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25 September 2019


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blue peacock

Similar to the polls during the last election, it ain't done until the fat lady sings. If Ms. Pelosi is so confident she should call a vote of the full House.

Mark Logan

I wouldn't be the least bit shocked it there is no impeachment vote. This is about getting access to much of the things Trump is stonewalling on. Making it an impeachment investigation greases the skids in the courts, which are the only entity in government with a theoretical power to overcome executive branch directives.

Globalist agenda? I don't think the dems are desperately clinging to globalism, they simply smell blood in the water. When the Rs were hounding Clinton over an affair with an intern was that to fight globalism? It was to highlight a flaw of character. I suspect Nancy won't allow this to proceed to a vote. It's just a bigger and better shovel.

blue peacock


While Trump may have an interest in getting to the bottom of Crowdstrike and the Ukrainian role in the election interference, it seems from the call to Zelinsky that Trump has again delegated this to Barr. That's so far not got him anywhere and if that is any indication will not get him to where he needs it to be.

blue peacock

"...perhaps Brennan himself wrote it."

That seems like what it was as the whistleblower is a CIA analyst with no direct knowledge and has hired a partisan attorney.

The only reason that they can continue to pull more of these hoaxes is that the entire Deep State entourage remain free to do just that. It doesn't look like the Trump administration is going after them in any meaningful way. Why isn't Trump using the same tools that they used against him - FISA surveillance, grand juries, special counsel, etc? What's good for the goose should also be good for the gander.


Same old GOP crap I heard from Reagan, Bush II, and Trump. Big tax cuts (mainly helping the well off) will lead to more tax revenue later. Laffer curve and all that bs. Budget deficits go up and GOP blames entitlement programs. Will they never learn?



I don't think Mr. T is felling down in the dumps but I'm sure some James Hodgkinson type, or a civil servant like America's finest professionals at MCC NYC, are ready to spring into action any time they are triggered. It sure explains the latest rush to disarm the deplorables.

Barbara Ann

Spot on Fred. If soliciting from a foreign national a thing of value which may affect an election (and what wouldn't at some level?) is impeachable, it seems US foreign policy had better cease forthwith.

Diana C

I don't live and work around the Swamp. I'm out here in Colorado. The Denver/Boulder corridor is Blue, but most of the rest of Colorado is more red. I'm not hearing very many people, Democrat or Republican, pushing for impeachment. I think we just want a government that works as it was designed to work.

It just seems to me the House is filled with young people who would rather be featured on the news for supporting some sort of controversy rather than to be out of the spotlight but doing the work they were sent to Washington to do.

They have work to do but prefer to be distracted with one supposed "crisis" after another, hoping to make a name for themselves on Tee Vee.

On another note, I like the Edward Hicks "Peaceable Kingdom" copy at the beginning of the posting. I have a nice copy of a different one of his many "Peaceable Kingdom" paintings framed and hanging above a nice copy of Strutt's "A Little Child Shall Lead them" painting in my bedroom. What a nice hope people had for this continent when it was first settled by Europeans. Too bad it has turned out the way it has in our current political climate.

Based on the feeling I'm getting around me here, Trump may be impeached by those who prefer do dramatic productions rather than doing their jobs, but he will not be convicted. We taxpayers pay a huge pile of money for dramatic productions on the part of our elected representatives. Their performances are usually pretty unconvincing. None of them are worth the time spent on watching them or the upset stomachs and headaches we get if we do choose to watch.


Maybe we can let Sibel Edmonds testify in open session of ALL she heard about 9/11 in her role as FBI translator.


Brother Joe

Is this yet another 9/11 the CIA did it thing?



How would you change policy and law? Be specific.


Mark Logan
The hard left marxist globalists like the squad have led the "blood in the water" crowd into a hysterical frontal charge to impeachment.



Rep. Al Green: "I'm Concerned If We Don't Impeach This President, He Will Get Re-Elected"


Heck, forget about voters, we know better. It’s all for their good. No different than the EU - when voters reject, make them vote correctly the next time or have parliament do it. Same story with Brexit. The arrogance of power.


jonst, I think you need a warm cup of Ovomaltine.. You sound very stressed out by your own interpretation of events. In fact Pence is a warm cup of Ovomaltine. So your proffered scenario simply does not sound in fact. Plus reports that Warren is scaring top business Democrats who will defect to Trump if she is nominated. Context, everything in full context. Keeps things balanced.


I recall Larry Johnson blew open the Crowdstrike ruse shortly after it was reported during the Obama years. Time to revisit that old post. What did we learn then and why are still floundering over it today.


Pelosi's condition when accepting the Speaker position after 2018, was she would hold this for only two years, since there was active opposition against her back then. She will be gone shortly, on her own terms.

Pelosi is running out the clock right now - doesn't matter to her if she goes for impeachment or not. Except she is too much of a political animal to completely disregard her instincts, which still say no on impeachment.

Unless Pelosi intended to back on her 2018 promise - two years as Speaker only and then gone.

David Solomon

Colonel Lang, I found this podcast on the National Review of interest. I wonder if anyone else would find it of interest and if so, if they would like to comment on it.




the miracle of bureaucracy!



Though it may appear irrelevant I think we also need to be cognizant of all the money that went into places like Haiti after Aristide was forced to leave and after the earth quake. Did it really need to take more than a decade for "peace keeping" by the UN to come to an end and just why is the UN still there? "Develop the national police"? 15 years is a close to a career's worth of time. The Clinton Global Inititative is still there. The global "government stabilzation" NGO business seems to be a very profitable non-tax paying and unaccountable one. Haitians fought a long bloody war with both the Revolutionary France and Napoleon to earn freedom and independence; even the US left in less time than the UN and the NGOs. To paraphrase that great Squad member, Ilhan Omar, "It's all about the Benjamins baby." or so it seems.



Social Security can be strengthened by eliminating or adjusting the cut off for Social Security tax. Here are several proposals:

Social Security payroll taxes only apply to wages under $132,900 in 2019, effectively giving high-wage earners a lower tax rate. Modifying or eliminating this cap would strengthen the program and redress the impact of growing income inequality on the program’s finances.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Peter Defazio reintroduced their bill from 2018 that applies the payroll tax to income above $250,000, including unearned income. Under this proposal, earnings under the current cap of $132,900 would still be subject to the payroll tax, but there would be no payroll tax on earnings above the cap until earnings reach $250,000.

Another recent proposal comes from Rep. John Larson, the Social Security 2100 Act, making earnings in excess of $400,000 subject to payroll taxes.

Sen. Patty Murray’s proposal, introduced in the 115th Congress, would impose a surtax of 2.0 percent on employers and employees if the employee’s earnings are above $400,000, and a surtax of 4.0 percent if an individual with earnings above that threshold is self-employed.

CEPR economist Dean Baker writes that, over time, Social Security benefits have been shrinking, relative to earnings. “This reduction in benefits has not been widely noted because it takes the form of an increase in the age at which workers can receive their full benefits,” says Baker.

Medicare is a different animal and can only be fixed by fixing the huge medical costs for the whole country. Other countries have got a handle on medical costs and I don't know why we can't learn something from them.


“...he will have an opportunity to clean the stables...”

Why does Trump have to wait to do this? He’s had many months to do just that. He could start by declassification but he’s outsourced that to Barr now and was previously dissuaded by Rosenstein after stating he would do it.

I’m not convinced he’ll clean the stables even if he’s re-elected as he’s not done it when it would appear that there’s no better time than now.



What is the Ukraine connection with Crowdstrike and the IC assertion that Russia hacked the DNC servers? Why do you think Trump is bringing up Ukraine and the servers?


Countries with lower health care costs don't have the medical malpractice feeding frenzy as we have to put up with in the US - Doctors in the US, along with their professional risk managers practice defensive medicine, not for the patients benefit, but to do everything they can to avoid being on the wrong end of often specious malpractice claims.

The patient may be dying regardless, but the doctors know they have to deal with the patients families after the fact. If one of family members starts threatening they will call in a lawyer if the doctor does not do everything to save mom or dad, you can watch the "health care" costs skyrocket. Just talk to your local bioethics committee members if you doubt this one.

This leads to the biggest problem we have in the US which is we refuse to define "health care"- go ahead try and define it. It utterly lacks objective precision, which is necessary if you are to project or maintain costs.

Other countries accept rationing (limited resources) and elimination of futility of treatment (death panels) is part of their more cost efficient systems. In the US, we over-treat the worried well, mainly with high cost drugs, and treat the last six months of life as the last chance free for all to make up any hospital operating deficits. You won't find that approach to "health care" in other countries. Again, talk to members of your local hospital bioethics committee to see the other side of "health care".

Plus government health care benefits paid by taxpayers for public sector employees, has also been a huge driver of cost increases. Shortly after Hilary Care hit the scene a few decades ago, public agencies saw huge increases in their group health insurance costs- un-related to any other economic factor.

Only conclusion is those group plan insurance companies thought they were seeing the beginning of the end for their industries and charged anything they could ...while they could.

Hilarycare died its death, but the insurance companies quickly learned they could get away with charging public tax payer funded group plans anything they wanted without protest, because the fatal combination of public employee unions and spending OPM kept elected officials from protesting.

In summary - why US health care costs are so much higher

1. Medical malpractice threats
2. Treating the worried well, and over treating the last six months of life
3. Elected officials spending OPM on public sector union-bargained health benefit demands - no cost controls used against the group insurance providers
4. Inability to accept rationing or futility of treatment limits


frig the ovomaltine, whatever the heck that is. Lets just say we respectfully disagree on the level of anger building, on both sides, in this Nation. I repeat, I would not be surprised to see events spiraling out of control of the Borg. In any event, I wish you the best of luck trying to "keep things in balance". A lot of people may soon find they are riding tigers..and angry tigers at this. It will be interesting to watch them try and dismount.


Having reviewed the rumorblower complaint...and seeing the, alleged, ties to 'National Security' types in the WH, does anybody else on the Committee think of the name John Bolton? Maybe this is his good by gift.

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