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17 September 2019


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I'm referring to the smaller ones with the winglet wingtips which are, or are similar to the Houthi ISR platform named Rased, which is itself based on the retail Skywalker X-8. By some accounts the Rased is a battery powered unit with a 70Km / 40Nm range and 2 hour endurance, ie., is slow, and this actually corresponds to the cambered high lift wing shape.
By instead using a small piston engine and fuel tanks, I'd suggest a range of at least double that and a couple of hours endurance, and this appears to be the motive power for the unit with the winglets partly in shot on the right side of the pic in: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/09/19/us-has-no-immediate-plans-boost-forces-counter-iran-pentagon.html
I'd appreciate input from anyone else who has built similar piston engine models.

If the displayed wreckage is from Baqayq then it could have flown from Qatar or Bahrain, but if from Khurais then it came from inside KSA. Or, the displayed wrecks may just prior pickups added for effect at the press conference and not relevant.

Deployment would not be difficult - a light civilian truck with a practised crew could act as a TEL and carry and bungee launch a dozen of these things inside ten minutes while on the move.


My apologies for wasting your time.


Thank you.
Faith is a perplexing thing.


Or blackmail, however I agree about the hypothetical. Gabbard would still be a contender in 2024.

Babak Makkinejad

You did not wate my time.

You insulted me, the Shia, and the Iranians.


Reconstituting itself by developing battalions of wonder women.


Had I intended an insult to you it would not have been misinterpreted.
Stating the obvious truth that both the Sunni majority neighbours and the Israelis have an intense dislike of Iran and the Shia religion is not an insult, it is at worst an observation of extant reality.
Observing that Lebanon, Syria under the Assads, Iraq under Saddam and now and Iran are all much less benighted than their Sunni neighbours is also an observation of extant reality.
It was an honest question asked to someone who I thought might expand my limited knowledge of the sects involved.
So if you took insult; you read something that was not there.

Babak Makkinejad

"Dislike" is not synonymous with "Despise".

I am pleased to hear that Israelis and Sunnis intensely dislike Iran and the Shia religion. I would really be concerned if it were otherwise.

Again, you have to seek your answer from them.


Hey Turc, would this minimal basing have all the logistical support and maintenance for the high tech stuff like the F35 or would they operate out of stand off bases out of reach from Irainian ballistic missiles with a range of 2000km?

As a side note, my father was West Point class of 45, retired USAF a full bird, two brother-in-laws retired A-10 Capt. and USN Commander F-18 wing, nephew retired US Army Major flying Medivacs in Afghanistan and another nephew US Army, currently flying C-130s which he can't discuss, spec ops is my guess.
Needless to say,by brothers-in-law have interesting perspectives on all this.

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