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12 September 2019


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In 2018, Democrats ran a stealth campaign telling voters Trump was going to take away your Medicare and Social Security.

Pelosi claimed they won their new house majority in 2018 making "health care" their central campaign issue. Trump in fact was trying to reform both Medicare and Social Security so it would not be "taken away". Pelosi turned his reform attempts into a scare campaign.

Be careful in 2020, there is the Democrat (1) public campaign, (2)their underground below the radar campaign and (3) their real agenda - take back the power of the public checkbook to hand out favors to their friends.

How do you become a third world nation (city, county or state): raid the treasury and hire your relatives. That is the Democrat's real agenda.


Yep, the NC-9 election was considered a major bellwether -- until the GOP candidate won! SO delicious a development.

I wonder if Sharpiegate may have helped matters? Cable news remained hung up on that absurdity far too long, until the John Bolton story mercifully (for them) displaced it. BTW, why do I suspect he may have a future with CNN???

The leftist MSM seem to wish for the stupidity of its consumers, constantly gaslighting them in the hope of distracting from current peace and prosperity that the POTUS is delivering, perhaps clumsily at times, but much more welcomed than the insane blather coming from his potential 2020 opponents.

Thank you Larry for providing salient election statistics, AND for the usual riotous, non-PC metaphor ..."Cannot get better than that unless you change his name to Jesus Christ." LOL!

blue peacock


I'n not sure this is a bellwether. While the "political" media is always in horse-race mode and everything is always so consequential to them, the voters by and large are not really paying much attention.

If I recall correctly, Trump was 1% in the polls this time in 2015. And we know how well the "polls" did in the 2016 general election. I remember the NY Times with their "stellar" pollster Nate Silver giving Hillary something like a 90% probability of winning.

At the end of the day the 2020 election will depend on many factors not least being who the Democratic opponent will be and the state of the economy. Next summer will be a good time to start paying some attention on the state of play in the elections.

Having said this it seems to me that the Democrats still haven't got the zeitgeist that elected Trump in the first place. They've spent a good 2+ years on "Russia Collusion" that has turned out to be a turd for them and what are they focused on now? For all the chaos they accuse Trump of, they seem to be even more chaotic in their lack of strategy.

Diana C

I watched coverage of the Trump rally in NC. It was clear that Trump was working hard for Bishop. Trump clearly knows how much he needs more Republicans in the House in order to further his many agendas.

I have never been one to attend outdoor concerts for rock stars, much less politicians. So, it is always puzzling to me that so many people attend Trump's events. I want to be persuaded by logic, not emotion. That is the reason my boys call me a Vulcan. But.....my father's youngest brother, my uncle who is more like an ornery older brother, just promised that he was coming to get me with an extra MAGA hat in hand for me to wear if Trump ever showed up in a location we could get to easily. (He is a true Trump fan. I'm more interested in getting my state to rethink the person who is now in our Governor's mansion.

But my point is.... after watching that rally, I went to bed that night KNOWING the Republican would win.


"From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”
― Alexander Fraser Tytler

His other quote is when a people discover that they can vote themselves free money, it is the beginning of the end of democracy.


Tocqueville noted that too.

Diana C

We are all "useful idiots" as far as the leftists who have gained status as the powerful elite are concerned. They believe we are just too stupid to understand anything.


Larry, Trump (as GOP unifiar from TeaParty to Trump Partisan of American interests) sets America on its best way forwards, while the Democrats were: Always? The countries traitors, concerning the American Interest and its basic values?

It's not that I envy your emotional heights, besides I am way to old to care about the future much. But longterm the re-alignment he necessarily produces might be interesting. Concerning all non-America-Firsters it might be interesting to watch. Alas ...


The republicans will merely just point out what the democrats have been spending the past 2 years doing for the people....

James Lung

We're in Greensboro and not able to vote in that election. Sincerely hoping that the results are an indication that Gov. Cooper will not get a second term. Was not aware that Bishop had so much to do with HB2. Good for him.



You left out "Russia!" and the Mueller Report = Impeachment. If you watched any of the Democratic debate last night you would have been treated to a firm consensus on the left that America was founded on racism, they will be doing gun confiscation, open borders, immediate citizenship for DACA reciptients and free everything for everone.


A bellwether is a sheep with a bell hanging off its neck, with the rest of the flock trained to follow the sound of the bell. It has nothing to do with weather.

Jim Ticehurst

Larry...I took an Interest in this 9th District Race..and looked up some facts about Mecklenburg County...and Charlotte..N.C. and can understand why so many Democrats there voted for the Republican Dan Bishop..That area is the 2nd Most Religious City in the United States..with Moderate Democrats..who Have Bibles..and are gun owners..They don't like the TONE of the New Socialist Democrat party..that tends to be HUumanist..and wants to take Guns away..It was also interesting to do a NC Web search on Population Growth.. see all the Data on Charlotte..Get down to Population Growth..See The Pie Charts..and note The Dramatic Increase In Migrant Immigration to Charlotte by Race.. in the last Few years..through 2017..18..making it the 2nd fastest Growing City in the United States.Population Wise..This is all Urban Growth...so is there and attempt to Gerrymander..by manipulation of Urban Populations...Interesting Stuff....

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