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10 September 2019


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Walt and Mearsheimer are brilliant in their disturbingly rational view on US politics and the rest of the world but I don't think they'd be the right folks for the Trumphouse.

Their likely ansers to policy questions likely would be longer than 4 pages, thus reportely exceeding the main listeners attention span, and, worse, they could contain with nasty stuff like ...

"One could do that but it would be a bad idea since ..."
"That is not so simple. For one ..."
"It's actually complicated because ..."

... and the like.

They also have self respect and, worse, they propose things like rationality and self restraint instead of maximum pressure out of principle for lack of a better idea.


A great deal of irony present here, seemingly generated like sub-atomic particles from the dissipation of the element of unwitting or unintentioned parody inherent in Bolton-Tzu himself.
I would like to see Mattis in the role, however I suggest he would want an executive appointment and this isn't it.

As an aside, although Bolton was a life long member of the warrior elite, he declined the opportunity to attend the events in Vietnam in the 60's due to prior commitments in National Guard service at home. What was his rank and appointments in the NG ?



He was a very young enlisted man.


I wonder if he regrets his choice, despite his rationalising as described on his Wikipedia page.
That, I suspect, is a secret we will never know.

Another question is will Trump appoint a permanent Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, or leave Kupperman 'acting' in the role as in the case of many others ?

JP Billen

Thanks for the link.

Barbara Ann


There is little hope while the Zionist lobby remains this powerful. America will not be permitted to pursue her national interests until the Lobby is neutered. But ZOG is so comprehensive in the US today that I do not see a domestic remedy. If there is to be a solution I think, paradoxically, it will come from overseas. The catalyst will be the taming of Israel itself.

It is evident that Russia and China will no longer tolerate the permanent cycle of Zionist-orchestrated regime destruction across the region. Russia now describes Iran as an "ally". China recently announced a strategic partnership with Iran involving a staggering $280bln investment and "5,000 Chinese security personnel on the ground". Iran, it is clear, is the line in the sand.

What are the Zionists to do? Well, with the current trajectory as a guide there will be ever more shrill demands for war. War may come, but if it is avoided that very shrillness may finally wake the American public up to the force driving America's wars of choice in the region; the unholy alliance between the Zionists and neocons. As you have noted yourself, the Squad are a sign that this awakening has begun. For all our sakes I hope more eyes are opened before we are all dragged into 'the big one'.

JP Billen

Grenell, I thought he was a pouf? Meetings with both Pence and Grenell in attendance would be fun to watch.


No, you are not allowed to appoint any with American interest...it is Verboten !

ZOA: ‘Mearsheimer and Walt Working Paper’ Attacking Israel Lobby Is Intellectually Dishonest And Anti-Semitic

ZOA To President Obama: Don’t Appoint Anti-Israel, Pro-Arab Lobbyist Chas Freeman To Head National Intelligence Council

Deeply Troubled That U.S. Senate Confirmed Iran/ Terror Group Apologist, Anti-Israel Hagel for Secy.

ZOA: Don’t Appoint Gen. James Mattis as Secretary of Defense – He’s Hostile to and Misunderstands Israel

ZOA calls on Trump to fire Tillerson over 'anti-Israel' global ...
State Dept. Report Wrongly Blames Israel for Palestinian Arab Violence;

HK Leo Strauss

My vote is for Elliott Abrams, he’s done yeoman's work bringing peace to Venezuela.

We would all do better with him out of the shadows.


I agree with you.
Except for a few things.
I have studied these Zionist in the US and Israel for 16 years, ever since I tripped over "Zionism in the ME" in the British National Achieves.
Even the secular Jewish Zionist are as delusional as the religious settler zealots. Their slogan should be Never Learn instead of Never Again.
I don't think Israel can be tamed except thru sanctions and ending US aid and UN protection.
The only way to defeat the Fifth Column/Israel is thru our politicians....who almost all corrupted on the issue.
So we have to go after them.
You are right that more people are waking up to the subversion...even the evangelicals. Check out TruNews, a Christian group with a 18m audience that goes after Israel and the Zionist as 'a threat to Christian way of life'...they seem be quite successful with that approach.

jd hawkins

Or maybe president.


I would like to see Trump appoint Tulsi Gabbard. She would do a much better job than Bolton and I want to watch the talking heads on CNN and at the DNC pop when they hear about it.


I fear that Gabbard might not possess the requisite "Yes Minister" style 'self-restraint' when confronted with sub-optimal rational thinking skills.
Do we have someone like the fictional Sir Humphrey Appleby at the appropriate level of the American bureaucracy?


Your suggestion highlights the problem here. What kind of self respecting person, assuming the Col wants to come out of quasi retirement, and my guess is he does not, is going to allow himself or herself to be yelled at, ridiculed, and undercut in the style Trump seems to deal with subordinates? Leaving aside policy agreements or disagreements. Strong people don't want to be treated in such a manner. Particularly so, the later in life they are. SO, who does leave? Ass-kissers?

Barbara Ann

Thanks catherine, I will

Barbara Ann

A little O/T, but Al-Monitor has a good article on Bibi's not-so-Super Tuesday: Bolton's sacking, Pompeo's announcement that Trump could meet Rouhani with "no preconditions" and the PR disaster of 'Mr Security' fleeing from an election rally stage as a siren announces incoming rockets from Gaza.

The transitory & illusory value of Trump's gifts to him may just now be starting to dawn on Bibi, who is pictured on giant billboards around Israel shaking hands with Trump. The article says this:

The gamble on Trump has placed Netanyahu in an untenable bind. How can he say a bad word about the man he has extolled as “Israel’s greatest friend”?
I have to wonder whether this was not Trump's plan all along. Another sucker bites the dust? We'll find out next Tuesday.



In George MacDonald Fraser's "Flashman in the Great Game," the great, tragic 1842 retreat from Kabul by the British and East India Company forces is graphically, though humourously described. Flashman is the last English survivor of the over 20,000 people killed by Afghan tribesmen and enemy forces, and of course, emerges as the hero.

A different literary treatment of this event is the chilling conclusion of Rudyard Kipling's masterpiece, The Young British Soldier:

When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An' go to your Gawd like a soldier.
Go, go, go like a soldier,
Go, go, go like a soldier,
Go, go, go like a soldier,
So-oldier of the Queen!

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose


Ka-kelly ayotte from nh-new hampshire


Harold MacmMillan


Yes i stand corrected,it was harold.with 2 m's not 3 -hmmmmm elouise?


Nope trump needs the deal with bibi to help win 2020,so it was barter.called real polibrick or something

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