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24 September 2019


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Barbara Ann

Lars says "Asking a foreign country to help your political campaign is a crime in US law" but I would be interested in Robert Willmann's view on this. It is illegal to solicit from a foreign national a "thing of value" in connection with a Federal election under 52 U.S. Code § 30121. But as Biden has not yet been nominated, which election is the supposed interference in - the Dem primaries? And the law's intent is to regulate donations and contributions. Is political capital, in its broadest sense, a thing of value for these purposes?

At this stage it seems the Dems' TDS may be their undoing.


The Ukraine is a total cesspool of corruption and I am sure we could spend years investigating corruption there and the US and others part in it.

I wonder if Pelosi thinks bringing up impeachment now will take away any interest in Biden's alleged pressuring of Ukraine to stop its investigation of Burisma and Ihor Kolomoisky.

Joe Biden claimed his position/the US interest was fighting corruption in the Ukraine.
However when the Ukraine parliament’s voted to reduce known mobster Kolomoisky’s authority to run Burisma Holdings from his position as a minority owner and began a investigation Biden pressured the Ukraine government to stop the investigation and fire the prosecutor.

The Ukraine in 2015 had succeeded in getting a court in London to freeze more than $2.5 billion of Kolomoisky overseas assets he looted from Privatbank. He fled to Israel then but is now back in Ukraine since the election of the new president he is believed to have supported.

The BIG thing about Kolomoisky is he is very agressively against Russia....which probably explains a lot. ....and probably explains also who arranged the Burisma job for Biden's son.



I remember when Presidential relatives only sold second rate beer, not influence. I've read the transcript. How dare Ukraine investigate corruption surrounding state assests and how dare Trump tell them they should do so. Tell me, how was this new Ukriainian elected, promising not to investigate corruption in Ukraine? I sure hope he doesn't tell anbody who got all that National Endowment for Democracy money. Nobody better tell Trump about that either, he might call for a congressional audit of NED spending.

different clue

I sometimes feel like President Trump is running parts of this whole thing like a combination Reality Show/ Wrestlemania Event. He has been trolling the House Democrats into losing their temper and beginning impeachment proceedings. Pelosi has given in to her hungry angry caucus.

Presidency Trump: the Show!

So now we'll have a year or two of ImpeachMania! followed by Trump handily defeating "Joey Tomatoes" or whatever other can of catfood the DemParty elite cares to run.

different clue

The only way Trump could possibly lose is if the Dems are forced to run a Sanders/Gabbard ticket or otherwise a Gabbard/Sanders ticket. If the Dems nominate Warren/Sanders or Sanders/Warren, they perhaps have the remotest chance of just barely winning.

If they nominate one of their own beloved DemCentrist Elites, they will lose bigly. Which, if that is what they do, would mean they want to throw the election bigly in hopes for some kind of reset in 2024 as Fred above suggests.



The only “bombshell” that I read in the transcripts was Trump asking Zelensky to look into Crowdstrike. Now that would be very interesting if we are to get to the bottom of Russia Collusion & Spygate. Since we’ve got the Trump transcripts, wouldn’t you agree that we also get transcripts of Obama and Biden’s discussions with Poroshenko? Let’s go whole hog with transparency and get transcripts of Victoria Nuland, John McCain and the rest that have been so deeply involved in the coup and it’s aftermath in Ukraine.

different clue

Since President Trump is a grown up adult, at what point does he bear ultimate responsibility for the script he chooses to read and chooses to believe in?


Trump's fear of germs makes the shiny clean robodog the perfect pet for Trump. It can fetch his Big Mac without slobbering on it.

Since the press won't give Tulsi a chance, I hope Joe wins the primary. Trump will destroy his skeletal remains in the debates. Better than football.



There is an increasing divide among the leftists. The corrupt corporate leftists who support Pelosi and Biden are baying for impeachment, while the more intelligent leftists realize that these same shenagins will be used by someone like Bernie if he tries to take on the establishment. Tulsi has again shown her intelligence and character on The Hillby saying that Trump should be removed - but he should be removed by the people in 2020.



I think colonel Lang called it a performance of "America's Greatest President" or something like that. He sure wiped the floor with the institutional Republicans during the primary and sank Hilary too..



I was quoting him.

Unhinged Citizen

I always imagined Trump's White House mascot to be characteristically 80s New York and gaudy, something like a sickly chimpanzee, spray-painted in gold..

different clue

I would suggest there are two basic type-clusters of Left. There is the Political-Economy ( PE ) Left. Sanders is one of a lonely few of those . . . though he might inspire more people to become supporters and explore that approach.

And then again there is the Culture Of Wokeness ( COW ) Left. That's the SJWs and the Identy-Hustlers and the Pink Kitty Cap Clintoads and so forth. They are the main Left in America today.
They are the people who sneer at SanderBackers as "Bernie bros" and so forth. They would rather see Trump win again than see Sanders win because they hate Sanders for allegedly harming the candidacy of their beloved Clinton.

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