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29 September 2019


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I'm extremely envious of your outdoor grill set-up. Alas, we live in a downtown apartment so I broil salmon fillets with a sprinkle of lemon pepper seasoning, thin lemon slices, some thin butter pats, lots of minced garlic cloves, and a generous amount of very finely minced fresh rosemary.

There was a WSJ recipe a few weeks ago for an unusual, creamy succotash that goes so well with salmon. It's absolutely delicious and I plan to serve it soon for a family dinner when my husband's brothers and their wives come from out of town to attend a college reunion.

Here's the succotash recipe:


Le Renard Subtil

Mackerel is another tasty one and its underrated IMO. Good summer grill or served as sashimi


Walleye, lightly breaded in flour and fried in butter. Ahhhh, yummm. I’ve heard so much about salmon, mackerel, and others so have to put in a word for this great midwestern fish.


Lovely. 👍


Enjoyed blackened ahi tuna last night with rice and vegetables fresh from the garden.
Another good choice is Halibut.


If your Costco has Corvina,try it the same way.


Hear, Hear! to walleye. I grew up on Lake Erie and hence grew up on walleye fish fries at church on Fridays during Lent. Opah is another standout. Very dense, meaty and oily, and maintains its structural integrity on the grill.


I have a number of fish cookbooks. This one by Paul Johnson, a salty Irishman with the best retail and wholesale fish operation in the Bay Area, is one of my favorites. https://www.foodwine.com/food/cookbook/2007/fish-forever/

Ted Buila

Alas, can't deny 'em...Audie and Rosie our 13 year old something labradoodles like salmon skin too..basted or otherwise.


you can do the same thing on a hibachi sized grill on your balcony.


Thanks colonel but we have no balcony -- our building's a 115 year-old Victorian!!! I love to cook but I don't like to stink/smoke up our home with indoor grilling or frying. That's a big reason why I'm jealous of the outdoor kitchen trend of recent years. I've seen some real beauties that are to die for.

A dear friend lives in a pre-Civil War home and the original structure had no indoor kitchen - one was added to the back at a much later time. I suppose the outdoor kitchen trend is actually an upscale revival of an old custom.

Bubba Schwartz

Sockeye? Atlantic? Farm Raised? Norwegian?

Inquiring minds want to know.


And just today it was announced that researchers have been unable to support the claim that steak and pork ( red meat ) is unhealthy. Save the fish and chicken Eat More T-Bone.


I remember the really old Woody Allen movie (Bananas?) in which he says that some day "Porterhouse Steaks" will be recognized as health food.


Bubba Schwartz

supermarket - I don't know. you must be new here. Only post things once!!!! All comments are "hand" moderated.

Bubba Schwartz

Yes, I stumbled upon your site a month or so ago, and really enjoy it!

Regarding the multi-post, I thought I selected the preview button the first time and when nothing appeared, I re-posted.

Operator error —


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