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15 September 2019


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Thank you for all of this. I've always felt that Flynn's situation is the saddest part of the Democrats' (especially the Obama Democrats') effort to to undermine anyone connected to Trump. Your detailed outline of Flynn's case should help in some way to get him some justice.

It's just very sad that Flynn has had to pay such a high price for the obvious spiteful actions of a President and his administration to undermine an incoming administration. It makes common citizens lose any sort of respect for our "deep state" and makes us wonder why anyone would want to work in that environment.

I hope Flynn can eventually be released and exonerated. That would not bring back the time he's spent in this mess or the money he's lost--not to mention his family's

People should never be a used as a means to an end. That is the real evil that is taking over our governing class. It's a real lack of concern for the importance of each and every human life. And that lack of concern shows exactly how much they don't understand or respect the founding principles of our government.

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