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14 September 2019


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The King can order a cease-fire followed by a negotiated withdrawal.

Iranians will help the King withdraw honorably and without loosing face.

phil cattar

I do not despise Senator Graham.He is obviously very intelligent with a quick and witty mind.However I have thought for some time now the Mossad or a "friend" of the current Israeli government has something on him.

Phil Cattar

I do not despise Senator Graham.He is obviously very intelligent .He has a quick mind ,funny and great at repartee.However I have suspected for a long time that Israeli intelligence or "friends" of the current Likud government have something on him.I see no political reason why a US Senator from SC would be so "gung ho" for Israel.

Heidi’s master

For very accurate targetting, you could use stratus adsb receiver. This is accurate to within a few feet. ADSB is available in Saudi Arabia.

JP Billen

That would be the best solution. Some sources have said the Emiratis are ready to withdraw. But that still leaves Bibi and the new Bolton wannabee, the honorable gentleman from South Carolina.

Barbara Ann

Wow, this technology sure is fascinating. I read up a lot about FPV systems a few years back with a view to building one, but this is a whole new ball game and somewhat beyond me. If b below says it can be done with a $100 cellphone I'm happy to take his word for it.

It does make me wonder how much longer such potential high-value targets can continue to survive without the type of GPS jamming the Russians have at Hmeimim. Or perhaps the GPS satellites themselves will have to be reprogrammed to scramble their signal around such places. Doesn't help with GLONASS or BeiDou of course. An emplaced homing beacon was my other thought too. Anyhow, however they did it, it is a major coup for the Houthis.


thats the hotspot on a smartphone I meant. using a single board computer (like the raspberry pi) with gps, wifi, ipcam modules and some relatively simple written code to integrate et voila. poor man's guidance system with a (almost) realtime datalink for a few hundred $ in total for sbc and pre-paid smartphone.



What happens when the missile goes out of range of a cell tower?


A satellite link isn't neededwhen internet is available (which is likely near the oil installation). it can be done using ip (internet protocol). this might even be faster because satellite has a delay (latency) because of the distance to/from the satellite.

another option can be using another high-flying drone as a relay. this can also be built relative simple. poor man's BACN

Terminal guidance can be done using a ipcam using the BACN or ip.

But I presume this is what TTG also meant.


regarding the use of your hundred euro Samsung phone as guidance system, what happens when the missile gets beyond the coverage range of a cell tower? The Arabian peninsula is not Germany. There must be many areas of no coverage.



How about using a satellite phone as a guidance system or something like INMARSAT?


Then the signal would be lost, but the route to the target area can be pre-programmed using GPS. Only in the final phase more accuracy is required. In the target area there must be GSM coverage available. I cannot imagine no coverage over there, since internet and telephones have become an essential requirement everywhere where people work and live.

The other alternative (I also put it some posts above near the line-of-sight) is to have another high flying drone that relays the data. The poor mans BACN

Personally I would use both. Single Board Computers are powerful enough and enough other COTS equipment and open source software is available. Write some software to let it work together.

Antennas can be boosted (the strength is often restricted by law) and buy from specialized providers like Mikrotik that make specialized equipment for use in areas with little infrastructure. So range shouldn't be a problem.


For communication it is possible. For guidance not, unless the datalink is used for a camera. It would remove the need for a relay, but I believe INMARSAT and others are all high orbit. There is a delay in the signal, but that is probably not an issue as the drone's used aren't that fast.

Personally I would not use them, because they are more difficult to get (and thus easier to detect, 'modify' and disrupt when getting the subscription and equipment in Yemen) and I think the commercial equipment is bulkier and heavier than COTS wifi, GSM and GPS. A simple smart phone has them all, but I would go for the single board computer. Cheaper and more flexible.

different clue

Only tangentially related, but . . . I remember TTG having written in the past about the need to digitally zap and evaporate the KSA's digital money supply.

This would be a fine time to do that, if someone knew how.


Just google “open source rc autopilot” I think that answers the question of guidance along with my earlier link to some chinese hardware that gives an example of what can be done. I guess optical terminal guidance is doable as well.

Peter Williams

Civilian GPS can get to 1-2m accuracy if you can calculate the GPS offset for a particular target. It requires three accurate points to measure the received offset and you can triangulate to calculate the actual offset at the target location. The Australian military was using such systems in the late 1980s.

Workers at Abqaiq could easily supply the required information.


Epstein wasn't the only Epstein. There are plenty of other providers of similar "services", whichever way your pleasure tends. And cameras are cheap.


Walrus, it's probably worse than that.

I'd suggest a copy of one of the Rotax ultralight engines, with a two-bladed composite or even wooden prop. This would correspond to your numbers and I agree about the speed; anything over 150Kts is getting a bit quick plus would chew up specific air range.
Note that the small props on the airframes in the various Iranian sourced PR photos do not match the capabilities of the airframes - the actual props/engine combo would be their little secret, but fairly easy to guess.


A triple-INS system occasionally peeking at GNSS immediately after launch or (more likely) enroute Digitized Scene Mapping for re-alignment, with DSM switched on for terminal guidance, would be a nasty little package. I think they will stay as far from GNSS reliance as possible, and triple-INS is a good alternative.
Digitized Scene Mapping is established technology, and thermal DSM would not be beyond the tech capability of the Iranian sponsor.
All this plus a CPU could be run on a string of LiON batteries with a small ram air turbine generator for backup.

CEP ? One of their 2018 promotional videos shows them targeting and hitting some airport catering trucks, but I have doubts about the content.


Yep, the next iteration will see Yemeni/Iranian AD suppression drones as part of their strike package. As I suspect US/Allied forces will take over the Saudi counter-drone AD role, this would put those assets and personnel in harms way.

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