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26 September 2019


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Why is the US intelligence apparatus again inserting themselves into presidential policy decisions?

Among others, that is one thing this current Ukraine matter is about.

This time, via an alleged whistleblower, whose complaint does not match up very well with the actual telephone transcript, of July, between US and Ukraine presidents.

After Joseph McGuire, the Acting Director of National Intelligence completed his testimony, Rep. Adam Bennett Schiff, D-California, the chairman of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, stated at 12:21 p.m. -- in what he said was a direct message to Ukraine and its people:

“We support you in your fight with Russia,” Schiff stated on the House floor.

The previous day, during his televised meeting with Ukriane President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Trump urged him to meet with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin to resolve the Ukraine conflict.

Trump also reminded Zelensky, and the public, that it was under President Obama that his country "lost" Crimea, when that crisis exploded in 2014.



"Based on my understanding, there were approximately a dozen White House officials who listened to the call...." .... "I was not the only non-White House official to receive a read-out of the call." .....

It looks like they have narrowed down the list of potential white house leakers. I can't wait for Crossfire Hurricane 2, where some transcripst are planted in that "electronic system", then replaced with different transcripts and so on until they figure out who is leaking what. Of course if they did this right they've already been doing that, now all they are doing is connecting the dots.....

Barbara Ann

Worth adding that the DoJ said the following about the referral to them:

Relying on established procedures set forth in the Justice Manual, the Department’s Criminal Division reviewed the official record of the call and determined, based on the facts and applicable law, that there was no campaign finance violation and that no further action was warranted.


No there there. Again.

blue peacock

CIA analyst with no direct knowledge is the whistleblower. Great!

Another scam on par with the Russia Collusion dud. These guys just don't get it. They seem to want Trump to win a re-election and probably lose Congress too. Or as a Congressman said on TV we want to impeach him or else he'll win the election.

Trump to his detriment, IMO, keeps nominating people who all have a vested interest in perpetuating the same establishment shenanigans that many voters are rejecting. Instead of delegating declassification to Barr he should have released it all himself. If he wants to stop these constant hysterical attacks he has to get a team at DOJ that will go the mat to prosecute the highest levels of the entitled class who are mired in corruption.



Not surprised to see use of "inter alia." I sometimes use it too and I'm not a lawyer but was around them from time to time when required. I actually was a DIY type and was able to avoid even occasional use of lawyers in forming and running a C corp. But eventually you get big enough they are unavoidable with contracts and regulations. Lawyers are all over DC, the center of the legal priesthood, and I'm sure some of the language rubs off on most others. The guy/gal writes well too. Better than most lawyers or reporters.


When will journalists refresh the public on connections between Biden-Hunter, where Biden taunted, "Go ahead, call [my boss, Obama]; and Victoria Nuland "f**k the Europeans" Kagan and her bosses, Hillary Clinton & Obama, Jeff Feltman, earlier delegated by Clinton to manage the "Arab Spring," and Jeff "Midwife" Pyatt?


Isn't that what started this boulder rolling?
(Did Nuland divert her husband's donut stash to Ukraine snipers?)

John R Chesire

Despite all the smoke, this breaks down to two questions:

A. Did the President do something illegal or not?
B. Was there a coverup or not?

It remains to be seen the answers to these two questions. Let us hope the truth comes out. I think this will be extremely important, regardless of the final determinations.

The Beaver


Another comment about his/her art of writing




We must make sure the President does not commit crimes or solicit bribes while talking to foreign leaders. That's why the intellegence community must listen in on all calls, just like they did with Obama.

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