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02 September 2019


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Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang

This is another poorly thought piece of legislation from that strategy-free zone called Washington DC.

How far will US go in her containment efforts against China? And to what end, a struggle to be waged for hundreds of years?

Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang:

Which spiritual interest are you referring to? Those of 17-th Century Puritans dominating US?

robt willmann

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 has been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate.

In the House it is H.R.3289--



In the Senate it is S.1838--




Babak, if you are Babak, No the Enlightenment concern for the rights of man.



How did Babak in Michigan become so pro communist? Not much of a Shia.


But Yemen is supposedly an existential threat to the USA's good friend KSA, surely the KSA is not communist? ( not all that much of a friend either unless one considers parasites to be friends )
And Palestine is supposedly an existential threat to the USA's great friend Israel. Israel is surely not a communist nation. ( also not that much of a friend unless one considers the Johnathan Pollard types to be friends.)
Russia stopped being communist the instant that most successful agent in place Gorbachev handed over control to Yeltsin, and The PRC has most successfully become a rapacious capitalist nation once Mao and Mrs. departed this mortal coil.
And even DPRNK is easing away from communism thanks to the great admiration the leader there has for the leader here.
I do not see an interest for the USA in sticking its nose into yet another nations family disagreement. But then I haven't seen much value accruing to the USA in its continual intrusion into other folks' affairs since 1881.

Babak Makkinejad

The Rights of Man is fine but I cannot support its abuse as a wedge to beat China or anyone else on the head.



Thanks for posting the link to the text, it is an interesting piece of legislation.

"an assessment of whether sensitive dual-use items subject to the export control laws of the United States are being—

(A) transshipped through Hong Kong; and (B) used to develop— (i) the Sharp Eyes, Skynet, Integrated Joint Operations Platform, or other systems of mass surveillance and predictive policing"

As a related topic shouldn't the Congress also look into which US Tech companies are aiding China in the development of systems of "mass surveillance and predictive policing"?



I agree. Though what Trump is going to do is unpredictable. It would sure be the right thing for the Republic to make such a gesture. It won't hurt him either politically nor in his trade negotiations with China.

Babak Makkinejad

What is the ultimate goal of US policy of Containing China? I fail to see anything in here except opposition to another hyperpower. In my opinion, Democracy and Freedom in China is centuries into the future, if at all. There could a revival of the ideas of Legalists in a few decades but barring that, Democratic China is a pipedream, both for Containment Strategists as well as for Chinese political activists and reformers and thinkers. A very sad case of the Persistence of a rather brutal past. (And I no longer see protection of US jobs as its core purpose.)

I consider CPC as the Red Emperor: no ideology there just organized power structure to run that country, whose economy is supported by 300 million pigs – only an Act of Divine Intervention, a Miracle, could cause the Chinese to become Muslims, let alone Shia.

If I am correct in my surmise, then the most productive way forward would be to learn to live with an un-free, un-just, and un-democratic, and cunning China for many more decades. But then that would be just like living with Saudi Arabia and her friends in Southern Persian Gulf. No country or combinations of countries, in the West, can hope to dominate China at acceptable costs. That is why Kwak's ideas are stupid.


Maybe the democratically-elected U.S.government should concern itself more with the long-term, or even short-term, material interests of its own people, many of whom are apparently sinking beneath the waves of debt, ill health, addiction and general decline in life expectancy and life chances.

While any U.S. denunciation of the Chinese government over events in Hong Kong is unlikely to affect outcomes there, it will no doubt worsen US-China relations. But that is a feature, not a bug.

Of course, as you say, such a denunciation could be an important distraction to cheer up Americans and to reinforce the Enlightenment myth that Anglo-American values are universal despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.


British Columbia is packed full of mainland Chinese who have stashed their wealth there and who look forward to taking refuge in Victoria and/or Vancouver.
Indeed, and it causes a lot of resentment towards Chinese that is similar to that towards the mainlanders in Hong Kong. The wealth-parking and haven-seeking in both places has driven asset inflation that has affected the locals badly, with the exception of a fortunate few. This has happened at the same time that HK has lost one of its engines of true economic growth, its formerly indispensable role as a trade and financial portal for China. The HK protests seem driven mainly by unfocused resentment of all things mainland and lacking in coherent goals. HK's lack of an extradition treaty with the mainland is one incentive for wealthy mainlanders, especially those who might have been shady in acquiring their wealth, to seek a haven in HK.



I agree with you.

IMO, CCP is going to crackdown violently on the people of HK who are the modern equivalent of Patrick Henry. This is an example of their resolve. Volunteer drivers rescuing trapped protestors.


The US Congress needs to stand with the good people of HK in their hour of need. There should be consequences for CCP violence. Sanctions on the CCP politburo who have much of their wealth stashed in the west should be an immediate response. The other should be ending US investment in CCP linked entities and preventing the listing of Chinese companies on US exchanges unless they fully comply with accounting and transparency standards that are required of US companies. The US Congress should also recognize Taiwan as an independent country as CCP has reneged on “One Country Two Systems”. There can be no “deal” with CCP any longer as they have time and again thumbed their noses before the ink has even dried in their previous agreements including their inclusion in WTO. The time has come to destroy the authoritarian CCP and enable the Chinese people to determine their own destiny.

Former communist countries get the nature of the CCP. IMO, this time the global response to CCP violence will not be benign. CCP cash will not be able to easily buy public opinion this time despite the propaganda of the fifth column.


Trump must know that a strong dollar is the worst situation for CCP with trillions in dollar liabilities. There are reports that some Chinese cities are now rationing meat as pork prices rocket up.


When my grandkids say they are scrutinizing all products they purchase to make sure they’re not Made in China, I know that sentiment is changing at the margin.



"the long-term, or even short-term, material interests of its own people, many of whom are apparently sinking beneath the waves of debt, ill health, addiction and general decline in life expectancy and life chances." marxist agitprop. You should move to the peoples' paradise and then you can stand in line at COSTCO stores.



Incredible! Does this attitude have anything to do with US policy toward Iran?



Ah, I was rightt. This is about Iran for you.



I can understand why you don't care about TROM. Humans have no inalienable rights in Iran. Onle god has thr Right and it is for men to obey the Khawza to seek salvation.



F---k the Saudis and the camels they would rather screw than ride. You, sir are a communist sympathizer.


US policy should not be to “Contain China”. It should be to destroy the totalitarian CCP.


Yemen and Palestine against Communist tyranny?
I was not aware that Israel or the Gulfies were Communists.



What an anti-colonial snob you are! Try not to be overcome by your post-colonial angst. Tyranny is tyranny, whether it be that of Britain, the asshole salafists or the communists.

Peter C

Supporting the Act implies support for the HK protestors. Are you sure you want to do that? Here is a video that appears to show a group of them terorizing some older passengers on a subway train:



I know you don't like communists, or me very much, but I am still at a loss to see how either have anything to do with what is currently going on Yemen or Palestine.


Israel was founded by Bolsheviks, the Israeli state and government were modeled after the CCCP, their communities the Kibbutz were modeled on the Soviet Communes. If it walks like a Communist, flaps it mug like a Communist, it must be a Communist.

Those same Israeli Bolsheviks that founded the state of Israel sold out their fellow European Jews in bargaining with Hitler and his Nazis for safe passage for themselves and their personal wealth and riches to Palestine. It is one of those inconvenient truths that the Israeli government cringes at when the subject is brought up. So yes the Colonel was right in calling the Israelis Communists. Look at the way they operate today, they're still Communist in word and action.


Babak Makkinejad

And replace it with what? And spare me Japan's case: a democratic constitution grafted by the Victor onto the Meiji Constitution. Japan is semi-sovereign and if and when US decamps, will she remain like she is today or revert back?

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