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26 September 2019


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In my defense, I am NOT a lawyer and only threw the article out there for the consideration of others.

Like most normal Americans, I am blithely unaware of all the ways our country has been drawn into the machinations of parts of the world where I believe we don't belong.

These spiderwebs are now two decades old. Trump walked right into them. Now at least we see them for what they are, or are beginning to see their outline in the dark.

Barbara Ann

Stephen McIntyre (a sometime commentator here on Russiagate) whose Twitter I linked to above has had his investigation of the form doctoring picked up already. He thinks it was done retrospectively to provide justification for the second hand nature of the rumorblower's report.




IMO the Clinton apparat has been at the root of much that has happened. It still exists and hopes for a stalemate in the Democratic nomination process.


Masterpiece! Bravo.

I have to say, I have become rather a pariah since shifting reluctantly (post-election) into the Trump camp. My spouse and I absolutely cannot talk about it at all, since the last time we did I ended up spending several days camping out at a friend's place. I have one close friend from college who has taken a similar trajectory and we are like shipwrecked soulmates in the midst of a violent storm (that doesn't end!).

It means the world to me to be able to read so many well-thought out posts and comment threads. It is much better then Twitter (I have exiled myself from Facebook).

Thank you for this blog. God bless.

blue peacock

Spot on!

John Merryman

The irony here is that Trump originally beat the Republicans. You know, Bush/Cheney and company. If the Democrats had played by the assumption that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and tried to at least work around Trump and let him stew in his own juices, rather than taking the low road and just throwing as much mud as possible, they would be in far better shape than they are. What if a Democrat ever becomes president, ever again? How would they govern, given the destruction to the system, they are engaging in? It is much easier to tear down, than build up.
If I were to guess the direction of this country, it will be that disaster capitalism/predatory lending comes home to roost and those with the largest piles of treasuries, likely bought pennies on the dollar, when the debt bubble bursts, will be trading them for the remaining public assets, facilitated by those functionaries who know who their future employers are.
Then we find out what true oligarchy is.



They were all smart enough to get elected to Congress.



Misquoting something or someone and preceding from that is an old troll tactic.

The Twisted Genius

Artemisia, The whole Obama Ukrainian fiasco would be a fascinating subject for investigation. The decade long Orange Revolution project was a high water mark in As Obama's point man on this project, Biden would have a lotto sweat over such an investigation. However, his part in getting Shokin fired is not part of his problem. Shokin slow rolled the investigation into Burisma and Zlochevsky for years. He even fired one of his assistants who was trying to push the investigation along. His firing was a good thing. In spite of this, some think Trump was referring to Shokin when he talked about a "very good" and "very fair" former Ukrainian prosecutor in his phone call to Zelensky. Trump may have fallen for Shokin's version of events.

Zlochevsky hired Hunter most likely as an insurance policy given that his father was Obama;s point man for Ukraine. He probably hoped that would force the US and Biden to back off. Ukrainian business and politics have been notoriously corrupt since soon after the breakup of the Soviet Union so Zlochevsky's move was in line with modern Ukrainian culture, just as Shokin's antics as chief prosecutor.

The Twisted Genius

Blue Peacock, I'd like to get the read out on all those conversations. So far, all we have is the "F the EU" phone call between Nuland and Pyatt. I'd also like to get a readout of Trump's one on one discussions with Putin. I wonder how they compare with his conversation with Zelensky.

The real deal between Hunter and Burisma was that his hiring was supposed to serve as a shield for Burisma, Zlochevsky and Shokin. Unfortunately for them, the shield failed when the US and Biden went after Shokin in spite of Hunter's bogus seat on the board of Burisma. Hiring Hunter was clearl an attemp to influence, just as the massive flows of donations to the Clinton Foundation when Hillary appeared to be on the ascendency, and all the foreign and domestic money now flowing into Trump properties. It doesn't mean it will work, but it is a clear effort to buy favor. I would not be surprised that the Chinese money to Hunter was the same thing.


What is the back story about breaking news reports that Whistleblower statute and complaint form was very recently revised that now allows second-hand reporting.

Was there also a problem with back-dating this complaint to slip under the new policy? So much for the "hearsay" rebuttal under these very new, brand new, new guidelines.


just found this myself. you were well ahead of the curve on this one! & it is seriously damning, imo. when you're basically forced to bend or alter the rules in order to gain any kind of advantage, you've basically admitted that you can't win honestly...

frustrating that this information, & similar information, will simply go unmentioned in the msm. back in the day, the msm would spin things that ran counter to the narrative. today? they simply ignore them...


John Solomon Has another article on The Hill. The gist being:
"Hundreds of pages of never-released memos and documents — many from inside the American team helping Burisma to stave off its legal troubles — conflict with Biden’s narrative.

And they raise the troubling prospect that U.S. officials may have painted a false picture in Ukraine that helped ease Burisma’s legal troubles and stop prosecutors’ plans to interview Hunter Biden during the 2016 U.S. presidential election."


A year after his appointment, the replacement prosecutor dropped the case against Burisma. Now Ukraine is in the clutches of the IMF. This looks like a future of austerity and privitization of the countries resources. The Bidens are just the public faces of a deeper corruption.


Col. Lang,

“a movement that he may well not deserve to lead”

He’s all we have.

- Eliot

LA Sox Fan

Since the “intelligence activity whistleblower complaint” had nothing to do with an “intelligence activity” as was legally required, the drafting and filing of this particular “intelligence activity whistleblower complaint” were political acts. They accomplished their mission in that Trump was forced to release the call and the complaint to the public, instead of him delaying and Congress leaking them. The complaint has resulted in what appears to be an attempt to impeach Trump, so politically it was very successful.

If it were a legitimate complaint, the DNI could look into the problem and fix it. That’s why these types of complaints must concern activities and individuals that the DNI is responsible for, so the responsible government official, the DNI, can fix the problem. As this complaint is illegitimate, because the DNI can do nothing about the problem, no government official will investigate because none has the authority to do so.

Instead, Congress will investigate with an eye towards impeaching the President. Will we discover truthful answers to your questions, either from Trump or Congress’ investigation? I have no idea. Personally, I doubt it.


Remember in 2008 when defeated candidate Hilary Clinton wore an orange pantsuit to the DNC nomination night for Barack Obama, when supreme gracitousness was required after Obama (SEIU and ACORN) stuck a knife in her back during the primaries.

The story was Clinton was saying one thing with her words, but sending another message to her supporters with her wardrobe choice.

Lots of clucking about her color choice and her sympathetic relationship to the "orange revolution" at the time. How does that figure into the events of the day?


Found on the Aug 2019 revised WhistleBlower complaint form: Easily worth the $10,000 fine for some "former Obama official" to lie if it strings up Trump .....one more time.

☐ *I certify that all of the statements made in this complaint (including any continuation pages) are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1001, knowingly and willfully making a false statement or concealing a material fact in any matter within the jurisdiction of the Executive Branch, including the ICIG, is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of up to $10,000.00, imprisonment for up to five (5) years, or both.

Eric Newhill

Gabbard has now broken her oath, sold her soul and jumped aboard the impeachment train. I Knew she was just another phony political animal from day 1


" all the foreign and domestic money now flowing into Trump properties." Hotel room rentals? Expense account meals? Playing fees on the various gold courses? Are you suggesting that somehow these retail transactions are influential? The faint whiff of Peppermint Patchouli or TDS floats on the autumn air.


One would hope that eventually they will raise their aiming points.



Amen, brother.

Eric Newhill

We still have ourselves and the 2A. Imagine a couple million well armed "deplorables" defending on DC (and the mission is not to "raise awareness"). Imagine truckers striking and refusing to deliver food and fuel to DC, NYC, LA, San Francisco. Imagine cell towers and key junctures of the electric grid leading to those places going down. Imagine 10s of millions of deplorables refusing to pay taxes.

Or we can accept the death of the republic and accept being ruled by elitist globohomo socialists that hate us and intrude into all aspects of our lives - and tax us without representation

IMO, a critical decision making time is met if this coup d'etat succeeds - fortunately I think it won't be this time around, but that day is coming in the next ten years.


ResState delves into the Whistleblower Revised-Form Gate: https://www.redstate.com/bonchie/2019/09/27/breaking-intel-community-secretly-changed-whistle-blower-rules-allow-trump-ukraine-complaint-just-days-filed/

Smoking gun here and is this why Adam Schiff knew so much about this well Whistleblower complaint before it broke into the public?

What is the public review and hearing process for any federal form revisions? FOIA please. Jusicial Watch, rescue us again.



IMO, we have this Russia Collusion redux with this new Ukraine quid pro quo hoax, precisely because Trump has never used the power of his office and his administration to go after the Spygate coup plotters. Other than tweet furiously he’s not done much of anything else.

When Devin Nunes, who has been a big spokesman on the shady dealings of Brennan and Comey advised Trump to declassify much of the machinations of these people, he initially agreed to only be dissuaded by Rosenstein, who it seems was willing to wear a wire to entrap Trump. Then he apparently delegated the decision on declassification to Barr who has sat on it for months. This has allowed the coup plotters the time and space to continue to bring him down.

I don’t know the vicious world of DC power games but it seems to me that if you’re gonna go against the Deep State you should not hire them in key positions in your administration nor should you give them an opportunity to continue to plot your demise. They are going to continue to attack him with one thing or another until something clicks and can take him down. His inability or unwillingness to use the power of his office to take his enemies out could very well be his undoing. What a legacy it would be for him if he’s the first president in US history to be convicted by the Senate in an impeachment trial!


RedState - Whistleblower Revised Form Gate:

..."Here’s the biggest red flag with that. That complaint was so well written, so thorough, that there’s noway it wasn’t done over the course of weeks with involvement of others.

Yet, it was submitted just days after this rule change was finalized and the news forms revised. That points directly at the whistle-blower and his team not only being aware the rule change would happen, but that the rule change was made specifically for them......"

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