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19 September 2019


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Putin is saying "No Excuses!" to the Russian Defense Industry. Putin wants the Russian Defense Industry TOTALLY Self-Sufficient and Import Free. These were the words that Putin spoke yesterday on the Defense Industry's 'Professional Holiday'. Gunsmith day is held in Izhevsk where they produce 10% of all global small arms. In Izhevsk on display were the Osa and Tor Defense Systems, which are produced at the local Kupol plant. Kalashnikov small arms range testing ground, where new models of their small arms are tested. As each Kalashnikov is put through production, there are quality control checks to ensure that every piece meets quality standards.

Hundreds of heads of the Russian Defense Industry from all over the country gathered in Izhevsk. The Gunsmith Forum marked the 100th Anniversary of Mikhail Kalashnikov's birthday. At the Forum, Putin praised Kalashnikov as a true patriot of his fatherland.

Russia's defense industry today comprises over 1,300 enterprises, roughly 2 Million workers, that include engineers, designers, and technical all come togeather to develop Russia's new weapons systems. The Russian Government creates youth techno parks like the Kalashnikov Academy that was created in Izhevsk. Robotics, IT, Mechanical, design all come together instructing the future leaders of the Russian Defense Industry. Next year they'll be adding aerial design. Putin held a meeting of Russia's Military Industrial Commission where they discussed problems in their defense industry. Problems like debt load, difficulties associated with import substitutions. Putin stressed that it wasn't just a celebration but a working conference where issues of concern were brought up.

Last year (2018) Russia had to delay several state defense orders due to performance errors.


Babak Makkinejad

The economic minister of Itlay in the government that just resigned. They know.

Barbara Ann


Re Kinshasa and its 17 million souls. A forecast for 2075 has it as the most populous city on earth with over 58 million. Mind boggling. I think it equally likely the population could be zero and that by then it will have been subsumed into the Saharan continental desert.



Am I in a time loop? Aw sheez, gaw! Ok, it's her moving back to the South Carolina thang. She was asleep at the switch as U.N. Ambassador.

Thanks Fred for pulling me back to the present. :)




First of all, I am inclined to think that overall the argument could be made that the association of France with Africa is a good thing, regardless. Particularly given the dangerous direction of things in Africa. It seems that there has been a small diplomatic row between Italy and France over migration to Europe. The remarks were made by Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and under the title 'Is France Still Exploiting Africa' by Giorgio Spagnol, with a publication date of 10/2/19, an article about the allegations has been published in something called IERI.

Interestingly, the French leadership has been pretty straightforward about the French need for a very close alignment and involvement with Africa. Spagnol writes: "In March 2008, former French President Jacques Chirac said: 'Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third world power.'" Mitterand said something very similar in 1957 about French national interests in Africa.

If post-colonial arrangements were that 14 western and central African countries were required to have their national reserves held by France in France's Central Bank, and this is estimated to be as much as $500 billion, couldn't it be argued that this was a prudent move? Compare the looting of Nigeria's oil wealth by Sani Abacha, with the tutelage of Gilbert Chagoury and agency of Marc Rich, Glencore, and Swiss banks.

I just finished an intriguing and subtle book on the Amanda Knox case called 'The Fatal Gift of Beauty--The Trials of Amanda Knox' by Nina Burleigh. It is now very clear that the killer of Meredith Kercher was an African, Rudy Guede, whose whole background and psychiatric condition is as strange as anything I have ever heard of. The Italian police, prosecution, and judiciary failed in this case completely and totally. It is astounding. But that is not what I am talking about here. I think there is a growing race problem in Italy with foreigners in general and with black Africans in particular. Burleigh is very clear about this. At some point there is going to be a backlash. I think that this has something to do with Di Maio's remarks. And I think his remarks are probably mostly irrelevant and at best are highly debatable, though to me interesting in the historical context, and I can remember some of my Celine. So the question of France and Africa is sorta er au courant.


I got your back. It's cool.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for having my back.
The comments of Chirac reminds me of the abalogous comments of Mussolini about North Africa. Does not France bear major responsibility for Genocide in Rwanda as well? And I am not goi g to say anything about their possible role in AIDS.

Babak Makkinejad

Africans in Italy are men without wome, which makes things worse. Intermarriage is the best long term solution but a central assumption of the Western Diocletian Civilization, viz that any one could become a Diocletian is going to be shown to be invalid long before that time.


Libya has become the gateway. Italy is the closest destination. Europe is already facing one of the great migrations in human history. But what is happening now is nothing as to what is coming in a few years. For these poor people it is not about making a better life for oneself. It's simply survival. Already there must be a million displaced people in Libya and other points of North Africa--Ceuta?--trying to make the crossing. There is going to have to be an armed military frontier with thousands of European garrison troops, drone bases, naval units and coast guard patrols to keep the desperate people fleeing from the collapsing, dying climate of the Equatorial Mid Earth and Sud out. That's why Britain has voted for Brexit. Britain has the Channel. The British want nothing to do with fortifying and policing North Africa.

How many million auslanders will be allowed in to the Diocletian civilization? Or rather, how many CAN be allowed in?


Oh come on. You seem to be implying that France had some sort of role in the spread of AIDs? What on earth are you saying?

Babak Makkinejad

Back to the Roman History and the barbarian pressure and eventual destruction of the Classical Civilization, eh?


Russia's Spetsgruppa A, aka Alpha Group, aka Alpha, one of the first commanders of Alpha celebrated his 85 birthday recently, General Gennady Zaitsev.

Alpha was created by the former KGB in 1974, and has seen action in different forms since. During the former Soviet Union's campaign in Afghanistan, Zaitsev led Alpha in the storming of Kabul's Presidential Palace to rescue hostages.

Another one of Russia's special units is their Directorate “V” (Vympel), which is officially tasked with protecting Russia’s strategic installations. V has been seen operating in Syria.


No. Climate change leading to climate collapse. Leading to migration.

At the battle of the Teutoburg forest the barbarians were led by the Roman equivalent of a West Pointer and had at least a comparable army that he put into a winning position by brilliant leadership. It was a decisive battle, a world changing event. Climate change is also world changing. I do not see how one can compare these desperate people who are already dying in the desert and at sea with those who finally broke the Watch on the Rhine. I think the new Frontier Force of the Europeans will be the ones who are the new barbarians. But matters will be arranged so that the home folks will never know. Twice I have had conversations with men who were in Algeria. The one, a Spaniard, just laughed at the killing they had done. The other, a Frenchman giving me a lift when I was hitch-hiking from Turin across the mountains into Nice was genuinely remorseful.

Isn't it time that you acknowledged climate change? Recently I read about what is occuring in Iranian Baluchistan. There must be at least a hundred villages there that have lost their water supply. They now must depend on water trucks. Agriculture seems to be finished there. The Hamun marshes have dried up, and that is at least, in part, the fault of the Taliban, is it not? Without knowing a great deal about it, I think it's accurate to say that the dam builders of the Eisenhower years did get dams like the Kajacki dam built, and then filled, and after that there was a flow of water still into Iran, was there not, and it went on for years until the Taliban shut down the water flow? But there seems to be an underlying problem that something quite serious is going on with the climate in this region, as elsewhere. Chabahar must depend on desalination, now, isn't that correct? And that one hundred and twenty day wind in Baluchistan which is so dangerous to the lungs because of 'particulate matter'
now goes on for one hundred and eighty days?

I don't think we need to worry about classical civilization anymore.



Just to be clear, West Point is an undergraduate college of no great accomplishment where the students study CIVILIAN subjects.. I was a professor there. Get it? The students have all fees and costs paid and receive a salary while students. They wear uniforms and go to parade but receive no more actual military schooling or training than some guy who goes to a state college and has an ROTC scholarship. Spare me the institutional propaganda.

JP Billen

Considering three decades of oppression in Libya, the Rape of Eritrea and Somalia Italiana, and the widespread use of poison gas in Ethiopia; the Italians would would surely know a bit about the 'plunder of Africa'.



To Italy's great good fortune the soon to be reopened borders will bring the diversity that is our strength to both Italy, France and the rest of Europe;and rightfully so since the Africans were deprived by all that exploration. I wonder how long it will take the best and brightest of Brussels to figure out Africa needs diversity in Africa? Why just look at the demographics of the continent....



She's a second rate politician and as slippery as they come. I hope South Carolinians don't reelect her to anything.

Babak Makkinejad

The perception among Iranians is that US built that damn in Afghanistan and thus destroyed agriculture in the Hamun Lake basin into the 1950s. That when Sistanis migrated from there to Moghan area in Azerbaijan. No one knows the climate history of the Iranian plateau and no one can attribute the current drought period to inevitable astronomically caused global warming, in my opinion.

Babak Makkinejad

Iranian government has been selling water to farmers at 19% of cost, encouraging waste and sloth. The drought has been a great teacher. Iraians, in my opinion, can deal with these problems, they have knowledge and experience and respurces. Chabahar situation is not any different than San Diego in the need for desalination plants. Afghanistan is where the real crisis will be or is.



Rawanda - "The machette made me do it, I didn't realize butchering my fellow man was murder" has been supersceded by "France made me do it"? Doesn't anyone there have agency?

Barbara Ann


I fear you may be right about the future focus of our worries, we are perhaps in the minority here. The petty squabbles which occupy so much of our attention today will soon be put into perspective I think.

Have you by any chance read any of James Lovelock's books? I recently finished The Ages of Gaia and in it Lovelock explains why he thinks Gaia's 'desirable' state is today what we currently consider aberrant, that is; an ice age. Interglacial periods (the latest of which saw the flourishing of our own species) now represent a pathology in our planet's self regulatory system, so this thinking goes. He cites the evolution 10MYA or so of C4 plants (e.g. grasses) which thrive at the lower end of the atmospheric CO2 range (around 180ppm) present during a glaciation, as evidence of this. The rise of Man and our impact on Gaia's ability to perform its function, during an already pathological warm state, is unfortunate. Lovelock thinks a hot state, perhaps not seen for aeons, is where we are headed.

Some people choose not to acknowledge news that a flood is underway until the water is lapping at their ankles. The Politicization of Everything does not help.


Lovelock is wrong; Earth was going to warm up regardless of human activity. This is all well known.

What is not agreed upon is the measure of human contribution to this astronomically-driven process.

The climate has been around for 3 billion years, it does not require our cuddling.



Unsurprisingly it has gone quiet on Epstein but Ari Ben Menashe has been interviewed about him. Says he was introduced to him in the eighties by Robert Maxwell, was already an item with Ghislaine, that both were Mossad and that as he spent several months in the MCC prison he knows it is impossible to commit suicide there.

Barbara Ann

I pray you are right Babak.


Does not France bear major responsibility for Genocide in Rwanda as well?

Curious idea. How about Belgium and Germany ... maybe others pulling strings, considering root causes?

Germany without other special national interests may surely help more to classify ethnic DNA with genocidal root causes? No?

Thus, why not leave it there?

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