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23 September 2019


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I had forgotten what stiff necked snobs a lot Europeans are until someone wrote a comment about this that implied that we do not appreciate what high class restaurants really are. imagine, taking leftovers home. Well, pilgrims, I have eaten in more Michelin three star restaurants than most people and I find such snobbishness detestable. This reminds of the grand opening of the Sheraton hotel in Sanaa long ago. A group of Gulf investors had built the place. Guests were flown in from all across the world. The musical entertainment extended across the hotel with bands and orchestras in every ballroom. The food was excellent and an army of Filipino wait staff had been imported. SWMBO and I were invited and we attended in the company of the French military attache and his lady. They were close friends and a bizarrely grandiose but magnificent and enjoyable evening was the result. At dinner we had Porterhouse steaks imported from the US. Steaks of that quality and cut are a rarity in France. The French couple owned a beautiful greyhound bitch named "Jenny." At the end of dinner I remarked that the dog would have liked the bones. The Filipino headwaiter heard that and whisked the plates off the table, returning in a few minutes with an aluminum foil sculpture in the form of a swan. "Yes, sir," he said to me. "Jenny's treats are inside." I guess he did not now how to behave either.

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