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28 September 2019


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Is the U.S. ready for the fall of the house of Saud? Do we have contingency planning for that?

If the Saudi's are negotiating with the Houthi's (capitulating) and paying them off, that would be an incredibly wise and well thought-out move. If fact, if they start sending a bunch of money and aid to the Houthi's that would be even better thought out. They would claim that the Houthi's played no part in the missile attack and that the Houthi's have rejected evil Iran. That is what the article in Reuters says.

There is only one problem. I don't think it will work. After all, is there really a difference between what has happened to Yemen and what is being attempted to Iran? No. They will have to capitulate to Iran too. Which would be an even more incredibly good move. Would tribalism and religion permit it?

A unified ME allied with Russia would be a very, very good thing for the planet and something the U.S. would to its everlasting good fortune have to accept. The U.S. has to be taken down a peg without WW III.

Babak Makkinejad

A United Middle East is an oxymoron. I doubt that even the Great King could have accomplished that.

What could be the US contingency planning? "Don't Intervene!" would be the better part of Wisdom.

different clue

I have read that Eisenhower did not originally put it quite that way. He originally wrote " military-industrial-congressional complex". But at the last minute before giving the speech he decided it would be rude to Congress to leave that word "congressional" in there even though the Congress was a key part of the "military-industrial-congressional" complex.

Which makes me think he was thinking of the military supply thingmakers and all their Congressional supporters in whose districts where they put their many many "congressional support enhancement" sub-facilities.

Here is the article I remember having seen that in.


I thought that the S-300s and S-400s are overkill for drones. Wouldn't something like the Pantsir system be more useful against drones?
No matter how "advanced" a weapon is, if the troops either cannot or will not learn to utilize it, it does no good.



That's why we are very grateful to you for having created this committee of correspondence. Each of that 2 or 3 times must have made a great improvement in your capability as an analyst.

Wish Mr. Johnson and Mr. Binney could reognize a similar learning experience.


Of course, but its really about if Saudi moves into the Russian orbit, then will the petrodollar continue?

And re:S-300/S400 of course, although its the layered network of the system that is its power, as shown in Syria. However, 1., I am not certain the perfumed princes will care and the 2. talks to date have been for the S-300/ S-400 whose primary benefit is to raise the cost if the US/Israel go from treating Saudi Arabia as best buds / lets dance with swords to not friends (i.e., love delivered by Tomahawk).


S-400 are massive overkill vs drones, but they're great for battle management, to track targets & hand them off to smaller systems with cheaper munitions, like Pantsyr.

The S-400 missiles themselves are for bmd & for keeping away slow, non-maneuverable support support aircraft like AWACS.

Together, they're a pretty comprehensive IADS package.


Douglas MacArthur once said Ike was the best clerk he ever had serving under him. Ike responded that he studied acting under the general. Not exact quotes but close.

SAC Brat

I've been listening to the recordings of Forrest Pogue interviewing George Marshall again while commuting to work. It is amazing trying to get into Marshall's head as he had such a large world view.

A recently listened to recording covered what would happen as action was taking place, various ways the press would report it and how people would react. Marshall mentions why some activities would get press accounts while other bigger or more important actions would have no coverage. He also mentioned how often the press would get the story wrong. I love when he notes the behavior of critics and politicians.

Babak Makkinejad

I have always wondered how Marshall knew what he knew. His insights were truly astonishing and accurate.



One of the best men in American history. He was seemingly without soul destroying ambition. I talked to Pogue once about him and he held Marshall in supremely high regard, I also talked to the movie producer Frank McCarthy who was the producer of "Patton" and "Macarthur." He was Marshall's Secretary of the General Staff during the war. I asked why he did not make a movie about Marshall. He said that there was no cinematic value in making a film about a man who just thought all the time.

John Day

The House of Saud is feverishly up on cocaine for ,over 72 hours trying to work out a reasonable sounding public statement.

Babak Makkinejad

You need a very talented director, like Clint Eastwood or Yasujiro Ozu, who can tell an intelligent story.


You are right, but it would also be an act of hideous barbarity. I can never forgive Hillary for laughing after seeing a video of "the Gaddafi treatment." Of course there are many other things I fault her for, but that displayed a total lack of moral compass.


Wisdom, yes, which is why such plans will never be implemented.


I am not a psychiatrist, but HRC is a textbook sociopath.

I also am not an orthopedic surgeon, but I can tell if someone is missing a leg.

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