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25 September 2019


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The one person behind the curtain still pulling the strings, that to date has escaped mention. (From the net):

....."Obama wants to reverse the 2016 election by any means necessary. This week he decided to roll with impeachment. His post-presidential sedition is unprecedented and unAmerican.

Hillary merely refuses to accept defeat.

Pelosi wanders the House aimlessly.

Obama seeks to undermine the presidency and the nation herself.

And so we have this constant turmoil, this political drama, and this constant talk of impeachment. His true believers are worn out because Obama overlooked Rule 8 of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals:
"A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."...."


A House vote is much easier to determine in advance than an election. For one thing, you've got a much smaller set of voters to canvas. Here's another:


Note that I am not saying that Trump should or should not be ipmeached, only that Team D has the votes to do so. Anyway, we'll find out soon enough.



Nobody will put it terms more stark than I will. Obama and Biden deserve to be in the dock at a Nuremberg style tribunal, and not only for Ukraine.


Unfortunately, no matter what happens to Trump, no major political party will dare run a candidate that the IC doesn't approve of.

They are too entrenched and too risk adverse.

David Habakkuk

blue peacock, Jack

In matters like these, particularly when, as often, one comes across material that appears puzzling, I have found it prudent to try to avoid premature judgement.

I do not think one can infer anything from the fact that Trump suggested to Zelinsky that he is delegating the investigation to Barr. In this kind of conversation, which, if prudent, he would have every reason to think would probably not remain confidential, he could have been expected to say this.

The transcript, in itself, seems to me compatible with the hypothesis that Trump was shooting off his mouth, without either having any kind of calculated strategy, or anything very much to support the curious claims about the server.

Equally, however, it is compatible with the hypothesis that others who already know much more about the coup plot, and in particular the ‘Ukrainegate’ aspect, than they have seen fit to make public, are burrowing away behind the scenes.

Likewise, it is hardly beyond the bounds of possibility that Trump carefully calculated what he was saying, in the expectation and perhaps indeed hope that something like the sequence of events we have seen would result.

In turn, this brings one back to the – rather important – question of how far the covert and semi-covert transnational networks involved in ‘Russiagate’, about whom, partly through a range of legal actions, we have been beginning to get a much clearer view, have prompted the development of countervailing networks.

As I have suggested before, I think the various suits filed by Ty Clevenger and Steven S. Biss on behalf of Ed Butowsky are an absolutely central part of the drama now unfolding. And I think it is material that Biss has also acted for Devin Nunes, in a range of cases, and on behalf of Lokhova, in her case against Halper and various MSM figures.

There are complexities, and ambiguities here, and much remains unclear to me – again, it seems to me important to keep an open mind.

And also, clearly, both Clevenger and perhaps even more Biss have given some ‘hostages to fortune.’

That said, it is my very strong view that with Butowsky, what you see is what you get.

The way he has been portrayed in the MSM as a manipulative disinformation peddler, on the basis of the most ludicrously tendentious use of evidence, seems to me to prove the precise opposite of what it is intended to do.

Reading through the recent legal filings, as far as I have had time to do, the conclusion seems inescapable. His critics are, largely, cheap crooks, attempting to use their access to power and money to suppress the dissent of an honest man.

And again, although I think that the history of Lokhova is much more complicated than people realise, the elements of hysteria which are patently visible in her statements are quite clearly related to the central fact that her claims that she was framed by Halper, with the connivance of Professor Andrew, who she had thought her friend, are true.

One should never say never, but if in an – honest – court proceeding, it can be demonstrated that the accounts Butowsky has produced of the information he was given, by, among others, Ellen Ratner and Seymour Hersh, about the life and death of Seth Rich, and the cover-ups practised about both, is dishonest, I am prepared to eat my favourite broad-brimmed brown fedora hat.

As to the question Jack raised about Ukraine.

This is too big a subject to do more than touch on at this point – and all the more so, as it brings up larger issues.

Perceptions of Ukraine are intimately involved with what seems to me to have been a curious kind of ‘Bolshevisation’ of liberalism in the wake of the revelation of the dead end into which the actual Bolsheviks had led Russia.

More recently, I have come to think it might be appropriate to talk of a ‘Disneyfication’ of liberalism.

I am still in the midst of the – disheartening – process of going through the – clearly highly selective, if abundant – mass of materials relating to Bruce and Nellie Ohr which have been declassified.

That these people have ended up as utterly mendacious is apparent.

What needs to be better understood is how this started out, in a determination to see the complex and refractory realities of Ukraine in terms of a simple ‘good guys’ versus ‘bad guys’ polarity.

A lot here still baffles me. In the lead-up to the (U.S.) Presidential election, I attempted to have what might be termed an old-fashioned cynical British conversation with old friends, in which I would argue that Trump was, as it were, the lesser evil, as against Hillary Clinton.

However, I then realised that for most of them, not only did he have, as it were, two horns and a tail, but Hillary was, as it were, St. Hillary.

Attempting to argue any part of the case against her, including among other things her appalling neglect of elementary security precautions, simply produced various kinds of hysterical denial.

Reading the material from the Ohrs, I increasingly think something similar happened with Yulia Tymoshenko.


I will agree with your #2,3,and 4 points but medical malpractice cost have been going down for the past 15 or so years. Here is some data on that:

Medical Malpractice: Myths and Realities

A really good source for medical malpractice claims data is the National Practitioner Data Bank which posts data on all paid medical malpractice claims since 1991. A summary of the data for the U.S. as well as for each individual state is here. As the following graphs show, the number of paid medical malpractice claims has been dropping since 2001 and the total amount paid on these claims has been dropping since 2003.

In fact, the total amount spent in the U.S. for medical malpractice (including the amount spent by hospitals as well as legal costs) was estimated to be about $10 billion in 2010. We can assume it’s less than that now, since these costs have been dropping. But even if it’s the same amount, $10 billion is only about 1/3rd of one percent of the more than $3 trillion total spent on health care in the US in 2016. That’s hardly a huge factor.

Barbara Ann
What needs to be better understood is how this started out, in a determination to see the complex and refractory realities of Ukraine in terms of a simple ‘good guys’ versus ‘bad guys’ polarity.
David Habakkuk

Hasn't the media narrative for America's foreign policy (& much else) been Manichean since at least the days of cowboy heroes and villains in white and black hats? Russia evil = Ukraine good.

'Disneyfication' of liberalism is brilliant.

different clue

Well, if the Dems nominate one of their mainstream cans of catfood, Trump WILL win the next election.

If some combination of Warren and/or Sanders and/or Gabbard were to get nominated for P and VP candidate, Trump MIGHT lose the election.
But the word has already gone forth from Purina Central that neither Warren nor Sanders nor Gabbard will be permitted to win the nomination. Never Ever.

So given what the DemParty plans to nominate, I can understand why Green is concerned. Not that I sympathize. I do not sympathize with Al Green.

different clue

Why would Obama care at this point? Wouldn't the Obamas be happy living in their Grand Mansion on Martha's Vineyard counting their money? Their beautiful beautiful money? All those big Tubmans . . .

Jim Ticehurst

David..No..Not more effort to Destroy President Trump any more Through The Corrupt Neo Con Sysytem We Had..Thats all Been EXPOSED..Brought in the Light..and We all hear the Squeeling from those folks..I am conginced That A.G. Barr and Mr. Durham are Patriots...Determined to Protect Our Constitution..and have a Very Clear Awareness of How Corrupt Our System had become after all The Exposures that came out of The Clintion DNC/Neo Con Money Infiltration with The Exposures Connected to The Steele Dossier...Fusion GPS Players and Backers... I believe that A.G. Barr will Go for The Head of the Snake..and Step on the Tail..and it will Happen Soon..Its TIME and we all know it...This has become the Final Example of Where Corruption Can Lead to in Our Government.. Of Replacing Our Constitution and Government with a Foreign Ideology..that grew out of the 1930a..abd Survived the Official Purges of the Communist and Nazi..and forced them underground and Disquised..The Chicago Professor Leo .. Strauss ,,Frankfurt School (embracing The "Marxist Humanist")Theology and Teachings..It Surviced..Morfed..and Transformed its way Into..The Hands of Powerful People..Enabled by Billionaires..Transforming Government..Positions of Power..Influence..Establishing All Domestic and Foreign Policys..and. .The Whole Body of That Frankenstein..has been built for a Long Time...AND The Lsdst "Operation" was Put on the Head..Go to Bed..Hook up all The Connections..Turn on The Power...and We would HAVE a New World Order of The FOURTH RICH..... Every one was Geared Up Ready to Go..Let The Money Flow...Opps ...Sorry Joe..Looks Like Hillary didn't get elected after All..So...David..and All..Yes..Lets see..Some Real Exposure..that will Indeed Rock The House..and a lot of Senators too.. We are NOT a Nation..Built on Sands...Our Founders Knew Better....

Paul Merrell

I suspect that Republicans in the Senate will use the opportunity to put Joe Biden on trial, if he's still in the running, rather than Trump.

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