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25 September 2019


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On another blog (www.theconservativetreehouse.com), the theory has been put forth that Trump's inquiry about Crowdstrike in his conversation with Zelensky is what REALLY has the Democrats spooked. I'd be interested in reading what Larry Johnson has to say about this because so much of the Russian hoax was based on Crowdstrike's assertion that Russia hacked the DNC server rather than, say, Seth Rich having been Wikileaks' source.

Anyway, it's an intriguing theory.


What if:

- The Democrats craft through some article of impeachment in Congress and use their majority there to get it passed.

- They time this so that the vote in the Senate will only occur after the 2020 election.

- They then appeal to the populace at large in the Senate races. "Vote a Democrat into the Senate in your state, and we will impeach Trump right after the election".

That way, they only have to get the votes in enough Senate races, and impeachment is guaranteed, regardless the actual charges. Instead of logic, they appeal to the innate brute hatred of the unwashed masses. It will be an uphill battle for the GOP to resist, given the populist nature of the 'revolt'.

Full disclosure: As a Canuck, I don't have a dog in this race. But I do have fun watching all the action south of our border. As if Monsieur Blackface wasn't enough fun ...


So Harris best benefits from Ukraine-gate? Why am I not surprised. Now link her to the leaked whistleblower-gate and the circle will not be broken - she is getting campaign advice from Team Clinton, is she not? If anyone knows where the Biden bones are buried, it is Clinton.


Coincidence is not causation; but the Crowdstrike conspriacy kefluffle claimed DNC payments to Crowdstrike were made coincidentally with the deaths of Rich and later his good friend who had tried to serva a subpoena on DNC Chair Wasserpoodle. Yes, let's hear more from LJ.


BC-ACE, does this make it a given the Democrats have already concluded Trump will win in 2020, just so they can later impeach him? Then why not go with their most expendable Democrat for the DNC nomination. Reminds me of the Clinton impeachment - charges crossed two administration - but Clinton got elected for the second term regardless, voters knowing full well what they were willing to buy into.


PS, what was really creepy was Monsieur Blackface putting his outstretched black hand on the young lady's chest, copping a feel as they used to say. He should have gone dressed as VP Biden.


Interesting typo indeed, from Zelensky whose root is green to Lezinsky whose root is one of those verbs with multiple meanings, the main one being to stick or poke something in, like your nose.
A few examples:

лезть в драку: be spoiling for a fight
это не лезет ни в какие ворота: this is an outrage
лезть на стену: climb up the wall, go into a frenzy
лезть во что либо: to meddle
лезть из кожи вон: to bend over backwards
лезть не в свое дело: to pry, poke one’s nose into other people’s affairs
не лезть за словом в карман: not to be at a loss for a word

The list could be endless, and curiously, all of them apply to the surreal state of politics in the good ol' USA, what an amazing spectacle. I hope you guys figure it out and common sense prevails, but that commodity seems to be unavailable in your great free market system.

David Habakkuk


I think that everyone seriously interested in getting to the bottom of ‘Russiagate’ should read the piece to which you refer – ‘sundance’ at his best. The link is at


An issue which is not raised, however, is precisely what Trump is suggesting.

The key paragraph reads:

‘I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike ... I guess you have one of your wealthy people ... The server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on, the whole situation. I think you are surrounding yourself with some of the same people. I would like to have the Attorney General call you or your people and I would like you to get to the bottom of it. As you saw yesterday, that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller, an incompetent performance, but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine. Whatever you can do, it's very important that you do it if that’s possible.’

What, if anything, is meant by the apparent suggestion that Ukraine has ‘the server’?

What, if anything, is meant by the linking of ‘CrowdStrike’ to ‘one of your wealthy people’? To whom might the reference be?

The ‘phone call reads as though part of its purpose was, as it were, to put a boot behind Zelenskiy – note the sentence ‘I think you are surrounding yourself with some of the same people.’

It would seem virtually certain that more detailed questions have already been raised with elements in the Ukrainian authorities who have in the past been sceptical of the wisdom of too close an alliance with the Hillary Clinton camp.

While it is possible that Trump is simply woffling, it seems to me rather more likely that more precise lines of inquiry are being pursued by people who have much more grasp of the detail than he is likely to have been able to acquire.

The question which Fred raised, about how much of the NED money came back to sympathetic people in the United States (also perhaps other places, including Britain), also urgently needs investigation. Let us hope that people in Ukraine who can see what a hole they are now in are prepared to help pursue it.


If they do proceed with impeachment it will be BBUK-BBUK-BBUK-BBUK [bin Biden + Ukraine + kickbacks] 24/7 for a year. Should also be work for Victoria Nuland as one of the media influencers/expert opinionators.


...most notably Loopy Joe threatened to withhold $billions unless the investigation into Burisma gas was fired...to protect his crack-head son.


Proof? Biden's son had ZERO experience in gas/natural resources yet got $50,000 a month...how's that anywhere near kosher?


Beg to differ...DoD does their best to box all presidents into their way of doing business; Obama had no pretexts about putting up resistance whereas Trump is still resisting best he can it seems...holding enemies close (neocons) to appear to be in their camp but refusing to pull the trigger when demanded of him.


...nothing! Ukraine is a black hole sucking every kopek up it possibly can. The list of corrupt officials is backed up by lists of corrupt officials salivating at the chance to enrich themselves. The country is irredeemably corrupt (I have been there many times...my wife is from the Donbass)


The irony is that Biden may not be the Democratic candidate and now since Trump has dragged Mike Pence into this mess, we may end up with President Pelosi, which would be the ultimate irony.

I think the cultists need to accept that their golden calf is not all that bright and it will become even more evident as we move forward.

David Solomon

Jim Ticehurst, I wonder what you mean by "Rock The House Soon"? I have been wondering of late, if Barr might well end up being the one that brings Trump down? Is that what you meant?

David Solomon

Somehow, I cannot see very many people voting for Pelosi.


opinion snip-it from USA Today which I concur with:

Clinton impeachment is no guide to possible Trump impeachment.

Here’s a blast from the past. Newt Gingrich, the Georgia hothead who as House speaker spearheaded the impeachment drive against President Bill Clinton in 1998, has been making the TV rounds with his insight on what’s going to happen now. As if Clinton’s situation then and Trump’s are the same:

►Clinton was in the middle of a second term, presiding over a rip-roaring economy that grew 4.4% in 1998 and 4.8% in 1999. Trump’s economy has slowed to 2.0% growth.

►Clinton had a balanced budget. On Trump’s watch, the budget deficit has soared — up 27% for the first 10 months of this fiscal year alone — and is now back in trillion dollar land in the first 11 months. Usually, this happens only during a recession. Trump doesn't call himself the “king of debt” for nothing, you know.

►Clinton had approval ratings in the 60s and was always working to expand his base — he was what Lyndon Johnson called a big-tent politician, he wanted everyone. But approval of Trump — a popular vote loser — has never budged beyond the mid-40s in Gallup polls, and he has done nothing to expand his base. Trump said he wanted to be a president of all Americans? With the exception of women, blacks, Hispanics, millennials, the better educated and those in urban and suburban areas, he has nailed it.

My take: this impeachment effort has a lot more going for it than than Clinton's blow job impeachment.



So Ukranians got lots of money and stuffed it in coffee cans out back, not a dime was spent on anything that would result in an American receiving a red cent. How much was Hunter Biden making a year from Ukraine? I'll assume your having been to this paradise of corruption was not for anything remunerative.

Diana C

I feel the same way as you are feeling.

We have raised up an entire generation of people who haven't grown in knowledge, maturity, or common sense. There seems to be no one who can be considered wise in any position of power.

I was more than ready to retire when I did retire from teaching in a large public high school. I knew at that time that we were raising immature, self-centered brats to take over the reins of power some day. The small group of intelligent, mature, honest students were ignored by their peers and by the faculty to a large extent.

Our hope is in the hearts and minds of the parents who are homeschooling their children or sending them to charter schools or good private schools.

I can watch only a few minutes of television coverage of Congress. The behavior there is quite pathetic. Even the thought of a Beto or a Mayor Pete running for the highest elected position in the land puts me into such cognitive dissonance, I have to sit on my balcony and read several of my daily Devotionals in order to remember that God is in control and not some crazy clown. He is teaching us something by enduring this craziness. I hope that we can all soon learn what we need to learn to keep our Constitution and our Nation safe.


Sue Gordon, former assistant to DNI Dan Coates, and both recently squeezed out, is rumored to be the "whistleblower". She's former CIA so maybe some veterans here are familiar with her.


Sorry, I meant Tulsi benefits from the Harris and Biden collapses.



'big-tent politician,' why did the Red Hen cross the road? To yell at the MAGA hat wearing American and make sure that person never came back to their restaurant.

"rip-roaring economy" Didn't Clinton sign NAFTA, the thing that created a giant sucking sound as millions of middle class jobs left for foreign lands? Just the reverse of what those "better educated" people in Urban areas told us would happen.

"popular vote" Trump won the popular vote in Michigan, where 'better educated' urban elites had been outsourcing middle class jobs for years and creating a separate wage scale for equal work. Congratulations millionaire GM CEO Mary Berra ($21.9 million ain't chump change) and former GM lobbyist and now Congresswoman Deborah Dingell (as an aside I wonder if she will repudiate her marriage to a man who was a life member of the designated terrorist organization, the NRA?)
He won a number of other states with electors voting in the electoral college as required by the Constitution. Hilary's better educated urban and suburban staff didn't know that was needed to win the election. Just what do they teach in polisci courses since it can't be basic government structure?

What's your take on Jeffrey Epstein and his connections to democratic politicians, or do those instances of abuse matter as little as President Clintons 'presidential' conduct with an intern?


You're right ... put Bernie in the driver's seat and then pull the impeachment trigger after Trump's sworn in. I didn't say it was a perfect plan, but it's really handy to have in your back pocket. And, it would allow them to impeach a civilian Trump just as quickly as an elected one, if I understand the mechanism well enough.

However, it would also be enough to get the Democrats control of the Senate, which would really hamper a 2nd term Trump. It would eliminate any more Trumpian Supreme Court nominees without having to resort to Blasey Ford et. al. rape fantasies.

Barbara Ann

I do not think Trump is "woffling" and I agree more precise lines of inquiry are likely underway. What interests me is whether the mentions of Crowdstrike and the DNC server were deliberate trigger words inserted to elicit exactly the response we have now seen. This may explain the nonsense about Ukraine having the server - Trump went a little off script.

My suspicion is that Trump already knows a good deal more than people assume about the coup plot and that this may be part of an effort to flush out the perpetrators. The whistleblower letter, whose greater part is given over to "Circumstances leading up to the 25 July Presidential phone call", reads like pure Deep State narrative framing - perhaps Brennan himself wrote it.

Christian J Chuba

Abuse of power

After reading the memo / transcript of phone call, Trump was using his office to try to get dirt on a political opponent before a pending election. I see this as abuse of power but he will not be removed from office.

1. Rudy Guiliani has not served Trump well. Biden isn't the only one who's lost his fastball. This guy is behind this idea of going after the Bidens and he's going on talk shows and he's the lawyer who is supposed keep Trump out of these messes. Live by the celebrity, die by the celebrity.

2. Had Trump waited until after the election, or even the Democratic primary after a Biden loss, then not a problem. It's that he did this before the election with Biden a viable candidate. Now he has to show what vital national security issue was served by singling out the Bidens.

BTW I'm persuadable, just how I see it.

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