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29 September 2019


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Babak Makkinejad


They are referring to Quran, 61-13 https://quran.com/61/13


thanks very much for this. looking forward to the msm take on this 'alleged' victory...

The Twisted Genius

Babak, That's pretty powerful.

"And [you will obtain] another [favor] that you love - victory from Allah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers."

Although I doubt the evidence of this military victory will have any effect on Pompeo or Trump, I hope it finds a widespread audience within Saudi Arabia and the other Peninsular states. The "guardians of Mecca" are not who they say they are. I remember talking with you about taking the Saudi Royal's money through a hacking operation some time ago. I've talked with many incredibly talented young people in the Mideast, including Yemen, who may be able to pull this off. Now would be a perfect time for some group, with whatever sympathetic international help they can muster, to do just that.


Maybe Trump will suggest they change leadership on the battlefield and suggest somebody who, unlike all those Chochise types in the hills who are kicking thier asses, went to West Point. In fact they deserve somebody who was first in his class....


Those 8 wheeled tired vehicles, some of which are on fire, look like the vehicles General Dynamics Canada sold to the Saudi's, looked at some pictures online but couldn't tell for sure, anyone know? If they are the current PM Justin said he didn't cancel the contract because they where only "Jeeps", you know like the YJ in your neighbors driveway, his father must be rolling in his grave.

His Majesty Justin's motorcade went by my house earlier on his way to back YVR and his Jet aircraft, full police escort, Police motorcycles, armored limo etc, he was here lecturing us on climate change and how we must reduce our CO2 footprint, only for the little people of course, Canadians must be the biggest Hippocrates in the world or at least in the running.


Was the motorcade blaring ACDC's "Back in Black"?


Why are these people fighting (and dying) over worthless desert?



It is their homeland. Al watn! Are you so soulless as to ask that question?



No idea what you are talking bout.

susan c

Hi Colonel

The commenter fkdahl was referring to the fact Trudeau the younger has enjoyed wearing blackface on several occasions. He's since been referred to as Canada's first black prime minister.



This should scare MbS. He would be smart to end this war and pay the Houthis for reconstruction.


Remarkable video. Many in sandals, the Houthi look lean and fit.
It looks like the Houthi are all on foot! Is that possible? Most of the captured personnel carriers, they burn, no use for them? Many of the Toyota Land Cruisers and HiLux pickups, they fill with captured weapons and drive away.
There was an hour long video on youtube with some of the same footage + more, but it has been removed as too graphic.
So it's OK to sell Saudis bombs and refuel their planes so they can bomb Yemen, but it's too graphic to watch the Saudis get defeated by the Houthi.
Here is the old link to youtube, now removed. If you know where to find a copy, please post it.



Worthless to you, to them (the Houthis) its their homeland

Christian J Chuba

I love how much skepticism the U.K. and other western outlets have about the Houthi claims. They must be confusing the Houthis with the White Helmets, as if the Houthis have a massive media budget that they can stage a fake victory, as if they so much extra equipment that they can arrange expensive looking trucks at a moments notice.



The Beaver


Affirmative Canadian-made LAV armoured vehicles

some videos from this Iraqi Twitter account:


I've written something on this here: https://irrussianality.wordpress.com/2019/09/30/trudeaus-jeeps-in-action/


The Trudeau motorcade ... there is currently in Canada a political storm over Trudeau in his younger days (ie just a few years ago) on at least three occasions showing up in blackface. Back in black is a reference this political incident.

Terence Gore


Dave Schuler

That should be a reminder that we should not sell anything to the Saudis that we are not willing to allow to fall into the hands of those who might wish to do us harm. The Saud family's rule is not that robust and there is no controlling who will succeed them.

It should be such a reminder but it won't be.


Only if he leads from the front lines.

Rick Merlotti

Amazing footage. Scrappy Yemenis deliver MBS a MBS (Major Bitch Slap).


When I watched video of Houthi attack, I kept thinking "Where is the Saudi air force, where are the Saudi helicopters?"
This might be an answer:
"> The large-scale operation was preceded by Yemeni rocket artillery targeting Jizan airport, with 10 missiles paralyzing any movements to and from the airport, including denying the possibility of air support for the encircled troops. The Houthis also hit the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh in a key operation that targeted Apache helicopters, forcing them to leave the area. Nearby military bases were also targeted so as to cut off any reinforcements and disrupt the chain of command. This led to the Saudi forces fleeing in disorganization.
> Houthi forces employed drones, missiles, anti-aircraft systems, as well as electronic warfare to prevent the Saudis from supporting their troops with aviation or other means to assist their trapped men."


ACDC is a band, and "Back in Black" is one of their songs.
Not my kind of music, just trying to answer your question.
I am more into Chopin.



TTG believes that Trump is utterly irredeemable and stupid to boot. I think Trump is persuadable and does not like losers. TTG is correct about Pompeo. Unfrtuntely he may be president someday.



you will probably have to wait a long time.

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