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28 September 2019


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The Houtis are the Finns of Arabia. Bien fait, bravo!


Curious how that joker Pompeo will blame Iran for this.

ted richard

washington has not yet figured it out but they are the recreated ottomans and the time period is just before and during world war 1..... the setting is the current middle east.

our fate, as the present lord of that region, is going to be the same as it was for the ottomans.


Southfront has a map:


and suggests 6 brigades.


If the Houthi's defeated six Saudi brigades (!), this represents more than a full Division. According to WIkipedia, the entire Saudi army consists of 75,000 men - roughly three or maybe 4 divisions. So the Houthi's have destroyed/captured between a quarter and a third of the Saudi Army? If I've got that right, and I'm a CPA not a military man, then the Houthis have inflicted a catastrophic defeat on the Saudis.

Very interested to know more. The ramifications of this defeat are huge. Particularly for the US imperial order.


شاركت وحدات متخصصة من قواتنا في إطار دعم وإسناد العملية في محور نجران
Specialized units of our forces participated in the operation's support in Najran theater.
وعلى رأسها
القوة الصاروخية
"the rocket power"
وسلاح الجو المسير
and the "guided" air force
والدفاع الجوي.
and the air defense.
Above is a quasi literal translation. Thank you for your article!


Fantastic. Looks like some pretty nice damage from shaped charges.


JP Billen


Have the Saudis acknowledged the defeat yet? Probably not, and never will publicly. But I would hope there is grumbling and scheming going on in the royal family to defenestrate bin Salman.

Where does bin-Zayed stand on the potential ceasefire? He and his Emiratis are the ones blockading Hodeidah, and pushing for a two-state Yemen.

ex PFC Chuck

King Salman's former body guard, who was apparently discharged by MBS not long ago, has been killed.

Patrick Armstrong

B reports what sounds like a fecal-ventilator interface in SA

The Twisted Genius

Mohamed, thank you for this. The rocket power probably refers to their surface to surface rocket artillery. The guided air force is probably their fleet of reconnaissance and attack drones. Their air defense is just that. It's now sufficient to keep Saudi air attacks at bay. The smartest decision made by the Saudi royals is to sue for peace. Otherwise they will have their royal Saudi asses handed to them by AnsarAllah in short order.

The rocket power may also refer to an increased supply of ATGMs. This reminds me of the old Soviet Army tactics of firepockets - large scale armor ambushes using Sagger ATGMs and AT guns. I knew an Egyptian major in Fort Benning who commanded a motorized rifle company at the 1973 battle of Chinese Farm in the Sinai Penninsula. His battalion deployed as a fire pocket to defeat two Israeli armor assaults before withdrawing under heavy fire.

The Twisted Genius

Dividab, I'd stick with the 3 brigades unless today's briefing by BG Yahya Saree says otherwise. Also, we have to remember a lot of the captured/killed are not Saudi soldiers. Seems a lot were Yemeni militiaman under Saudi officers. In my opinion, the Yemeni militiamen would have done better under their own leadership than under Saudi leadership. The few Saudi officers I met weren't worth a shit.

SAC Brat

An old Soviet joke:

This is Armenian Radio; our listeners asked us: “Why did the man who shot at a government limousine on the Red Square miss the target?”

We’re answering: “Because citizens who happened to be next to him tried to wrest the gun from him and shouted, ‘Let me shoot!’”


Major high speed rail station in Jeddah is burning

The Twisted Genius

JP, I haven't anything about Saudi acknowledgement or bin-Zayed's intentions. My guess is that, if the Saudis fold, all their allies will follow suit.

Christian Chuba

The loss of local forces or mercs represents a line item in KSA's budget. It really starts to hurt when native Saudis or Saudi territory is lost. Arrogance cancels out air superiority.

JP Billen


Did the Saudis lose any territory? I thought the defeat of the Saudi led brigade(s) was in Yemeni territory south of the border with Najran. Where the Houthis had lured them into a trap.


Ah thanks, TTG. Still a big army - could be a Division depending - and I wonder if it is pretty much the beginning of the end for the Saudi efforts in this regard. Given the large amount of materiel captured, mostly by the looks of it purchased from the USA, this could be a major boost to the Houthis esp. if the captured Yemenis switch sides.


I wonder if the Yemenis claim the region around Najran as 'irredentist' territory?
Could Yemen annex Najran and it's hinterlands?
I also wonder if a Yemeni advance up the coast of the Red Sea were possible. As in, a threat to Mecca.

Patrick Armstrong

Don't think I'd take the word "brigade" too seriously. A lot of the vehicles are Cdn LAVs -- what Turdeau insisted were "jeeps"

JP Billen


Najran was part of an ancient Yemen kingdom. I am fuzzy on her modern history, but think she was conquered in the 1930s by the Saudis when they also took the Red Sea coast provinces of Jizan and much of Asir away from Yemen.

Our host would know more.


Patrick Armstrong

Yes, the Arab League never succeeded in stabilizing the meaning of names for unit sizes, but the number 3000 is consistently mentioned. IMO the Yemenis should move the prisoners, however many, down to Sanaa and invite the IRC and UN to come in and count and register them The Yemenis are living from hand to mouth and probably cannot feed or house them The IRC could do that. It is their mission. The resulting pictures would be marvelous propaganda.


JP Billen

You are correct and not content with that the Saudis have surreptitiously moved the boundary markers south a few hundred yards ar a time ever since. What goes around comes around.


JP Billen

This seems to be in Najran Province, SA.


it is one of the cases of 'charma is a bitch'.

So MbS, an rookie with violent tendencies, starts the war on Yemen, gets in over his limits and now just got some three brigades lured into an ambush from folks who know the terrain, know how to fight and what for.

By declaring the war on Yemen MbS has trashed en passant America's iirc once rather effective fight against Al Quada like groups there, and made it worse by using just such groups against the houthis and supporting them logistically.

Since 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were citizens of Saudi Arabia it sort of fits in an ugly way. What an ally.

Likely, if MbS drops betrays them, the self appointed leaders of Islam may eventually have to fight against their own combat experienced Islamists some day, likely a fight the Saudi royalty will counter with flights.

That that would probably have oil prices rise a lot, which would be good for ... US frack oil and gas and, unintentionally, russian oil sales too.

In that sense, Saudi Arabia and MbS are America's frenemies.

On the minus side I read recently that buying US frack gas or oil has about doubled the gas price in Poland.

Quite a price for "sovereignty" and "independence from Russian gas" likely only unhappily paid by polish citizens (who weren't exactly asked anyway).

Its geting cold in the winter there in the east. In the 1920s my grandmother's father in East Prussia had a sled accident and froze to death. In winter some -20°C and 6 feet of snow are normal there. My late grandmother told me she also heared the wolves howling in the night.

Anyway, the point is that you have to heat some way - its "Putin or fracking or freezing".

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