Ed Snowden - 8.1m views.

Wikileaks twitter - 5.5m followers.

I won't belabor the point.

Jackrabbit !!



Ah, you are too stupid to understand. This is a "salon," my salon. I don't give a damn about the discourse you marxists want to have. Have at it. There is nothing you or any of the other agitpropers can do or write that will cause me to propagate your world aspirations.



Off topic, the World Military Games just concluded a few hours ago that were hosted by China.

The U.S. garnered 8 Medals, 5 Bronze, 3 Silver.

different clue

How few ( or no) tenets and beliefs of marxism can someone believe before the word "marxist" applied to them becomes no longer a descriptor or term of analysis but just merely an epithet of distaste or derision?

I understand Open Borders and Free Trade to be two things marxists support and Sanders rejects both. Calling Sanders marxist will just make older supporters feel hurt and offended perhaps, but it won't make them believe he is marxist and it won't make them decide to take up marxism. But if his newly emerging younger and youngest supporters hear it enough times and believe it, they may decide that they too will become marxist.


defferent clue

I should abjure the word "marxist?"



I have been subjected lately to waves of attacks by "m-----ts" They take various forms. After thinking about this phenomenon I have decided to continue to press on deleting anything that annoys me.

defferent clue

I would like to think that I am more properly deferential than to tell the blogger ( any blogger) that he should abjure entirely the very word "marxist". Or eschew it or avoid it either.

My concern was much more narrowly focused, in that I fear the use of the word "marxist" outside what I ( hopefully correctly) understand to be its strict technical meaning could obscure thought and cloud analysis.

At age 62, let us hope I am enough of a big boy to accept my own hurtness of feeling at having a figure I support called a lunatic marxist. It won't make me think he really is a marxist and it won't make me decide to give marxism a fresh look. ( Unless he really does believe in some tenets of marxism, such as the "labor theory of value". AOC apparently does believe in that one, which is a problem).

But if millions of Sanders's younger and youngest supporters hear over and over and over again what a marxist Sanders is and if they come to believe it, they may well decide that if marxism is good enough for Sanders, it could be good enough for them. For those who wish to prevent or at least limit the rise of a junior marxist movement, that would be a bad outcome.

It comes down to what Babak Makkinejad tells us Confucius said about the need for "rectification of language". If Sanders really is a marxist who believes in the marxist tenets of the division of labor, dialectical materialism, the self-imputed "scientificness" of marxist ideology, etc.; then it "rectifies the language" to call him that. But if he is the sort of socialist whom Mr. Marx himself derided and insulted as a "utopian socialist", then to call him marxist does not "rectify the language", it merely "wrecktifies" the language.

But having said all that, if I keep seeing not-marxists referred to as "marxists", I will silently nurse my hurtness-of-feeling quietly and alone.


Blue Peacock

OK Sanders is a nice marxist who if elected might have allies and successors who woulld replicate the USSR in the US. Socialism requires total control to enforce its mandates.

SAC Brat


I like the sound of this event:

Aeronautical pentathlon is a sporting event at some multi-sport events, such as the Military World Games. Despite the name, the sport has six events: shooting, fencing, orienteering, basketball skills, obstacle course and swimming. The idea is to prepare air force officers for evading enemy soldiers. It is generally only participated by military air forces, and its first appearance at the Military World Games was in 2010.

The sports are said to represent various aspects of flying, such as shooting and basketball for hand-eye coordination and fencing for combat.[1] There is also a flying contest included where the competitors serve as navigators, but it is not scored. During the 1950s there were flying events in military aircraft included, such as precision navigation requiring the finish line to be crossed at an exact time.

The whole venue would be a welcome change from the Olympics sillyness. Lifesaving, Naval pentathlon, orienteering, parachuting, shooting. (Dammit, no 50 meter men's pistol but they have 25m military pistol)


I may not understand this:
Guest authors take note. PL

are you alluding to "b" or bernard, who no doubt is both an author and guest in comment section here, or more generally people posting comments like Jackrabit?

Or is it a reference to more long standing "guest authors" eg. Harper, TTG, Willy B, Walrus?


"Or is it a reference to more long standing "guest authors" eg. Harper, TTG, Willy B, Walrus?" There is a list of people who have standing permission to write front page posts. I referred to them.

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