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05 September 2019


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If you can get it fresh (really fresh), bluefish and mackerel are great on the outdoor grill. They are strongly flavored and oily, so outdoor grilling is better.


Redfish (drum) on the halfshell. Fillet but don’t scale, rub Cajun seasoning, butter and lemon on the meat side. Grill scale side down until the meat is white, turn meat side to the fire and brown. Scoop the meat out an enjoy.

The Twisted Genius

Mackerel. I can't recommend this fish strongly enough. It's delicious grilled. Long ago my family caught a mess of them and grilled them right on the beach on Prince Edward Island. They were also a Fest food throughout Bavaria, grilled on a stick and seasoned just right. You can't go wrong with mackerel.





red snapper or branzino. Whole fish in a grilling basket. stay away from too much swordfish.

Ron Hass aka fotokemist

Mahi-mahi caught earlier in the day marinated in Italian salad dressing and grilled over wood charcoal while the lads clean the boat is hard to beat.

Mark Wauck


Dave Schuler


Jim Ticehurst

Looks Very Good..I will bring the Wine..Side Dishes..? A Friend paid 33 dollars a Pound for Copper Rive King Salmon..Hope You stay Dry up there..Our Best to Your Family..Cheers

Bill Wade

You can grill any ole fish, for the best taste - just grill them whole, head and all.


Salmon. Awesome when grilled. Wahoo and opah if you can find them.


Striped bass grills well. Bluefish can be good if done right.


Mackerel is very oily so it works well bbq'ed. Pompano is good too, though both might not be as available on the east coast.



I grill frequently. Suggest salmon as well as whole Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Sardines and Mackerel.

Bill H

I'm very fond of shark. Works well on the grill.

different clue

Sockeye salmon and perhaps some other kinds of wild-caught salmon to see how they compare to the sockeye?


Mahi-Mahi (dolphinfish) and Mako (shark)


Mackerel, salmon.


Don't have an idea about grilling fish since I never do that, but an idea about how to prepare a fish for the oven.

I love gilt-head breams, if possible I buy a complete one, gutted. I usually prepare it 'a student's way' so to speak:

I have the fish 'sit' with the gut on onions, garlic and ginger, sometimes with fresh rosemary. Over the fish I put a little olive oil, sometimes lemon juice, pepper and salt and bake then them slowly in the oven under a aluminium foil 'roof'. I tend to surround the fish 'under the hat' with potatoe and onion or sweet pepper slices, sometimes lemon slices.

The 'hat' also protects it (and you) from the fish getting dark and dry if ... you're interupted by the phone. It also keeps the fish juicy.

When it's done it is rather easy to peel off the skin, saving the hassle of de-scaling the fish, and once you've learned the anatomy of the fish and the grates it is rather easy to cut the fish while avoiding them.

I forgot the weight, but one 'up to 30 cm fish' is enough for two persons.

Quite tasty, (and if you don't mind the fish still having a head and tail on the plate, it IMO looks good also).


I worked at a place on the dock in Montauk when I was 19. Blackened Mako was my favorite and holds up on the grill better than Tuna/Sword. Swordfish meat with a with a light orange hue is excellent; it's an indication that their diet is mostly shrimp and the taste comes through.


A favourite of the wife is flounder. She likes to bake it in the oven, the whole fish, gutted of course. For outdoor grilling, I would imagine that an old fashioned fireside toast press would do to keep the dish relatively intact. I have heard that the halves of the fish are also grillable.
When we lived on the Gulf Coast we would go to the Waveland, Mississippi beach during the full of the moon and gig flounder as they came up to the shoreline.
There was a Golden Age.


Small fish is a lot better for your health, check out the spanish word espeto, I leave you a google images link, an old Mediterranean way of cooking fish, skewed on bamboo cane and grilled on olive tree wood right on the sand of the beach were it was caught. Cheers.


Salmon, trout and mackerel, maybe herring if you can get it over there, would sit well with those you have already eaten.

ted richard

wild caught NOT farm raised salmon steaks, if you're feeling flush large sea scallops and i like but you might not grilled octopus on wood skewers (find a mediterranean french recipe)...bon apetit


Salmon is great on the grill. I marinate mine in a marinade of:

White Wine
chopped onions

Use water and wine to adjust taste to your liking. Be careful not to let the marinade be too salty

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